Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 971: : The sect of biochemical poisonous people, extreme evil
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 971: : The sect of biochemical poisonous people, extreme evil

It\'s a bit strong!

Qin Luosheng shared the information of the outer disciples detected by Skyeye to the team channel!


The sound of inhaling cold breath is endless!

"Don\'t panic!"

Qin Luosheng saw that there was some worry in the eyes of all the girls, and he immediately spoke, stabilizing his military spirit, and said: "Don\'t forget, you have also become stronger! Honestly speaking, I am also quite surprised! An elite monster can actually match the attributes. Get the golden boss!"

"It\'s just that you forgot one thing-that is the level!"

"Our level has risen too fast. Basically, we have soared by 10 levels. You know, this tenth level, it takes at least half a month of hard training! And during this period, as the level increases, how much will we encounter? Strange, how many bosses can you meet to reach?"

"The reason it looks terrifying at a glance is because your eyes are still at the level above 50! Suddenly a level 62 monster that has been strengthened by the nightmare mode will feel so strong! In fact, it is very ordinary. ! This outer disciple, at the 62nd level, should be just a well-behaved little girl!"

Seeing that the confidence of the girls returned a little, Qin Luosheng continued to increase his efforts.

"That\'s true! Otherwise, how come this outer disciple is an outer disciple, not an inner disciple, an elite disciple? A watchman who just learned a little bit of the superficial methods of the Five Poison God Sect, you have all of them. Hidden career, what are you afraid of him doing?"

"Now everyone\'s level has improved, and this equipment can\'t keep up with the progress. It will be the martial arts tournament soon. Do you still want to get a good ranking? If you want to, try your best to clean up and explode the equipment! Now, your level is the highest. Batches and hidden occupations are also available, and the innateness is at the forefront stage. As long as the equipment keeps up, it will be complete."

"And the equipment is in this dungeon, on these monsters. What are you waiting for? Go straight on! Beat him, blow him!"


The blood boiled over.

Especially Mu Mu, a fire magician, who has a temperament comparable to that of Little Pepper, she strode forward with her magic wand and strode forward with Qin Luosheng, a temporary guest MT, and even surpassed him, and went to challenge the outer disciple. !

Qin Luosheng:? ? ?

I fuck!

Is my mouth so awesome?

Let a magician want to go heads-up against a monster. What kind of trouble is this?

"come back!"

Grabbing Mu Mu by the collar and dragging her back, Qin Luosheng said with a black thread: "Listen to the command, don\'t act without authorization! There is more than one outer disciple here, and it\'s not just an outer disciple! "


Qin Luosheng glanced to the right.

The eyes of the sky opened.

The body was a little stiff when he walked in an instant, it looked like a human, but the skin was dark green, with pits and pits on the skin, which were very oozing monster attributes, giving you a panoramic view!

[Biochemical Poison Man (Strengthen Samsung Elite)]

Level: 60

Health value: 3500000

Magic value: 50000

Physical attack: 60000

Magic attack: 0

Physical defense: 10000

Magic defense: 5000

Speed: 18000

Skills: [Poison Body] [Poison Gas Attack] [Blast]

Weakness: Fire

Introduction: This is an ordinary person or a servant of the Five Poison God Sect, as well as a erroneous outer disciple, etc. They are refined into a biochemical poisonous person by a special method by the sect. They are full of toxins, unconscious, and even refined. The commander\'s order is not 100% executed, except for not attacking the five poisonous gods who have a special taste on their bodies, the rest of the creatures are all on the attack list, and they will never die.


Seeing this introduction, Qin Luosheng suddenly became a little angry!

Biochemical weapons!

It is actually a humanoid biochemical weapon!

This brought back bad memories for him!

Past life earth.

An island country invaded China, and it cruelly used my Chinese compatriots to conduct cruel and innocent experiments, especially biochemical experiments. Now the biochemical poisonous man looks quite infiltrating, but in fact, it is far less than the beasts of the island country. By.

"These guys, **** it!"

Qin Luosheng looked at a group of outside disciples with fierce eyes, killing intent in his heart boiling, "This Five Poison God Sect, it should be put out!"

Taking living humans as the target of biochemical experiments is so conscientious and exhausting!


These five poisonous gods actually used innocent and good people, their own servants, and even disciples of their own sect as experimental subjects.

Watch its introduction.

It seems to encourage the disciples to fight, the winner can control everything the loser, even if it is refined into a biochemical poisonous person, there is no problem.

Such a cruel and unrelenting style is no wonder it is called a wicked faction. It is not tolerated by the right way and wanted by the court.

This is no longer just as simple as the evil faction, it is completely anti-human practices!

All-damn it!

"Little, burn them!"

Riding on Bingbing, Qin Luosheng stared at the group of poisonous men and outer disciples below with cold eyes on the three-meter-high Bingbing, and the killing intent in his heart rose infinitely.


Qin Luosheng was very calm, and did not be dominated by emotions, and did impulsive things!

Even though this group of people are really rubbish, they are not qualified to cause much damage to him, let alone life-threatening. However, it is disgusting and nauseating, especially those poisonous people. During the action, even the green mucus on the face is still there. Dropping down, almost didn\'t raise Qin Luo to throw up!

"Mu Mu, add some fire!"

"Maomao, blow the air, increase the firepower!"

The little dragon\'s breath is extremely hot!

After all, Mu Mu is also a flame messenger, and his hidden career is not much worse!

As for Maomao, she has just changed her job and became a storm messenger. She is no longer a lightning magician. Wind can encourage flames. This is common sense. With her, she cooperates with Mumu, even if she cant use composite magic (also called combination magic, A magic that is composed of two or more elements), but it can also be increased simply based on the mutual growth and restraint of the elements!

"Bingbing, move!"

Seeing the one dragon and two sisters getting better, the other sisters are trying their best to output, Qin Luosheng touched Bingbing\'s head, Bingbing understood in a second, moved his steps knowingly, and began to rush.

That\'s right.

Still that familiar action!

Qin Luosheng wants a wave!

Even if its a copy, the terrain is a bit wide and its not possible to do it, but at least it has to attract more monsters at one time and kill them together. In the end, there are so many violent magicians in the team to output, killing monsters one by one, it is true. It\'s delaying time, delaying the rhythm!


Under Bingbing\'s agile pace, a group of outer disciples and biochemical poisoners were attracted.

The biochemical poisonous man is a proper melee type, similar in shape to zombies, but slightly more flexible than zombies. The biggest feature is not defense, but poison and self-detonation!

Outer disciples are much more difficult to deal with. The most disgusting thing is to control the poison, and the poison is nothing else. It is the signature five poisons of the Five Poison God Sect. The damage is not high, but it is annoying!

"Little, open up!"