Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 946: : Archer Branch: Forest Hunter
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 946: : Archer Branch: Forest Hunter

"Don\'t panic!"
Qin Luosheng said: "Now it will only take two hours to complete the trial. Let\'s take a look at the following. How many levels are left in the trial of the inner space of this idol, and calculate it. If it is less than five hours, there will be no time!"
The girls suddenly became quiet.
ten minutes later.
The system prompt sounded accurately and without error in one second!
"Ding, please kill the tester within ten minutes!"
The forest scene has not been taken back, restored to the desolate boundary.
Accompanied by the system prompt, there is a very "sexy" humanoid BOSS, with a very strong figure, covered with animal skins, holding a small crossbow and a sword, and a big bow on his back!
This look must be the hunter\'s right.
Sky eye, open.
[Forest Hunter (Enhanced Golden BOSS)]
Level: 55
Health value: 7500000
Magic value: 500000
Physical attack: 120000
Magic attack: 0
Physical defense: 50000
Magic defense: 30000
Speed: 25000
Skills: [Trap Mining] [Organization Crossbow] [Five-Star Link Arrow]
Weaknesses: None
Introduction: A forest hunter, a very special existence. He knows the boundaries of forests and other territories. He holds a knife in his hand, is equipped with a crossbow, and has a large bow on his back. All living creatures are within their hunting range. Entering the forest is like going home. In the forest, the fighting power is extremely terrifying. As long as the prey that is stared at, it will never escape.
I fuck!
What a big tone!
Strengthen the golden boss in a mere way, is that so good?
You are so awesome, have you asked my Bingbing?
I believe you have the ability to hunt wild beasts, but the strange beasts, especially the strange beasts from the ancient times, and even the ancient times, can you hunt one for Lao Tzu?
Bingbing has the blood of the unicorn of the king of beasts, yet he dare not be so arrogant!
Are you a hunter, dare to say "hunting all"?
"This guy, leave it to me!"
Qin Luosheng yelled. Without waiting for the reaction of his teammates, he rode Bingbing and chased up. At the same time, Xiao Xiao and Da Mo Guyan also acted. They said that it was a shameless three-on-one, or even four-on-one .
This "four" is naturally not Mo Bing, but Bing Bing!
Even though Bingbing is just a mount, she, who has the blood of a unicorn, has also awakened a lot of abilities, but Qin Luosheng has always been fighting without her, relying on his own legs, or not using her, and can easily solve it.
in this way.
This concealed Bingbing\'s ability and made others think that she was just an extremely beautiful mount, nothing more!
"Beware of traps!"
As a branch of hunters and archers, traps are the mainstream, and it is also the biggest difference from archers. Archers are just archers, who are known for their various archery skills.
The branch hunter has weakened archery and changed it to a full-scale development!
For example, if you set up traps, you will pit a wave of enemies before you fight to take the lead.
For example, in the middle distance, you can use the continuous crossbow to attack, the speed is extremely fast, far stronger than the normal bow and arrow!
For example, after being close at close range, you can also hold a knife in close combat!
Can be called almighty!
But it is precisely because of this that the fighting method is too complicated and not refined, and it has become a panacea!
"call out"
This hunter met Qin Luosheng and was defeated by Tian!
The eyes of the sky are swept away, all traps are exposed!
The hunter\'s greatest ability was directly abolished!
Coupled with the fact that Bingbing is the king of beasts, how can he be planted in his own territory under the effect of his talents?
[Tread the mountains and run the water] The effect explodes, and you can easily avoid all kinds of traps without being affected by the slightest!
"Lone Smoke in the Desert!"
Assaulting thousands of miles, Qin Luosheng rode Bingbing mammothly, this monster with unicorn bloodline and extremely gorgeous appearance naturally attracted the greatest attention of forest hunters.
Take this opportunity.
Qin Luosheng used his own mind and two purposes, robbed the control of the intelligent AI, and let Damo Guyan use his skills!
A teleport was used, and the desert solitary smoke successfully approached the forest hunter\'s body, and the hand of the abyss carried the power of the [Fun Fist] and punched it heavily!
The forest hunter with weak physique couldn\'t resist the fist of the desert solitary smoke that opened the [Idol]. With one punch, he was not only killed by nearly 15% of his vitality, but also was successfully knocked into the air, riding towards the ground. Qin Luosheng came from Bingbing!
"nice shot!"
Qin Luo raised the sword, and the Sacred Dragon Sword released its golden brilliance, slashed heavily, and fell on the forest hunter who was speeding up!
Qin Luosheng\'s body weeping soul didn\'t have the effects of knocking back, knocking back and knocking down, otherwise, the forest hunter could be kicked as a ball!
Rao is so.
The taste of forest hunters is also not good.
After being slashed by Qin Luosheng, before he had no time to stabilize his figure, the next moment, the little dragon\'s breath in the air spit out, covering him full of arms.
Qin Luosheng gave an order and rushed in first, entangled the forest hunter.
This product is a branch of the archer. It is very weak. Even if it is against a normal archer, the hunter has to be more powerful and has more methods. Even if it is close to the body, there is no time to shoot the arrow, but the hand is connected. Crossbow sleeve arrows, as well as that open ~ mountain ~ knife, can also be a means of counterattack!
Too weak!
It was a messy but not sophisticated, everything was good, but nothing was strong, this kind of melee style of half-hearted, still want to fight the two melee hunks of the crying soul and the desert lonely smoke?
"Ding, congratulations on successfully killing the level 55 enhanced golden BOSSForest Hunter, gaining experience: 800W+, 1000 reputation points!"
Less than a minute.
The dignified strengthening of the golden BOSS just fell under Qin Luosheng\'s sword.
The whole process is calm, like abusive food, it makes people dull and tasteless!
The battle is not pleasing to the eye, but the experience value is really fragrant!
Just one minute, 8 million experience directly!
Even if the girls in the team didn\'t make a shot, they still had a range of 300W-500W (different levels), all of them were very happy!
"carry on!"
After a familiar rest for ten minutes, the system has swiped another BOSS out!
Seeing through the BOSS attributes, Qin Luosheng was not particularly surprised!
The forest hunters are all enhanced gold, and those who came out behind him must be stronger. They are just epics, ordinary epics, not enhanced, and they are already somewhat suppressed!
Since it is related to the God of Arrows, then from the beginning to the present, all monsters are archers, or are related to archers!
This time.
not excluded!
The forest hunter is gone, this epic BOSS immediately returns to the traditional and serious mainstream archer, the kind of a bow that hits the world, no traps, no crossbows, no opening~mountains~swords and many other bells and whistles!
In the face of Qin Luosheng\'s livestock, the epic BOSS is just like that, giving away food!
After all, it is an epic, and there are still some compelling ones. Qin Luosheng did not explode with particularly strong strength, but just took out regular strength and solved it in three minutes!

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