Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 919: : The most assisted, best MVP: Mo Bing
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 919: : The most assisted, best MVP: Mo Bing

"Don\'t think about it!"
Mo Bing, who was guarding Qin Luosheng\'s side, roared, his energy flickering, and he stepped in front of Qin Luosheng, "Golden glazed body!"
There was a huge burst of sound!
A quick blow from the star-catcher immortal, the effect is outstanding!
At this moment, I am bathing in golden light, and my body is like gold and jade ink ice. There is no conceited second, but
"Okay, what a golden glaze body!"
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help laughing wildly.
Colored glaze body!
Absolute defense!
Since he bought this piece of equipment from Zhang Daoming, he has never worn it!
It was because of the level before, because it needs to be level 40!
Later, because the level reached the standard, but now I have this set of holy dragon suits, legendary suits, so I no longer need it!
Later, there was the Bone Mountain Elf to refine the outer incarnation, and thus Mo Bing, inherited the power of the Demon Swordsman to him. The crispy skin, he naturally needs the colored glaze Dao robe for protection, as well as the matching Liang Yi Dao sword. , As a weapon!
The Liuli Dao Robe shined, not only solved the offensive of the immortal star picker and wasted his time, but also protected Qin Luosheng, allowing him to accumulate his unique skills, which was further completed!
"Does the Taoist technique combine with the Buddhist golden body? The colored glaze gold body, a good name, and a good method. I don\'t know who came from the hands of a Taoist master who can refine such a spiritual weapon. The technique is extraordinary, and what is even more rare is the knowledge of the Buddha\'s golden body. The combination of the two is simply breathtaking!"
The star catcher exclaimed.
"However, with this little method, nothing can be done!-Magic Talisman Thunder Thunder!"
A talisman seal appeared abruptly and burned abruptly.
next moment.
Qin Luosheng instantly formed a cloud of dark clouds above his head, which was densely covered with thunder and mighty sky.
"You can resist attacks from all sides, but Pang Dao wants to see how you can resist the endless thunder from the sky!"
At this time.
Xiao Xiao suddenly rose into the sky, entangled his body, covering Qin Luosheng.
"The body of the real dragon, the blood is noble, and it is no less than the dragon emperor, it is indeed difficult!"
The immortal star catcher admired: "It\'s a pity, it\'s really a young dragon. It has just entered the mature stage and has recognized the layman as the main one. It is suppressed and its strength is too weak. It is a little bit short of the sky thunder who wants to block the poor way. Huo!-However, although you have the consciousness of sacrifice, the poor Dao will not give you this opportunity. As long as the layman is weak, then you will naturally be defeated! Jie Fa Shou Chang Sheng!"
Flick the dust.
The whisk in the hand of the fairy picker, to be precise, was the three thousand silver threads on the whisk, and instantly seemed to be alive, turning into a flexible dragon, directly binding the huge body that was more than ten meters smaller.
The terrifying power exploded, Xiaoxiao\'s body, which was measured at least in "tons", was dragged away by the skinny-looking star picker, and threw it from the top of Qin Luosheng\'s head, slamming it heavily on the ground. The whole Taoist temple was shaken, and dust filled the sky.
When the tiny body was torn apart, the next second, the sky thunder controlled by the star picker immortal rolled down and bombarded Qin Luosheng.
"With me here, don\'t want to hurt the body!"
The first layer of protection, little, no more!
The second protection, Mo Bing, is here!
"Forbidden CurseGolden Glass King Kong!"
The glazed robes released endless brilliance, dyeing the sky into the color of gold and jade.
In an instant.
The light of Taoist colored glaze!
The light of Buddha\'s golden body!
Behind Mo Bing, he turned into a buddhist golden Arhat made of colored glaze, hunched over, protected Qin Luosheng and Mo Bing under him, and resisted the endless sky thunder with his back!
The star picker is also a bit speechless.
A golden glaze body, absolutely defensive, that\'s all!
right now.
