Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 952: : Passed the trial, Mu Mu changed his job: Flame Messenger
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 952: : Passed the trial, Mu Mu changed his job: Flame Messenger

"Self-preservation first!"

Different military formations naturally show different ways of fighting.

With only half an hour\'s time limit, Qin Luosheng naturally didn\'t dare to waste it, and started rushing into the battle with Xiao Xiao and Da Mo lonely smoke!

This time.

Can\'t do it casually, because there are too many monsters, Qin Luosheng has also used a lot of skills with a large kill range, but it is still somewhat restrained, and there is no action forbidden spell, or the ultimate skill with a one-day cooldown!

These are not worthy!

not to mention.

It\'s not that he is fighting alone, Xiao Xiao and Scarlet Rose are the nemesis of this group of fire monsters. With their assistance, Extravagant is invincible and invincible. There is no need to worry too much!

Twenty-one minutes!

It took almost two-thirds of the limited time, four hundred monsters, not one fell, all perished!

"The prescribed ten-minute rest, plus the nine minutes saved, is almost twenty minutes of rest!"

Looking at the panting and exhausted girls, Qin Luosheng said: "Slowly sweep the battlefield, then rest by yourself, waiting for the final trial!"

"You said, you said, is this trial just like the trial of fire?"

Mu Mu was very excited and approached Qin Luosheng and asked: "If it is true, what kind of trial will it be? Can I do it? Will I fail?..."

Qin Luosheng\'s head was as big as a fight!


You are so noisy!

I dont know if its right or wrong to bring you here!


The fire magician I know, except for the little pepper Mu Mu, that is, the Bloody Rose, is a little familiar!


If you change to a **** rose, it\'s not as good as Mumu!

at least.

Although Mu Mu talked a little bit, was a little bit arrogant, and his personality was not likable, but at any rate it was Tong Yanju\'s little LOLI, who fits his mouth and doesn\'t like her, does not mean that he is not gluttonous, look. Not too seductive, right?

in contrast.

Bloody Rose, even if it is the imperial sister who is not defeated by Qingqing Zijin, she has a bursting figure and can be compared to a plain and elegant lotus. Unfortunately, this woman has a very high spirit, and the three views brought by her childhood pampering and family background really make Qin Luo unable to get up Point, very disgusting, even disgusting!

Qin Luosheng didn\'t like the two women very much!


Mu Mu is more suitable for picking generals among the short ones.


Do not look at the face of the monk, look at the face of the Buddha!

It\'s Qingsi\'s best friend, I still have to give this little face!

There is.

Qin Luosheng had no other choice.

If he can do it alone, it doesn\'t matter.

But this trial is very cheating, it needs too much, and it is not hard power, but looking for inheritance!

Just like the trial of God Jianjumang just now!

You let him be a berserker. It\'s great to add a magic swordsman and a king of fighters. He doesn\'t even know how to use a bow. How can he pierce Yang with a hundred steps? How can he shoot a halberd?

Too difficult!


This can give huge rewards, directly increase the level, and also give hidden job tasks, which is really scary!

Once it is released, the operation is good, and the benefits it brings are beyond words!


Time is too rush!

Three days later is the first World Martial Arts Conference!

There is no time to work well!

Instead of rushing to trade, get exchange terms that you don\'t really want, or get the slightest benefit.

It\'s better to hurry up and try to clear all the nine temples within three days, complete the mission of the mercenary king, and get unexpected rewards that can improve your strength before the start of the martial arts conference!


Don\'t underestimate the girls in the team, all of them are white and rich, no one is bad!

See you no one.

Did Qing Qing Zijin directly pay a scroll just now?

Greatly improve the ability of Shadow Escape!

Everyone is mutually beneficial, which can be regarded as a transaction!

in the end.

Qin Luosheng had to use their abilities to pass one trial after another, and finally complete the task!

As for whether you suffer a loss or not!

never mind.

What if you lose a little bit?

It can save so much time and find thugs to help complete the task for free, which is great, don\'t be too pretentious!

"The trial begins!"

After the rest, the trial began again.

As expected!

Killing monsters is a test of strength!

Now the formal trial is a test of ability!

Test whether you are eligible to inherit hidden occupations!

The test of God\'s arrow sentence mang is the arrow!

The test of Vulcan Huoying must be fire!

Compared with the physical nature of bow and arrow shooting, which tests accuracy and concentration, etc., the magician naturally tests whether it can gather with the aura moving around, how fast and the quality of it gathers; whether it can interact with the fire element Communication, how deep and active is the communication; and the speed of singing, after all, magicians need to sing and sort the elements in order to make different magics,...

As the only fire magician in the team!

Mu Mu accepted the trial unwillingly!

Although this chick seemed unreliable, what surprised Qin Luosheng was that her strength and potential were really strong!

Especially the talent exposed during the trial has reached the s-level. [Fire Element Affinity], so that Huo Yan\'s spirit body can\'t help but show up, marveling at it, still in the final period of time. , The method of initiating the divine enlightenment has given Mu Mu great benefits.

"Ding, congratulations on passing the trial of Huoyi, you will get rewards: level +1, reputation +10000 points, random equipment*1!"


As the system prompt sounded, Qin Luosheng flashed another golden light!

Just simply killed hundreds of them, then watched a play and let Mu Mu perform!

This leads directly to a level!

Is there a faster way to level up?

"I also have a hidden career!"

Rebirth from the flames, just like Mu Mu like a phoenix nirvana, wearing a fiery red magic robe, holding a scepter, it is extremely sacred, but it is a pity that the moment he opens his mouth, he destroys this artistic conception.

Flame messenger?


The name is a bit bad!

It\'s the same as Qingqing Zijin\'s hidden career!

Elf archer!

No features!


This is only a preliminary hidden occupation, that is, the lowest level hidden occupation. Dont say that Qin Luoshengs special hidden occupations such as the King of Fighters and Gorefiends, the emperors special magic and martial arts double cultivation, the magic swordsman with great potential, and even the shadow warriors that have disappeared. , Are far from it!

of course.

This does not mean it is just that.

If it was said that it was once a smashing situation, famous in the mainland, so that other races were frightened by the news, and many mercenaries were hailed as partners of the mercenary king, and the level was just like this, then Qin Luosheng would not believe it!

Everyone has a temple. How can the strong who are enshrined be so weak?

after all.

This hidden profession is too unreal and too cheap. It is just the original form, which is normal!

Now is the beginning, it does not mean that the whole life is the beginning!

Qingqing Zijins strong insight and Mumus talent [Fire Element Affinity] are destined to be extraordinary and unwilling to stay in place. Sooner or later, there will be breakthrough progress, making it a very weak hidden career. , Gradually evolve!

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