Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 937: : Idol, Wushou, Thunder Flash, Sanctuary
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 937: : Idol, Wushou, Thunder Flash, Sanctuary

"I\'m here, where are you guys?"
After finishing all the elixir seedlings, Qin Luosheng smashed back to the city scroll, quickly felt the dungeon teleporter, asked about the location, and quickly found Scarlet Rose and others, "Pull me into the group!"
The team is successful, click the dungeon sender dialogue, select the difficulty of the dungeon, and enter!
One-stop operation with a smooth flow of water!
Before everyone around him had time to react, Qin Luosheng disappeared in the first place and entered the dungeon, causing countless players who had awakened to regret. Some **** missed a chance to get close to the idol!

Two and a half hours later!
"Ding, Huaxia Theater players please pay attention, Huaxia Theater players please pay attention, players crying soul, blood rose, blood rose, elegant Suhe,..., clear the level 50 instance [Cursed Land], and get the only reward for the team: four big Attribute +100, special attribute points 3, class-specific equipment*1, class-specific skill book*1! At the same time, their heroic deeds will be imprinted on the hero stone for the heroes of the world to pay their respects!"
Not bad!
There are more attribute rewards. The originally fixed luck +2 has now become a free attribute point of 3 points, which can be added to any number of attributes. There is also an extra skill book!
Adding the 3 free attribute points to the comprehension, Qin Luosheng was very satisfied with the number that turned into 126!
Equipment, epic level is not bad, sublimation, legend of success, but unfortunately, not as good as the holy dragon armor, can only be used as a spare tire, or sold!
The skill book is the same. The golden sublimation becomes epic, but unfortunately it is only the skill of the ordinary berserker, and the skill effect is not very strong, and it overlaps with the existing skills, which is tasteless!
"I am looking for you tonight!"
After the copy was over, the sisters of the Rose Club left one after another. Qin Luosheng glanced at Scarlet Rose and left a word. Regardless of her ugly face, she crushed the scroll of returning to the city and went straight away!
The first order to build a gang, and then a special teleportation rune for the scroll of returning to the city and the fortress of Fengling,...
This girl owes a huge debt!
If it weren\'t for the recent period of time being too busy, thinking about danger in times of peace, and not being too careless and relaxing before gaining absolute self-protection power, I would have given this proud woman to pajamas in a violent and savage way!
Upgrade at level 50, three revolutions at a time!
Just now, the stars shined, making the four super-limit skills of [Qingwu], [Holy Body], [God Flash], and [Spirit Wisdom] upgraded, once again!
Even if he hasn\'t gone offline to feel it, Qin Luosheng still has a certain guess. Now he is not only unable to use ordinary heat weapons, such as heavy firearms, even ordinary artillery shells, and even low-end high-tech weapons. , I\'m afraid it can\'t help him!
Since it is already so strong, why is it so exciting?
She is not as unscrupulous as the world\'s invincible, but she should also show her fangs appropriately, otherwise, the woman of Scarlet Rose really thinks that she can\'t be subdued!
"By the way, it seems that the four over-limit skills have not been checked yet!"
Thinking of this, Qin Luosheng slapped his forehead, a little speechless!
No wonder.
He always felt as if he had forgotten something, even if he could even forget the over-limit skill upgrade, there was no one!
This **** thing is besides the Lord of the Stars, the foundation of life and death!
Open the skill bar!
[Qingwu] The only skill, LV3 (Power of SiriusPower of Tiger HuntingPower of Idol, can be upgraded), break through the sky with force, and town of rivers and mountains with force. Passive effect, power +200, attack +40%, critical strike rate +20%.
Active effect-Sirius: After activation, the attack power is increased by 100%, the critical strike rate is increased by 100%, lasts 60 seconds, and cools down for 5 minutes!
Active effect-Tiger hunting: After activation, it will simulate the tiger and emit a tiger roar, causing the enemy to fear for 5 seconds, and reduce the attack power by 30% for 60 seconds, and cool down for 5 minutes!
Active effect-idol: After activation, gain the strength of idol, strength +X (self strength * number of job transfers * LV level) points for 60 seconds, cool down for 5 minutes!

