Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 962: : Medal of Honor for Re-evolution
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 962: : Medal of Honor for Re-evolution

"Father-in-law, take it!"

Luo Li said from the side: "There is a father-in-law who runs this trip, it\'s just a little tea money, it won\'t get in the way!"

"In that case, the old slave is disrespectful!"

Hearing Luo Li\'s words, the **** passed the decree and accepted the purse passed by Qin Luo, and thanked him with a smile: "Thank you, Lord Sir, for the reward! The old slave has to go back and return to life, so let\'s say goodbye!"

"Father-in-law go slowly!"

Qin Luosheng politely sent the **** to the door before turning back.

[Task name] Raise the prestige of our country

[Task introduction] Through the oracle of the goddess of destiny, the temple sacrifices together with the emperor and the princes, the worlds first martial arts conference, the selection of warriors from different worlds, and the people who are suitable to deal with the demons. At the same time, it is also the major A secret contest in the kingdom of princes!

[Task content] Won the championship of the martial arts tournament

[Task time] None

[Task Reward] The emperor personally gave Luo Li the marriage, the champion of the martial arts conference should be rewarded,? ? ?

[Failure penalty]? ? ?

"This is really catching the ducks on the shelves!"

Qin Luosheng was a little helpless.


While this puts pressure on it, it is also a bit of motivation!

In addition to the already known marriage with Luo Li and the original reward for the champion of the martial arts conference, there are three question marks behind!

Needless to say.

This must be a reward given by the emperor out of his pocket!

Although the emperor is a LYB, it is undeniable that as the leader of a country, it is really generous to shoot!

The official position was won by myself, but the title was quite refreshing. Besides, when I completed the hidden mission for the first time, I was given the "Invocation of Life" in the palace treasure house. This life-saving necklace has been worn until now. On the body,

Even Demon Swordsman, a profession with extremely terrifying potential, is a reward deliberately given by the emperor!

Even if the Demon Swordsmans giving is related to the face of the human race, the emperor wants him to make a difference on the Jinglongtai and defeat the black dragon king Longyuan, but no matter what the purpose is, the benefits are indeed given to you. This will never happen. false!

"This makes me look forward to it!"

Thinking of the martial arts conference three days later, now this hidden mission came again, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but smile!

Go back and be crooked with the third girl for a while!

A group of four people tasted the luxurious feast specially made by the master-class Mengmeng after having not cooked for a long time, but the culinary skills have not regressed at all!

After eating and drinking!

Luo Li went to find his father Lorraine. When his father came to the imperial city, he had to go home no matter what.


In the past, it was possible to come to Luoshenju to play in the name of a friend, but now, the gift of marriage has been decided, and only after Qin Luosheng gets back the championship trophy of the martial arts conference, the marriage can be completed!

In this situation.

If Luo Li kept running to Luoshenju, or even lived in Luoshenju, it would be totally unreasonable!

Luo Li left, Mengmeng and Qiluo were not idle either, and continued to return to the secret room, temporarily stranding the original matter, and dedicated Qin Luosheng to prepare for the martial arts conference three days later.

"Eat meat! Eat meat!"

Full of warmth and lust, since ancient times.

After careful calculation, it has not been long since the last time he ate meat, but for some reason, Qin Luosheng subconsciously felt that a long time had passed.


Probably a young man!

The blood is strong, the marrow knows the taste.

Come seven or eight times a day, and be a bridegroom every night, seven days a week.

"It\'s time to go offline, I\'ll go offline immediately, I will go to you after a simple meal!"

Qin Luosheng turned on the communicator, looked at Scarlet Rose, which was still online, and unceremoniously sent her a message directly. No matter what she thinks, she will never stop if she doesn\'t eat meat today!

"Don\'t panic!"

Rubbing his hands, thinking that this would be an enchanting and dreamy night, Qin Luosheng\'s heart was fierce, waiting to go offline, and then he thought of the rewards after completing the mercenary king mission. He could only resist the throbbing and start inquiring. Anyway, when it comes to the meat of the mouth, it can\'t fly, so don\'t be in a hurry!

