Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 933: : Shadow cloak, absolute dodge and absolute defense
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 933: : Shadow cloak, absolute dodge and absolute defense

Almost two million gold coins were spent!
Qin Luosheng completed the appraisal of all the equipment, and repaired the whole body equipment, together with Mo Bing\'s Demon Blood Set and Great Desert Guyan\'s set of equipment based on the Hand of the Abyss!
"MD, the dog official is really enough for a chicken thief!"
Walking out of the shop, Qin Luosheng\'s face twitched with distress.
Two million.
To him now, it\'s just a small amount of money!
The two million is just repairing the equipment once and it costs more than half, which is disgusting!
No wonder.
The official has so generously adjusted the monster explosion rate to a high level, as is the coin explosion rate. It turns out that in addition to the enhancement system of the giant pit, there is also this repair system waiting!
"Dog R, if you are a poorer player and lose your luck a little bit, you probably can\'t even repair the equipment. That\'s enough!"
The higher the equipment level, the more terrifying the repair cost.
It doesn\'t matter to ordinary players, especially the low-level poor and the gold team!
For them, they only need to use the most **** equipment, which is very cheap to repair, and even does not need to be repaired. They can directly use the most **** goods that are not even qualified for repair. As long as they are used up for a long time, instantly Throw it away, buy it again, its even more cost-effective, the ultimate exploding tattered!
This fixes the huge pit, it is cool for the poor at the bottom, because it has little to do with them, or even has nothing to do with them, and high players like Qin Luosheng can earn a huge amount of gold coins to support their own account, it doesnt matter, the pit is repaired. Its a little bit, but there is still something to earn!
The pain is those middle and low-level players!
If the equipment is not up and down, it is distressed to repair it. If it is not repaired, it is not possible. After all, their equipment is also considered good. How can they give up easily if they mix silver and gold, or is it because the durability is not enough?
If you don\'t give up, it would be a shame to repair it!
If they are so high or low, it doesn\'t matter that they usually have a high probability. They can earn less, or even maintain the balance of supply and demand, it is still possible!
Once bad luck.
That\'s it!
The gold coin burst rate is good, but apart from repairing the equipment, are there no other expenses?
The first potion and food to replenish hunger, this must be counted!
Once the face is dark, the materials collected from the monster spawning are not enough or the grade is bad, and the equipment that does not explode or the equipment that explodes is very spicy, then it will be disgusting. Fight hard, even the damns original can not be retrieved, and you have to post it. !
If the face becomes darker, hang up once or twice, and vomit out the experience you have obtained, and the equipment explodes, then it will be a breakdown and an explosion of mentality!
But well!
"Destiny Dimension" is an extremely open and free world. There are all kinds of things, and even GHS is no problem in it. Players can have in-depth and friendly communication with NPCs. XXOO, players and players, there is nothing to say. !
of course.
This requires mutual agreement and a certain degree of favorability!
There is a solution if there is difficulty!
If you want to communicate in depth, its okay to just agree to it. It takes time to get good impressions. However, the local tyrants dont care about this, because there are many items that can increase the goodwill between the opposite sex, such as red roses, etc.
The same is true for repairing equipment.
Since even players of identification equipment can learn it, repairing equipment is even more important!
It is more worthwhile to hand over the equipment to players who have learned to repair equipment to repair than to hand over to the system NPC to repair. However, the current player\'s skill proficiency is very low and it is impossible to be 100% successful!
What are the consequences of this?
Once the repair fails three times, if you continue to repair it, it is possible that the equipment will be eliminated directly, that is, it will disappear instantly!
and so.
Most people still find the player to fix it three times first, and if they fail three times, they will find the NPC again to ensure 100% success!
Or there are restoration stones.
Same as NPC, 100% can be repaired successfully.
The restoration stone is exclusively for local tyrants, and the price is very expensive, not to mention the poor and common people, even the small local tyrants dare not touch it!
Qin Luosheng had a lot in his backpack, but it was just for emergency. Normally, he would repair it at the NPC!
in the end.
Rich is rich, but it\'s another matter to be taken advantage of!
"Starlight miracle!"
Using the starlight miracle to sublimate all the identified equipment, Qin Luosheng handed over the unused ones to Scarlet Roses people to operate, first advertise, and then wait until the imperial city has more players, and then the imperial citys hidden dragon pavilion It is sold in branches to expand its reputation and popularity.
After confessing a few words, Qin Luosheng stopped asking.
Compared to him, other people are real experts. They only need to convey their ideas and wishes. You don\'t need to worry about the rest of the content and details. People naturally know what to do is the best!
With only two pieces of equipment left for his own use, the cloak and the jade pendant, Qin Luosheng returned to Luoshenju again!
"Come on, let me see what kind of attribute it is!"
The first is the silky cloak that looks very similar to the cloak of the second brother of God in a certain drama, except that the color is not silver, but black!
Shadow Cloak
Type: Cloak
Grade: Legend
Demand: LV55
Effect: Health +20000, Mana +20000, Strength +150, Constitution +150, Agility +150, Spirit +150
Special effects: [Shadow] The action is like a ghost, speed +50%, dodge +30%, after stopping for 1 second, enter the invisible state, shield all auras on the body, move and attack and be attacked, the effect is cancelled!
Special effects: [Shadow] The body is like a shadow, which can greatly increase the coordination of the body and make difficult movements. The body can float under the leadership of the cloak, as if walking on the ground, up to 3 meters!
Incidental skills: [Ghosting Heavy] Consumes 5000 mana points. After activating the skill, the body turns into a ghost, speed +100%, and the evasion rate is increased to 100% absolute evasion state, duration: 10 seconds! Cooling time: 1 hour!
Incidental skills: [Dark Night Guardian] consumes 10,000 mana points. After the skill is activated, the shadow cloak opens, envelops the whole person, activates a special energy shield, immune to all physical and magical damage, duration: 3 seconds! Cooling time: 1 hour!
Introduction: The ghost cloak, of unknown origin, is said to be the equipment of a certain dark night king, who used to assassinate countless powerful men in the dark night, just like a ghost, just like a ghost.
This is a lot more ruthless than [Emura Cloak]!
Whether it\'s effects, special effects or incidental skills, all are over!
Especially the two incidental skills!
One is absolute dodge!
One is absolute defense!
That\'s it!
"This cloak is fierce!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t hesitate to put on the [Nether Shadow Cloak], and replaced his tattered cloak from the golden cloak that was forced to sublime to the epic by relying on the starlight miracle, and his attributes skyrocketed!