Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 924: : Half-step mythology, terrifying primordial spirit form
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 924: : Half-step mythology, terrifying primordial spirit form

Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but sighed quietly!
He also wanted to leave after slaying the body of the star picker!
He was also fooled.
Follow the script arranged by the star picker!
The only thing missing is the system!
As the person who cleared the dungeon for the first kill, he didn\'t receive the system prompt and didn\'t get the reward. That\'s why Qin Luosheng noticed something was wrong and started looking for the problem!
Find it, find it, and find it here!
Facing only the primordial spirit, for the sake of revenge, he forcibly endured absorbing the toxic cosmic radiation energy, endured the pain of the wind and the soul, burned the jade and stone, and was ready to fly ashes and annihilate the star picker.
What can Qin Luosheng do?
Very guilty in my heart!
If he left here, Dao Sect would not blame him, and the immortal picking stars could also be killed for his whole life, and to seek justice for a poor person who was in the same situation like him.
Even if this is moths fighting the fire, the cry of resistance in this desperate situation will pass on through this, and the latecomers will also have a light, which can be used as a reference!
Everything was destroyed by him!
"The layman doesn\'t have to be like this, maybe the poor should be like this!"
Instead, the star picker came to comfort Qin Luosheng, saying: "Since things have reached this point, then, please don\'t show mercy to the layman, and let us fight as much as we want. This can be regarded as a means to detect the poor! If it succeeds, it means God. It also gives Peng Dao the opportunity to avenge Xing Hate. If you lose, everything will stop. It shows that those guys are not exhausted, and Peng Dao is not the one who raised the banner of resistance!"
Qin Luosheng:...
"it is good!"
Nodded solemnly, Qin Luosheng agreed: "Since the Dao Chief is interested, then I won\'t refuse it!"
Qin Luosheng wanted to seek the law of double perfection, but this was really impossible!
Only if the plan of the star picking fairy is blocked, then this dungeon can be considered as a successful clearance and can get the only clearance reward!
If it is possible, Qin Luosheng had a thought and gave up this dungeon reward.
If you really did this, it would be an insult to the star picker. He didn\'t need such pity!
As the fairy picking stars said, this battle may be a weighing of his weapons and a trial of his revenge plan.
If he can\'t even pass this level, how can he talk about finding trouble with Daomen!
To know.
Dao Men\'s background is unfathomable.
Don\'t say that at this moment, the star picker, whose strength has fallen drastically due to his insanity at this moment, is estimated to be difficult for him in his heyday!
The immortal star picker, whose life is about to die, and was drowned by the fire of hatred, has no time to wait, and he doesn\'t want to wait anymore!
In fact.
The immortal star catcher himself knew very well that he would definitely die in this trip. Therefore, he only said that he wanted to set an example for the latecomers, or he would lose both sides, burn the jade, kill those juniors, and let the many Daoist giants that killed him in his life have a taste. Taste the pain of cutting off children and grandchildren!
"Housekeeper, be careful!"
The immortal picks the stars, and then the primordial spirit bursts out endless brilliance. The round light that surrounds the neck is shining non-stop, transforming the elements, transforming the originally chaotic radioactive energy around them into thunder elements. In a moment, the entire space, The Destruction Thunder is full of extreme violent, like a world of thunder sea!
Sky Eye!
[The fairy who picks the stars (half-step mythical BOSS)]
Level: 62
Health value: 25000000
Magic value: 15000000
Physical attack: 500000
Magic attack: 450,000
Physical defense: 300000
Magic defense: 28000
Speed: 50000
Skills: [Fairy touches me on top] [Hair knot and longevity] [Hands can pick stars]
Weaknesses: None
Introduction: The star-catcher immortal comes from the Xuanmen authentic school. He is extremely talented and stunning. He was extradited to the Taoist school since he was a child and learned the Xuanmen righteous way. He has a profound background and a solid foundation. He is deeply loved by the Taoist predecessors. After hundreds of years of cultivation, he finally reached the pinnacle of the human world. Unfortunately, when he was about to cross the catastrophe, the heart was not thoroughly refined at the beginning, and he was invaded by the heart demon. As a result, his strength was greatly reduced, his temperament changed, and he finally disappeared.
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
Convex (ܳܳܳ)!
What kind of **** is this Nima unfolding?
Half-step mythical boss?
Isn\'t this on the same level as Longyuan?
At the beginning of the Jinglong stage, Long Yuan had to suppress his strength, and he was at the same level as him, but now, the star picker is directly at level 62!
Can I go to you!
The final BOSS of level 50 dungeon actually broke the maximum limit of only dungeon +10, broke through level 60 and reached level 62?
The most terrifying thing is this attribute, which is almost as strong as doubled!
"The state of the soul is actually more vigorous than the physical body?"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t understand.
If so.
Then, how to explain the Fengshen Bang in the ancient times?
The physical body becomes sacred, far greater than the potential of the soul to enter the list of conferred gods.
Because of the loss of the physical body and the restraint of the Conferred God List, it is difficult to make progress throughout his life, and those who become saints in the flesh can still practice continuously and become stronger!
The problem came to the star picker, but it was the other way around.
"That\'s right, the body of the immortal picking stars is completely withered, and the body is about to be a tree. If you change to an ordinary person, let alone fighting, it is quite remarkable even if you can stand. On the contrary, the soul is separated from the body and got rid of the body. The shackles and release of the true self are stronger!"
Qin Luosheng is not an idiot, just after another thought, he understood the key to the problem!
"Is it stronger than Longyuan?"
Taking a deep breath, Qin Luosheng looked more solemnly than ever, "Although the attributes are stronger than Long Yuan, it is undeniable that if it is true that the combat effectiveness or the degree of difficulty, it is far less than Long Yuan. After all, Long Yuan is a prosperous form. And the immortal picking stars only has the primordial spirit!"
"Long Yuan can be crushed with his tyrannical body, can use many props, can use the secret method of inheritance, can pick up the star immortals, only in the form of the soul, no talisman, no equipment, no props,...nothing, just It can collide with the powerful spiritual power and the power of the soul!"
"In other words, the star picker is now a naive man with no equipment and skills. Unless it is a secret technique, otherwise, the ordinary Taoism is first-rate, and the spells are completely abolished, and can only be damaged by basic attacks!"
Knowing the state of the star picker at this moment, Qin Luosheng suddenly made a decision!
If you have a weakness, you must make good use of it!
"Endless Thunder, drop!"
Thunder bursts, resounding in the silent universe.