The rewards for this hidden mission are very rich!

Although the benchmarking of the sss-level task-the trial of the dragon clan, it is still one point short of it!

But it is undeniable!

If the nine hidden career inheritances are added, the advancement rewards that increase the level by at least 9 are considered sss tasks, it is not an exaggeration!

Level +3, there is nothing to say, the free attributes are all added!

The mercenary group inherits, there is nothing to say, the gang does not want to build, too lazy to manage, this mercenary group does not matter, there are few personnel, usually everyone does their own things, and does not interfere with each other, of course, he is still a polished commander!

Hidden class-Great Sky Shield, and the exclusive set of Great Sky Shield, this, I won\'t mention it for the time being, even if it is a little moved, Qin Luosheng needs to think about it again!

and so.

Qin Luosheng looked at the Medal of Honor for Evolution!

Medal of Honor

Type: Medal

Grade: None

Demand: None

Binder: Weeping Soul!

Effect: Four basic attributes +1500, luck +20, charm +50

Features: non-tradable, non-stolen, non-drop, non-discardable

Special effects: [Honor] Those who wear the Medal of Honor are all imperial heroes. They have the status of "hero" and enjoy certain privileges. The system stores are all 50% off, and certain policy restrictions are lifted!

Incidental skills: [Glory Heart] consumes nothing, as an empire hero, admired by the emperor, and popular among the people, can use a certain imperial luck to bless oneself, after activation, all attributes +200%, attack power +200%, Defense power +200%, lasts 10 minutes, cooling time: one day!

Additional skills: [Glory Soul] consumes nothing. After activation, it can summon the soul mark recorded by the mercenary king in the medal to fight for you. Currently there are souls: Great Sky Shield Li Qingtian, God Arrow Jumang, Fengshen Feng Mu, Fire God Huo Yan, Water God Shui Linglong, Ghostly Cold-blooded, Spiritist Nana, Fanatic Gang Slash, Sheng Yu Mingwei, Secret Command of Ming Wei! (The heroic spirits that can summon their heyday strength are limited to one time, and then the heroic spirits dissipate. After all the heroic spirits are summoned, this skill disappears)

Introduction: The Medal of Honor is only given to heroes who have made great contributions to the empire. It is a symbol of heroes and a symbol of honor.

As always!

There are no more special effects, and no additional skills, what to do or what to do.


The appearance has not changed, but the inside has changed a lot!

The four basic attributes have changed from +300 to +1500, 12 points more fortunate, and 35 points more charm, which is really an exaggeration!

The discount has changed from 30% to 50%, plus the title, that\'s nothing short of it!

The Heart of Honor and Soul of Prosperity with skills have also made great progress!

The additional status of the Heart of Honor is doubled, the duration is also doubled, the cooling time remains unchanged, and it is still 24 hours a day!

The Soul of the Glory Domain was originally a summoning of the heroic spirits. Within a certain period of time, it randomly summons other nine heroic spirits except for the mercenary king Li Qingtian to assist in combat. As long as the CD problem is solved, it can be summoned infinitely!

right now.

Even if they can still be summoned, they are limited to death. Each heroic spirit can only be summoned once. It is estimated that this is the blessing mentioned in the reward. After they enter the underworld, they put their final strength and consciousness on the Medal of Honor. Inside, it\'s a pity that I can only make another shot!


Although the quantity is small, the most important thing is the fine and strong!

The mercenary king and his partners in the heyday, how fierce would they be?

Qin Luosheng didn\'t know.


From the eyes of the sky, you can know one or two by seeing their introduction. How can a big boss who kills and wounds millions of people be weak?

"It\'s another hole card!"

Qin Luosheng smiled, "If this can be used in the duel of the martial arts conference, then he will be a cat. Isn\'t the champion safe and 100%?"