Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 928: : Hand picks the stars, picks the stars, the fairy picks the stars
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 928: : Hand picks the stars, picks the stars, the fairy picks the stars

"Good means!"
The immortal star picker is still being hit. The power of the punch just now has not been completely relieved. Now, Qin Luosheng, who has been chased by the victory, is beaten frantically, his life value is like running water, and he is pouring frantically. It\'s like a water tank with a gap!
"It\'s not over yet!"
After violently beating the star picker for eight seconds, the fist shadow state finally dissipated. (PS: Listed at the end of the skill effect chapter. If you dont know the effect, you can go and see it. It is still the old rule, not a positive number of words)
"Afterimages and ghost claws crack the sky!"
Take advantage of his illness and kill him.
Qin Luosheng knew this truth well.
Especially when facing a fierce person like the Star Picker, a moment of relentless heart will drag oneself into the abyss of immortality.
If the immortal picking stars is not beaten to death now, it will be him who will die later!
"What, the space is blocked?"
The immortal star picker, who had just broken free from the shadow fist fight, had not had time to breathe a sigh of relief. Qin Luosheng, who was controlling the lone smoke in the desert, changed the shape of the abyssal hand in his hand, and a special force enveloped him again.
Countless harm numbers popped up from the top of the head of the star picker, countless, endless!
If it is said that the shadow of the boxing shadow just now can be seen, but the ghost claw now is so fast that it can\'t even see the shadow.
Look far away.
It\'s as if Qin Luosheng\'s arm has been broken, because he can\'t see, can\'t see his arms that are speeding infinitely at this moment, launching an offensive. From the visual effect, it looks like a hand - no more!
Fist punch, internal injury!
Ghost claw dancing wildly, trauma!
Even if the star picker is in the state of the primordial spirit at the moment, but for some reason, the Hand of the Abyss can tear the soul and hurt the primordial spirit without a physical body and unable to grasp the flesh and blood!
Very creepy!
This time.
The immortal star picker, completely panicked!
The reason why he was so calm before was that Qin Luosheng\'s foundation was too shallow, and his background was too thin. Even though his strength was powerful, he was only purely powerful in the end, nothing more.
Power is the most inferior existence!
Unless it is conceptual power, or law power, rule power, otherwise, for ascetics, pure physical power is really too low and too weak.
in the end.
Qin Luosheng is not physical training, but ordinary people, he only comes into contact with physical training, not the kind of physical training in the real world, just like Buddhism diamonds, Taoist masters!
But now.
The star picker found that he was very wrong.
This tm is also considered naive?
This tm is also cute?
This tm is also a rookie?
Really be an old man to cheat
A tool that can harm the soul and threaten the soul, I call my good guy, it\'s so TNND hidden deep enough, you LYB!
"Have a blow and kill him!"
Qin Luosheng has also consumed a lot of physical strength by using the skills of the Hand of the Abyss in three consecutive times, and because he has been using one mind and two purposes from beginning to end, controlling the crying soul and the solitary smoke of the desert has caused great mental consumption. Now he has some burdens. Can\'t help it.
The effort will pay off in the end. Under his strategic arrangement, the star picker, who was tortured to the death by the star god, has already fallen to 10% of his health at this moment!
"MD, I still miscalculated!"
Qin Luosheng was like a mad dog, biting tightly, continuing to attack, and while attacking, he couldn\'t help but vomit, "If not for most of the amplification skills, how could he be so embarrassed?"
"If I was in his heyday, I had twelve augmented skills, plus indestructible fighting spirit, etc., not to mention that the gods block and kill the gods, the Buddha blocks and kill the Buddha, and deal with the star pickers who have been weakened to only a quarter of the strength. Just now the abyss The three skills attached to the hand are used, not to mention killing him, at least half of his blood must be killed, which is like now, the whole set of services is completed, and the family is pressed for a third, even one-third of his life. Can\'t get rid of it, fuck!"
Tucao returns to Tucao.
Qin Luosheng did not slow down!
The last 10% of the health value, this is the beginning of the real battle!
"The layman\'s methods are really endless, the poor way is eye-opening, and it is amazing!"
The immortal sighed.
But Qin Luosheng didn\'t listen at all, when he was farting!
Your sister\'s.
But why a Sima face?
Even a little wretched?
This made Lao Tzu unable to help but think of a certain shining person, who is terrible one bite, and one supernova on the other!
Could it be that the gangsters pretending to be evil is the same taste?
"Lady, you have extremely powerful energy in your body. In this cosmic void and turbulence, you can actually use the banning ability, which really surprised the poor Dao!"
The body of the star picker is just like a piece of paper. Under the explosive attack of Qin Luosheng and others, he moved again and again, easily evading countless attacks and not being hurt. Even if you dont become a saint, you will still become an immortal, but its a pity that you and I are different and dont seek each other."
"If it is anything else, the poor road is also happy to see the rise of such a talented human race to protect my race forever. However, the blood and deep hatred must be reported. Moreover, the poor road is not entirely for his own hatred, more, it is also Before dying, I want to use this weak glow of fire to ignite the darkness, and guide a way for those who are close to the poor situation of the predecessors, peers, younger generations, and even more distant successors."
"We are born as human beings, and we should live only for ourselves, live only according to our own will, not other peoples pawns, let alone puppets! Tragedies such as the poverty-stricken Dao can happen less often, even if we are martyred by our bodies. It\'s not hesitating, poor, and sweet!"
Qin Luosheng was silent.
He understands the words of the star picker!
He is also very contradictory!
On the one hand, he wanted to help him, on the other hand, he had to return the favor of the Daoist and the emperor.
"The layman does not have to be like this!"
Star-catching Immortal Tao: "This is the destiny. If God thinks that the poor Dao is not qualified enough, then even if the layperson does not stop it, the poor Dao plan will not succeed. For the same reason, if the God thinks the poor Dao should do this, then Even if the layman stops, the poor Dao can still receive the help of heaven, and there is no disadvantage!-Come on, the layman, come and weigh it, and see if the poor Dao has the means to break the shackles of these endless years!"
"Hands-pick the stars!"
The star catcher stretched out his hand.
Simply reach out.
Qin Luosheng felt an unprecedented horror!
In his eyes.
It should have been only about 1.7 meters, the skinny star picking fairy, who usually stretched out his hand upwards, has become a giant straddling the sky, reaching out to the distant galaxy, wanting to pick off the stars. !