Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 939: : Im not licking a dog
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 939: : Im not licking a dog

"Oh, MD, really humble!"
Hanging up the communication, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but sighed secretly: "It\'s not right, men love women, how can this little thing be considered humble to a thoughtful girl? In reality, go after a girl, don\'t say anything else, at least eat Drinking water and watching movies, you have to spend money, you have to pay? Dont come, just ask someone to press the road, and its nothing. How can this work?"
Qin Luosheng has also read a lot of news. For example, during a blind date, a girl made several tables with relatives, which is shameless, or a blind date with a bunch of girlfriends, all kinds of consumption, regardless of the man, this is enough. disgusting!
This is very rare!
The vast majority of young people in the new era still have the correct three views, and they also want face!
Maybe not appropriate.
But in any case, I will not do too much, I will be an adult, I will not be so stupid!
It doesn\'t matter if you can do it, or you can disperse if you don\'t!
The same is true for Qin Luosheng. Perhaps for others, it is a privilege for the famous Weeping Soul to personally lead the copy, and it is difficult to buy a thousand dollars, but for him, it is just a matter of convenience, no big deal, anyway, he is alone. The same is true for the next copy, it\'s not bad, the most is that there is less experience, no harm!
It\'s like an ordinary person who treats guests to dinner, eats a hot pot, and comes for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It doesn\'t hurt your muscles, but it\'s still very distressing!
But to be a rich second-generation, treat guests to a good meal, cost tens of thousands or even more, in his eyes, it has nothing to do, little meaning!
This is the difference caused by different locations and different horizons!
Qin Luosheng has a great affection for Su Yulan, except that she is a beautiful girl, and the encounter with him is also quite legendary. She belongs to the kind of hero who only exists in novels and movies to save beauty, so she is deeply impressed! (Profound hammer, you **** greedy people)
Su Yulan was the only one who went out shopping with Qin Luosheng for dinner and pleasure, like a **** a date. Even though the light bulb was added at that time, Qin Luosheng didn\'t dare to do something that crossed the line, so he could only behave well. !
Past and present lives, two lives as human beings.
How could it be so easy to forget the first date with a girl?
Qin Luosheng also invited Su Yurui to his home, and Su Yurui also invited Qin Luosheng to her home.
It can be said.
Except for no confession and formal confirmation of the relationship, they are almost the same as the couple!
Good luck makes people.
First, the girl disappeared, and then the Scarlet Rose came to her door.
As a result, Qin Luosheng was lost because of his daughters daughter, and when his mood was chaotic, he was taken advantage of by the wheel of fear and leaked negative energy to hold him, so he made him a masterpiece. After that, he signed a secret contract with Scarlet Rose and left that. In the community, I live in a villa in Xiaoshan!
The two who were supposed to be lovers, ended up without a problem in the end!
It turns out that Qin Luosheng intends to let go of this relationship. After all, his plan is terrifying, and his position does not allow him to be willful. At least he is not qualified to search for Su Yule before he has the strength to sweep the world. Otherwise, she will also be involved.
Never imagined.
I thought it was an ordinary, high-level white-collar worker, but she pretends to be a pig and eats a tiger. She is a rich woman!
This tm is very exhausting!
Qin Luosheng is not hiding his feelings either!
Moreover, as he became stronger and stronger, his worries became smaller, and now he can unceremoniously expose Su Yulan in front of Scarlet Rose!
What can I do?
In the past ten days and a half, Su Yulan has been neglected because of the three-tier missions and the dungeon rewards!
This is not.
Its also great to come first when youre free, and bring a copy.
Pulling on her best friend is another plan.
Don\'t underestimate the girl\'s girlfriends and sisters, if you use them well, they are much more powerful than a gift of flowers!
Originally a few girls were his fans, but now the idol once again brought copies in person. Dont even think about it. They will definitely talk about everything. With them, will Su Yulans ears blow the air, will the days of getting out of the order be far away?
As the saying goes.
If you want to get it, you must give it first!
This is not to lick the dog, but to behave! (Oh, I didnt want to write this paragraph, but many people call me licking a dog, so I dont understand. Why is this licking a dog? Normal operation! Does it have to be a kind of murderous testimony, coldly rejecting everything? Sister, can you be alone for a lifetime? Or dont pay anything, just let the girl take the initiative to throw in her arms with just one ID and one look, let you play and post it upside down? Dont understand!

"Idol, it\'s me!" Pastor Nana yelled wildly. As the self-proclaimed Weeping Soul\'s number one little girl, it was quite crazy to see an idol!
"Brother Weeping Soul, meet again, babble!" Then there was Sister Cai Cai, who was a strangely showy girl with a very innocent face, but the charm of her mouth was full of fox-like voices. Enough to make the man shiver suddenly!
"Thank you for taking us down!" The only normal person except Su Yuran is Qingqing Zijin, who is similar to her ID. Long-legged Yujie, even though she looks very charming, makes people want to lift her big length with her hands. Do something with the legs, but the personality is the most normal. Charm is just a display of her charm, not that she likes to be coquettish, scratching her head and posing!
"Big Brother Weeping Soul, hello!" The cat who greeted last was a cat, as the name suggests, as cute and exquisite as a cat, but a little afraid of life, a little introverted, that timid expression, LOLI\'s appearance, it is really tolerable I can\'t help but drool...cough cough, people can\'t help but feel compassionate!
With [Ghost Face], Qin Luosheng did not reveal his face, and naturally did not reveal his own expression at the moment, but Su Yulan and Qin Luosheng have seen many times in reality, and even almost developed a relationship with him. He is no stranger to him. The look in his eyes, She saw the clue at a glance, but, now that her little sisters are here, they can\'t go crazy, so she just looked at Qin Luosheng with those smiling, non-smiling, talking eyes!
Qin Luosheng suddenly shuddered, his heart trembled, and he didn\'t dare to think too much!
Although food **** is also normal, as a man, I see so many high-quality girls, and all of them are fan girls. This is not a **** thing. Is it still a man? Is it normal?
The biggest difference between human beings and animals is the ability to control one\'s own desires, in addition to wisdom!
Qin Luosheng is like that.
He also likes girls and beautiful women. With his current wealth, what can\'t be found? Its okay to switch one by one a day! Even a little extravagant, a few a day, as long as the body can hold it!
He can control his desires, he is a good man!
That\'s enough!
As for whether you spend your time or not, it doesn\'t matter, you don\'t make a mistake, think about it or see it, it is normal behavior, and it is not illegal!