Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 921: : See also the order to build a gang, and the forgotten system
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 921: : See also the order to build a gang, and the forgotten system

of course.
The physics of the star picker is not bad!
This is just a mere manifestation!
He was about to die and his lifespan was about to run out. He even had to prepare a final fight for this, challenge Jie Lei, to see if he could evolve and ascend, and become a fairy.
The so-called chaotic punching of the master!
Even if the Star Picker is a grandmaster, it is hard to beat Qin Luosheng, a brave young man!
Qin Luosheng himself is not weak, his strength is tyrannical, coupled with the solitary smoke of the King of Fighters who is more reckless than him!
This is really deadly!
The remaining time of the enchantment-fifty seconds.
The life value of the star picker: 8 million!
The remaining time of the enchantment-forty seconds.
The life value of the star picker: more than six million!
The remaining time of the enchantment-twenty seconds.
The life value of the star catcher: three million is not enough!
The remaining time of the enchantment-three seconds.
The life value of the star picker: 200,000!
"go to hell!"
Looking at the little blood skin, Qin Luosheng\'s eyes immediately turned red, and his body slammed forward, slashed with a heavy sword. When life and death were at stake, the star picker also exploded, showing the agility that was not part of an old man. , Qin Luosheng\'s fatal blow was more relaxed!
He forgot.
Qin Luosheng was not fighting alone.
Can avoid the front, can you avoid the back?
Can you avoid the fifteenth after the first day of the junior high school?
A heavy punch.
A punch with the special effects of a violent punch.
It smashed on the back of the star picker!
In an instant.
The blood bar is emptied.
The star picker fell down!
at the same time.
The chaotic barrier that lasted for nearly a minute also gradually dissipated, ending its mission!
"Ding, congratulations on your successful killing of the level 60 enhanced legendary BOSSstar-catching fairy, gaining experience value: 3200W, prestige value 8500 points!"
The system\'s prompt sound came, causing Qin Luosheng, who was holding his breath, to relax abruptly, and exhaled the muddy breath!
Don\'t blame Qin Luosheng for being so nervous.
How many epic legendary BOSSs he encountered had no resurrection ability?
Especially monsters of special type, all possess unique skills, just like Xiaoqiang who can\'t be beaten to death.
such as.
The undead lich cheated the corpse three times, and Long Yuan on the startling dragon stage didn\'t even have a face. He resurrected at least five times back and forth!
"Is this solved?"
Until now, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t believe it.
all of these.
It seems to be too easy.
Very unreal.
It\'s really untrue.
To know.
He had prepared a lot of back-hands, such as the embrace of the **** of death, but he didn\'t think about it, and he didn\'t use it, so the star picker would belch.
Could it be.
Is it because the chaos enchantment has blocked the energy, so that the star picker has no energy to use and cannot be resurrected?
This is the situation.
Why do you think so much?
The past is over.
That\'s a good thing to save trouble!
"Legend equipment? I wiped it, there is actually a jade pendant! This is a good thing! I have killed so many bosses, so many mobs, and even a white jade pendant has never exploded!-By the way, there are also bracelets! Too!"
Qin Luosheng picked up the spoils on the ground, glanced roughly, smiled suddenly, seven pieces of equipment, judging from the previous burst rate of killing BOSS, not many, but the quantity is small, it is fine, this quality is improved!
One piece of legendary equipment, two pieces of epic equipment, the rest is all gold, there is no stray silver to distract the eyes!
Strengthening stones, spirit crystals and crystal coins, these three BOSS treasures do not need to be said, a lot, especially the strengthening stones, the high-level ones burst out four directly, and happiness is dead!
The only pity is that there are no special items such as skill books, scrolls, drawings, etc.!
But Qin Luosheng saw the familiar iron sign with a small seal with the word "Jianbang" written on it, and his smile suddenly bloomed.
Build a help order!
It\'s another order to build a gang!
This is the third order he broke out!
The first piece was sold at a sky-high price at the auction, and the East Emperor took it away and established the first gang in China and even the world-East Emperor Pavilion!
The second piece was given to Scarlet Rose, so that this proud woman began to surrender, began to get used to it, and gradually became his plaything, which promoted the first step of Qin Luosheng\'s plan to rebel against the guest. It is of far-reaching significance!
This third party building order is here!
After such a long period of time, the gangs are no longer the two showmates of Donghuangge and Qiangwei. Later, four more gangs were established intermittently, namely, Emperor Wus Deceptive Guild, Dim Lights Guild, and Xiongtu. The world club, as well as the thunder mad little thunder guild!
That\'s right.
There are currently only six trade unions in the entire Huaxia Theater!
This can be seen.
How low is the burst rate of the build order!
For example, Qin Luoshengs high-lucky players have killed more bosses than any other player, but since the second order to build a gang, until today, he has killed an enhanced legendary boss like the star picker. , Just broke another piece!
It\'s horrible!
The other four gang building orders were made by the little BOSS, far inferior to the star pickers, and the players who broke them. I dont know what kind of **** luck they have. The chances are one in ten thousand, or even lower, to be caught. bumped into!
But things can\'t be viewed in a simple way!
To know.
How many players in the China Theater?
In the case that the golden boss has the opportunity to burst out the order to build a gang, there is another copy to be brushed, don\'t worry about not being able to meet the boss, there is no chance!
in this way.
Dont say tens of millions of golden bosses who die every day, dont they?
Even so.
After so many days, the Jianbang Order has produced four.
Click here to compare.
It is not an exaggeration to say that the burst rate is one in a billion!
"Why don\'t I build a helper too?"
Qin Luosheng was a little moved.
Become the leader of a gang, and you will have a turf!
In ancient times.
It\'s like a prince who divides the land to rule.
Have the qualifications to compete in the world!
The man.
The pursuit is very simple, nothing more than awakening the power of the world, lying on the knees of a drunk beauty, that\'s all.
A word of life and death, a promise of great gold!
Right is really fascinating!
"Forget it, if you have the opportunity in the future, maybe you can form a gang to play, but now is not the time, the Weeping Soul can\'t officially walk to the front of the stage, it is better to be a lone ranger obediently!"
Qin Luosheng thought for a while, and decided to give up, "Anyway, the gang is like that. Only the weak will choose to group together. A strong like me will become an army and one enemy will not need it at all! It\'s just that now the wings are not abundant, only temporarily dormant. Once the wings are full, who would dare to be my enemy?"
Jian Bangling was put into the backpack by Qin Luosheng!
This stuff.
Taking advantage of the high value at present, take it out as early as possible in exchange for what you need!
No shortage.
But for many materials, scrolls, etc., the more the better.
Especially scrolls with the power of rules, such as time-retracement scrolls, fusion scrolls, etc., are quite brutal, and they will definitely be useful in the future!
"and many more!"
"Looks like I forgot something!"
"Some, it\'s not quite right!"
Qin Luosheng, who had just taken out the scroll of returning to the city, was about to tear it away, but his mind suddenly moved, as if he had noticed something was missing.
"System sound!"
"The system\'s prompt tone did not appear!"
Qin Luosheng trembled, his expression of horror instantly occupied his entire face!