Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 920: : Lay, dont force the poor to die!
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 920: : Lay, dont force the poor to die!

"Housekeeper, I really misunderstood the poor way!"
The smile on Immortal Picking Stars suddenly stiffened, and a sharp light flashed in his eyes, but it was quickly covered up without a flare-up.
As a LYB, Lao Gou, how can he get angry because of this rude remark?
Even if you are angry, how can you be happy and angry?
"Don\'t talk nonsense, let your tongue be like a spring, and your tongue will shine, and you won\'t want to shake my will!"
Qin Luosheng yelled coldly, and said, "Your nature, even though I can\'t see through it, can still guess one or two. As the saying goes, people are about to die, and their words are good, and birds are about to die, and their sounds are sad. Unfortunately, I didn\'t see this in your body. You are indeed about to die and your life span will be exhausted. If you can\'t become a fairy and extend your life, there is only revenge. Therefore, if you fall into the magical way, who will believe your words?"
Star Picker:...
"My Liuli Dao Robe and Liangyi Dao Sword are the things of the Dragon and Tiger Mountain Heavenly Master Dao. They come from the hand of Zhang Daoming, a descendant of Zhang Tianshi\'s lineage. How can I take it lightly from a friend? So let alone I see through. Even if you dont have your calculations, these two things will not be given to you!"
Qin Luosheng righteously refused!
What he said is not false!
There is a little discrepancy,
The Liuli Dao Robe and Liangyi Dao Sword are all from Zhang Daoming\'s hands!
But it was not a gift, but he bought it with crystal coins at the beginning!
of course.
Even the big guys who are about to cross the catastrophe and ascend like the Star Picker are valued. They are greedy and want to take possession of their own terrorist magical tools. Even if it is the Dragon and Tiger Mountain with big business, there will not be many, let alone give it casually. people!
This kind of thing, even if it is not the treasure of the town card, is estimated to be the same!
Zhang Daoming would never have such a magic weapon even if he was a direct descendant + direct descendant bloodline and received all the favors.
after all.
Longhushan Tianshidao Zhang\'s lineage is indeed loud enough, but there has never been a lack of bold people in this world. Who knows if anyone will take risks and kill Zhang Daoming?
in the end.
Every husband is not guilty, and he is guilty!
With Zhang Daoming\'s cultivation base, he can\'t protect this top-notch magic weapon, and there are still two pieces!
The reason why the Liuli Dao Robe and Liangyi Dao Sword are so vigorous is not given by Zhang Daoming, but by the miracle of stars!
This is also related to the powerfulness of the Liuli Dao Robe and the Liangyi Dao Sword itself, otherwise, there would be no such strange thing as the legendary equipment containing the Forbidden Curse!
Qin Luosheng has received so many legendary equipment, whether it is epic sublimation or the legendary, none of them has a forbidden curse! (Except Panlong Lishui)
In other words.
Unless it is special, the forbidden curse is a myth-level configuration, and not every piece of mythical equipment has a forbidden curse!
in this way.
The peculiarities and toughness of the Liuli Dao Robe and Liangyi Dao Sword that both contain forbidden curse are self-evident, right?
No wonder.
Even the existence of immortal picking stars can\'t help being greedy and covetous!
"Lay, you don\'t have to be like that, poor way..."
The immortal star picker has yet to talk about it, but Qin Luosheng screamed and interrupted him, "Stop talking nonsense, let\'s take your life!-Sacred Dragon Annihilation!"
Relying on Xiaoxiao, Mo Bing and Da Mo Guyan were madly procrastinating for time!
A blank period of ten seconds.
Xiao Xiao was **** and threw it out. She was still bound at the moment and fell to the ground!
Lonely smoke in the desert was shaken out, if it hadnt been summoned by Qin Luosheng who had used the starlight blessing and turned it into an entity, otherwise, it would have disappeared invisible with the power of the clone, where it looks like it is now, but was seriously injured and fell to the ground. Sorry!
As for Mo Bing.
It is even more turning the tide, one absolute defense blocks the attack, two forbidden curses, one to resist the sky-thunder, and one forbidden to pick up the stars, so that their skills cannot be used!
Qin Luosheng was very fortunate.
If he hadn\'t had a sudden flash of inspiration at the beginning, he would have a whim, in order to be lazy to speed up the efficiency of the instance, summon Mo Bing from the ghost palace instance, and at the same time use the power of starlight blessing to make the ghost face clone into a desert solitary smoke, and give him a full set Level 45 enhancement +7 equipment, and the only myth level enhancement +10 equipment Abyss Hand!
right now.
Maybe already GameOver!
Sacred Dragon Annihilation cut across, and hit the star picker with precision and accuracy.
The imaginary annihilation did not appear, but
The Taoist robe on the star picker is annihilated!
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
"Hahahaha... the layman is such a good method!"
The star picker laughed wildly, "If it weren\'t for the poor Dao, this Dao robe was a first-class magical weapon, it would have been a disaster for the poor Dao, maybe the poor Dao would have to explain it here now! It\'s a pity, this is the same with the poor. The Taoist robe that had been on the Tao for a hundred years disappeared. However, this is considered to have completed its mission. It just so happens that the layman has a better Taoist robe. Do you think this is considered Gods will? The poor Tao has been lost and got better! "
"Stop talking nonsense, the battle is not over yet!"
Qin Luo ascended like a mad tiger, holding the Sacred Dragon and Divine Sword and killed him.
Because Qin Luosheng\'s charge also stepped into the chaos enchantment, his energy was blocked, and like the star picker, his skills were almost immovable, just like silence!
This is exactly what he meant!
In the previous chaos, I didn\'t use any skills. It was all based on the basic attack to level A to hit the damage. At this moment, the situation couldn\'t be better!
after all.
Qin Luosheng was not affected in any way, but the immortal star picker who relied on Taoism and magic techniques to eat, was greatly affected.
"A little rest, Mo Bing rests, Da Mo Guyan, come with me!"
Qin Luosheng once again focused on two purposes, and at the same time controlled the Weeping Soul and the Desert Guyan, and killed the immortal.
"I\'m sweeping!"
Mo Bing obeyed Qin Luoshengs suggestion. He wanted to change the blood of the Demon Sword to open the Demon Swordsmans physical form, but considering that he was indeed a bit crispy, plus the chaos enchantment that banned energy at this moment, it was still the forbidden curse of the Liangyi Dao Sword. , I didn\'t know if the skills still existed after the change, so I didn\'t dare to move.
The same is true for Xiaoxiao.
She was originally a magic dragon, controlling the seven magic elements of Yin, Yang, wind, thunder, water, fire, and earth. She is the ultimate magic dragon. Now in the chaos enchantment, the magic power is banned, and she is basically destroyed , Except for the original skills (Dragon Breath, Longyin Impact, etc.), all other skills have become gray and unavailable!
"Housekeeper, don\'t force the poor to die!"
Qin Luosheng, who was like a mad dog, seized the opportunity to bite, and cooperated with the desert solitary smoke, and the slaying star-picking immortal was retreating.
The duration of the chaos enchantment is judged according to the player\'s level!
Now Qin Luosheng\'s level is 58, which means that the duration of the chaos enchantment is 58 seconds, nearly one minute!
A few seconds were wasted just now, and now there are almost 50 seconds left!
Even if the star picker is extremely strong, he can\'t use his skills and is useless. Even if a skill can destroy the world, it is useless if it is not used!
Obediently get beaten!
Old man!