[Holy Body] The only skill, LV3 (Ice Muscle BodyJade Bone BodyInnocent Body, upgradeable), Holy Body, invulnerable to swords and guns, water and fire. Passive effect, Constitution +200, health +40%, defense power +20%.
Active effect-Ice Muscle: After activation, the upper limit of health is increased by 100%, the upper limit of mana is increased by 100%, and the full state is instantly restored, the defense power is increased by 100%, lasts 60 seconds, and cools down for 5 minutes!
Active effect-Jade Bone: After activation, defense power +X (self defense * number of job transfers * LV level) points, while immune to toxins below the epic level, lasts 60 seconds, cool down for 5 minutes!
Active effectScouring: After activation, the body of Scouring will not invade all ways, immune to all DEBUFFs, and will not be affected by any negative skills! Lasts for 60 seconds and cools down for 5 minutes!

[God Flash] The only skill, LV3 (Speed ??of Leopard JumpSpeed ??of WindSpeed ??of Thunder Flash, upgradeable), flexible and invisible. Passive effect, Agility +200, Speed ??+40%, Dodge +20%.
Active effect-Leopard: After activation, the speed is increased by 100%, and the dodge is increased by 100%. It lasts for 60 seconds and cools down for 5 minutes!
Active effectFengxing: After activation, speed +X (self speed * number of job transfers * LV level) points for 60 seconds, cooling for 5 minutes!
Active effect-thunder flash: after activation, within 1 minute, you can teleport infinitely, each teleport must not exceed 30 meters, the interval between two teleports must not be less than 1 second, and the cooling is 5 minutes!

[Spiritual Wisdom] The only skill, LV3 (Superdimensional WisdomDivine WisdomSanctified Wisdom, upgradeable), Gods Wisdom, transcends all spirits. Passive effect, spirit +200, magic attack power +40%, magic crit rate +20%.
Active effect-Chaowei: After activation, magic attack power is increased by 100%, magic crit rate is increased by 100%, lasts 60 seconds, and cools down for 5 minutes!
Active effect-God\'s Domain: After activation, magic attack +X (own magic attack * number of job transfers * LV level) points, lasts 60 seconds, cool down for 5 minutes!
Active effect-Sanctuary: After activation, magic power +100%, range +100% (except for curse), lasts 60 seconds, and cools down for 5 minutes!

Qin Luosheng: o((ѩn))o
[Qion Wu]\'s idol!
[Holy Body] Immaculate!
[God flash] Thunder flash!
[Lingzhi] The sanctuary!
Idols are augmenting power, power is attack power, but attack power is not power!
After turning on the idol, you will get an increase in power. In terms of attack power, it will increase in a 1:1 manner, but the power of the four basic attributes can be increased, and you can do a lot of things.
This is a physical breakthrough, especially for the king of fighters in the desert, Guyan, the skill of idols is the most suitable. When the time comes, a punch will strike, and with the blessing of strength, the strength of the punch will be greatly improved, and the fight will be repelled. The efficiency of the down-knock fly will be improved accordingly!
Wushou is a body that cannot invade all laws. After opening it, it is immune to any DEBUFF, which is very scary!
In the past, Qin Luoshengs [courage] was only immune to mental influences, but not mental influences. It must be frozen, burned, bleeding, etc. It is unavoidable, but it can be avoided even if it is not dirty, as long as it is harmful to the body. , Completely immune, not affected by negative skills, equivalent to the enhanced version of [Courage]!
Thunder flash, no need to say more, understand everything, infinite teleport, it is a super skill to escape and fight!
Sanctuary, you know, you know, there is no bells and whistles, directly showing the most violent side of the magic profession, the power and scope of magic have doubled, which is simply terrifying!
"It\'s worth it, this vote has been turned over!"
Looking at the changes after the evolution of the four new over-limit skills, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t hide the smile on his face!
I never thought about this when I used the copy of [Cursed Land] before.
Never imagined.
What a good person, the immortal star picker!
At the last moment, I actually gave such a big gift!
These four over-limit skills came with the Lord of the Stars, relying on the awakening of the Lord of the Stars, to increase the four basic attributes to full value, and to exceed the original players initial limit of 10 points to 20 points. With four of them!
All the time.
How to raise the level of over-limit skills is Qin Luosheng\'s most concern.
If I remember correctly last time, it was the power of the gods that made LV1 rise to LV2!
The star picker drew the galaxy, using the same magical power to pick a star from the endless galaxy, and wanted to annihilate him, never thought, aroused the power of the master of stars, linked with the stars, and countered it. Said that, through the shining of the stars, forcibly evolving oneself, and let the four super-limit skills follow the shining and evolve together!
The guide of fate!

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