Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 955: : Hidden Career Scroll: Shadow Assassin
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 955: : Hidden Career Scroll: Shadow Assassin

It turns out.

Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but understand cutting, and he was an expert!


What is cutting?

Is there any breaking strength?

Fracture and cutting are equivalent to superior and inferior!

Do not believe it, look

Cutting is based on cutting, cutting, the force is shallow, but leaving marks on the surface, the force is moderate, it can break the skin into the flesh, or even cut the bones, and the force is strong, then it can be split into two parts!

And break.

Don\'t play bells and whistles, just cut it off!

The weakest effect is to cut the strongest form!

What can I say?

and so.

Qin Luosheng\'s violent fracture is far stronger than the ordinary cutting required for the test!


Pass this level without surprises and dangers!

The trial continues!

A more sophisticated wind magician tactics

Strike tactics!

As the fastest and most penetrating elemental magician, the wind magician not only cuts everything with wind magic, but also exerts its speed advantage!


A group of monsters were spawned in a round, and they began to move around and fight!

This is a test of melee and rushing ability!

"Wipe, I\'m familiar with this job!"

This test is simply to send sub-questions.

How could Qin Luosheng\'s speed be comparable to that of the so-called wind magician, he easily and freely killed a group of trial monsters without any damage, and there was not even a tiny bit of dust on his body!

"Ding, congratulations on passing Fengmu\'s trial and getting rewards: level +2, prestige +20000 points, hidden career scroll*1!"

Hidden career scroll: Stormbringer!

After just a glance, Qin Luosheng threw the hidden career scroll named "Stormbringer" into his backpack!

Even though his exposed profession is the Berserker, yes, it is the Berserker of the popular ordinary warrior branch. In fact, he can also be transferred to become Stormbringer. After all, he can coexist with two hidden professions. The shadow warrior, unfortunately, was cursed and eliminated by the Dragon Abyss. There is no substitute, he has always been a berserker!


Qin Luosheng couldn\'t see the Stormbringer at all!

Not to mention the overlap between the Stormbringer and the Swordsman, is the hidden profession of the Wind Magician, what\'s so strange about it?

after that.

As long as the magic swordsman is further awakened, he can choose another element, and there will definitely be a wind element at that time, so that he can awaken the power of the wind magician. There is no need for this storm messenger!


Even if there is no such thing as Demon Swordsman, Qin Luosheng will not be transferred to Stormbringer!


There are more choices that suit him later. Isnt the hidden profession like the Berserker Slashed by the Berserker not fragrant? Isnt the hidden profession like the ghost and cold-blooded thieves fragrant? There are even the hidden professions of the mercenary group themselves. , Isn\'t this fragrant? ! ! !

Don\'t hold BBA, what bike to choose?

The fifth temple!

The cold-blooded place known as the ghost!

Cold-blooded, the origin is unknown, the real name is unknown.

It is said that as far as he can remember, he is an orphan.

Cold-blooded grew up in a slum, with no relatives, no reason, no support, and can only become a beggar, but he is arrogant by nature and does not beg. Ground ruffians and hooligans were beaten, squeezed out by other beggars, and wandered on the edge of life and death countless times.

How can it be normal after such an experience?

Because of the cold-blooded company with darkness all the year round, he is good at hiding, and he has extraordinary talent in this way, so he can learn it without a teacher, and he has found a set of skills!

With a disfigured character and suffering and humiliation, he relied on his ability to hide in darkness and disappear without a trace, and killed more than a thousand people who had insulted him. As a result, he committed crimes and was wanted by the empire. Started a wandering life and was forced to become a killer.


During a certain mission, he was seriously injured. Just as he was facing death, he was rescued by the mercenary king who passed by by chance. In order to repay the mercenary king\'s life-saving grace, he determined to leave the killer organization.

Following the mercenary queen, the cold blood changed from a killer to a mercenary, and turned into the sharpest weapon in the hands of the mercenary king. Because of its magical appearance and intangible killing, the target he targeted, regardless of men, women, old or young, could not escape death, like a ghost calling for his life, so it was hailed as a "ghost".

"No, I will definitely come for this level!"

Qin Luosheng did not hesitate to take the trial job!

Firstly, there are indeed no thieves or assassins in the team, and it is impossible to complete the cold-blooded trial!

Secondly, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t bear to give up. As a tester, he could get a reward of +2 level and a hidden career scroll. If he could accomplish it, why would he use his hands with others?

This is not like an archer, there is really nothing I can do!

It turns out.

Qin Luosheng, who is accustomed to fighting with shadow warriors, can easily pass the trial levels set up by cold blood at his fingertips!

Less than an hour!

"Ding, congratulations on passing the cold-blooded trial and getting rewards: level +2, prestige +20000 points, hidden career scroll*1!"

Hidden Career Scroll: Ghost Assassin! (Is it inexplicably familiar? The Shadow Thief! QAQ)

"Change job?"

Qin Luosheng hesitated while holding this hidden career scroll!

Although he likes berserkers, the magic swordsman already includes some berserkers. Even if he is a ghost assassin, he can still fight in the manner of a berserker, and there are more assassin professions in the thief line!

"Forget it, watch it later!"

Qin Luosheng thought for a while before giving up.

right now.

You don\'t need to be so hurry at all!

Where is this?

There are a few more temples in the back, don\'t panic!

The sixth temple!

Nana is known as the spiritual master.


This Nana is not the small and cute priest Nana in the team, but Nana who belongs to the mercenary king team and is a Summoner by profession!

Origin, unknown!

It is said that he was abandoned in the wild forest at birth, and was raised by a female leopard. From an early age, he observed the behavior of the female leopard and became a leopard girl. With her amazing talent, she gradually became the "Beast King" in a large area.

After the female leopard died, Nana was unconstrained from now on. Driven by curiosity, she entered a mysterious cave guarded by the female leopard and ate a spiritual fruit inside, thereby alienating, and being able to switch freely between the human body and the leopard body. At the same time, awakening the ability to connect with the spirit of the beast, and relying on its ability, conquered many powerful monsters.


The mercenary king enters the wild forest to experience and meets Nana.

Nana, who has always lived in the wild forest, has seen humans outside for the first time, and was attracted by the colorful world in the words of the mercenary king. After the mercenary king has practiced, he followed him into the world.

Since then.

Nana joined the mercenary group of the mercenary king, and while inquiring about his own life experience, he sharpened himself and gradually became stronger!

At last.

In the face of the invasion of the orc kingdom, Nana was ordered to summon a hundred thousand beasts in the wild forest, destroy the three main armies of the orc kingdom, and prevent the fall of the main city in the east of mankind. !