Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 936: : Qin Luoshengs calculation, the magical effect of depriving the scroll
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 936: : Qin Luoshengs calculation, the magical effect of depriving the scroll

Simulated scene battles in different places!
This is not only to test the players hard power, but also to test the players ability to respond to situations and other comprehensive factors, conduct the most realistic blood PK battle, and try to restore the real battle between the two strong players as much as possible, rather than Dry arena competition!
Because special environments are randomly selected, it will also depend on luck. For example, archers vs. Berserkers. Once they are drawn to a terrain like a forest, the archers will be slightly restrained by the Berserkers on a smooth arena. With the forest terrain, the archer will instantly turn away from the guest, and can hang the berserker to fight!
The real battlefield mode will start from the top 32 and continue to the final, which is the championship battle!
Does it look simple?
But it is really complicated.
Too many battles!
If there are too many players registered, then the first round of ten battles, even the fastest five battles, the second round of three battles, then another three, then three more, ... until the top 100 will not appear 1V1 Failure can be eliminated, no longer a points battle!
Judging from the current level 50 players in the Huaxia Theater, there are more than one million!
In the next three days, in order to participate in such a grand event, I definitely dont know how many players are madly rushing to the level. If you think it is good, the entire Huaxia Theater will have at least five million players!
This is very painful!
Five million players.
In the second round of the five-game triple-win system, how many times does it take to make the top 100?

"Well, there is no other way to get a headache. Who is the organizer! If someone else makes this rule, they have to abide by it!"
Qin Luosheng shook his head speechlessly, remembering the content of the martial arts conference in his mind, and he was not paying attention.
For him, there is no need to worry about the points battle in the first round!
Only the second round of 1V1 elimination battle, and the essence of the third round is the 1V1 elimination battle, but there are more real battles in random scenes!
Points battles can be allowed to fail, as long as the final points reach the target, you can enter the next round!
After reaching the top 100, there is no fault-tolerant rate. If you lose, you will be eliminated. There is no room for negotiation, and there is no chance for a wild card match!
Qin Luosheng believes that his hard power is not afraid of anyone, but he must never underestimate anyone. In "Dimension of Destiny", anything can happen. For example, he can be one-on-one, in front of many people. In the face of the strong, killing the Black Dragon King Long Yuan, this is a miracle!
There is no doubt that the master of the stars is strong!
But Qin Luosheng would never think that in the entire Destiny World, he alone has obtained the sss talent!
"This martial arts conference is well held. In the past, the powerhouses lurking in the dark, and the unknown powerhouses, as well as many monsters, ghosts and snakes, will definitely jump out this time."
Qin Luosheng thought to himself, "At that time, when the elites will gather and the world\'s talents will be in the ring, I will be able to squarely fight with those who also have extraordinary talents, and see if I can make a fuss. After all, I still have it in my hands. A lot of props are already hungry and thirsty, for example, grab the scroll, hehe!"
Deprive the scrolls, deprive others\' talents!
Copy the scroll, copy the talents of others, or copy another scramble scroll, that is double happiness!
ScrollReapplying the old skills, and being able to reproduce the ability that was used last time, this is three points of happiness!
Thinking of this, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help himself with excitement!
There are also some secretive defenses.
Although the possibility is low, it is not entirely impossible.
If someone else has this kind of heaven-defying scroll, copying him as the Lord of the Stars, or destroying it directly, wouldn\'t it be abolished?
"Forget it, why do you think about this? Can you take effect on the talent? Even if it works, can it take effect on the higher talent? It\'s still a matter of two!"
Throw distracting thoughts behind your head.
Qin Luosheng first reported the name of participating in the martial arts conference.
Also charged a hundred gold coins as the registration fee?
Nima\'s dog official, shameless?
"Three days, it should be enough time for me to drop the level 55 notebook, get the reward, and improve a little strength. At the same time, the task of the mercenary king should also be solved!"
After secretly calculating, Qin Luosheng turned on the communicator.
First, I used the ID of Damo Guyan to encourage the excited and frustrated younger brothers and younger sisters. They also want to participate in events such as the martial arts conference. Unfortunately, the level is not enough. Even if they stay up for the next three days, they can level up 24 hours a day. There is no hope of reaching level 50, unless Qin Luosheng personally takes it for three days, madly leapfrogging and killing monsters. However, this is impossible. Therefore, they don\'t even want to participate in this first martial arts conference!
Switch back to Weeping Soul!
Qin Luosheng first sent an order to build a gang to Artoo. This guy has no shoulders yet, so it happened that a gang order was released this time and sold to him. It was just right!
Anyway, they have to be sold. Whoever sells it is not for sale. It just so happens that I have a friendship with ACTO. This is the boss, and he won\'t let him suffer. He will directly trade without auction, which saves a lot of things!
Crystal coins, strengthening stones, spiritual crystals, plus a lot of materials, and adding a sum of money, ACTO finally happily exchanged this precious help order!
Qin Luosheng made another profit with tears!
"Weeping Soul, we have gathered people here, when will we go to [Cursed Land] to get the team clearance reward?"
The large quantities of materials earned from ACTO were transported back to Luoshenju and handed over to the two big consumers, Mengmeng and Qiluo. Qin Luosheng just stayed with the two sisters for a while, cultivated the feelings, and maintained the goodwill. Before he had time to go to the newly opened medicinal field and use Otogi to revive his growth rate, the voice of Scarlet Rose rang in his ears.
"You organize it. I\'ll be there in 10 minutes. See you at the copy teleporter!"
Qin Luosheng frowned, and then replied.
[Cursed Land] The single player clearance reward is obtained, the team has not yet!
Before going to level 55 and completing the mercenary king mission, this was resolved!
The reward for level 55 dungeon is placed there, and no player has reached level 55 yet, so he can\'t be threatened!
But there are many players who reach level 50, and because of the excitement of the martial arts conference, there must be many guys who want to get rewards to improve their strength, no matter how bad they are, they will be crazy about leveling!
It\'s too threatening, so take it first to avoid long nights and dreams!
This is the meat that reaches the mouth, how can it be eaten by others?
"Otsuki is back!"
"Otsuki is back!"
"Otsuki is back!"
"Otsuki is back!"
"Otsuki is back!"
Quickly administer the elixir seedlings in the field to revive Otoki and accelerate their growth!
This time consuming 10,000 mana points at a time, so that Qin Luosheng, who has never lacked mana points, felt for the first time what it was like to be drained. Fortunately, his current recovery speed is extremely fast, and it doesnt take much to stop. What is it!

PS: [Ethwood Resuscitation] Effect : Costs 10,000 mana, and accelerates the growth of vegetation by 30% (the same target can only be used once); Effect : Costs 10,000 mana, restores one\'s own state to the peak! Cooling time: 24 hours! (Remove all DEBUFF, eliminate injuries, full health, mana, hunger, etc.)