There is another forbidden curse!
This kind of defensive spirit treasure, even if he is barely regarded as a high-level Taoist, now, actually appeared on a little devil, it is unbelievable!
Could it be.
Is this **** the illegitimate son of a giant he hates?
"The layman is really a good method!"
However, everything is still under control, the immortal picking stars didn\'t panic at all, and said: "If this is the case, then the poor Dao will have to use some real skills!-Immortal caress..."
Just as the star picker was preparing to use his skills, and after finishing his work, he strangled Qin Luosheng in the cradle and let the tricks that could affect him and cause him to be frightened, Mo Bing stood up again.
He is holding the Liangyi Dao Sword, and the two Qis of Yin and Yang are constantly moving on the edge of the sword!
"Forbidden CurseChaos Enchantment!"
The yin and yang Tai Chi and Eight Diagrams map appeared, suddenly enclosing the entire Taoist temple, the power of yin and yang reversed back to the power of chaos, forming a chaos enchantment, blocking all energy, and making the skills of the star picker immortal that was about to come out abruptly. Suffocated back.
"Yin and Yang Chaos?"
As a Daoist tycoon, Immortal Cultivator is naturally no stranger to the ultimate yin and yang of this gate, but he was shocked by the fact that a sword could actually inspire such a terrifying yin and yang, and he was able to push back and make yin and yang Tracing the source of the transformation of the two qi into the power of chaos!
"This magic sword, if you can get this magic sword..."
The body of the fairy picker was trembling. Originally, there was a trace of greed in his heart because of the Liuli Dao Robe. This time, the greed was completely activated, and his eyes were fixed on the Liangyi Dao Sword, the fire of desire was burning.
"Housekeeper, why don\'t you stop?"
The immortal star picker who was banned by the chaos enchantment lost his most powerful means of attack. Even though he was a dual-cultivator of demon and martial arts, he was very good at martial arts. It was not the other thing, but he was old and weak and lacking in blood. That\'s it, and in order to set off the two treasures of Mo Bing\'s Liangyi Dao Sword and Liuli Dao Robe, he temporarily truce, saying:
"As long as the layman promises that the poor Dao will not leave the Star Reaching Tower for ten days, and borrows two magical instruments from the poor Dao, then the poor Dao can swear in the name of heaven to give the poor Dao life-long inheritance to the layman and never hide his own personalities!"
he came!
People must rely on themselves, no matter what, you have to fight for and fight hard!
This is not.
There is a certain chance of getting inheritance after returning tm, and now it is straightforward and 100% to get inheritance!
It\'s ironic!
"Stop dreaming, immortal picking stars, I can\'t believe a word of your words now!"
Qin Luosheng sneered: "You who are about to die, you are determined to die, what else will you end up with? The so-called heavenly oath is just to deceive a child! Do you really think I am a fool?"

The following are not counted as positive characters!
PS1: [Forbidden CurseChaos Enchantment] consumes 20,000 mana, 50*X in the vertical direction, 10*X in the horizontal direction (X is the number of player transfers) meters to form an enchantment. In the enchantment of chaos, everything belongs to Chaos Promise, and everything is blocked. energy! Duration: X seconds (X is the player level), cooling time: seven days!
PS2: [Forbidden CurseGlazed Glass King Kong] consumes 20,000 mana points, summons the power of Daomen Vajra to add to oneself, health recovery speed +20%/s, mana recovery speed +20%/s, defense power +500% , Immune all DEBUFF for 1 minute! Cooling time: seven days!
PS3: [Golden Glazed Body] Consumes 10,000 mana points, gains absolute defense status, reduces 100% arbitrary damage, lasts for 10 seconds! Cooling time: 1 hour!
PS4: [Abyss] After being locked as a target, the target will be forced to apply an "Abyss" DEBUFF, reducing the power of all skills by 30%! (Continues until the end of the battle)
PS5: [Holy Dragon Deterrence] Consumes 5000 mana points, and when used on a single target, it can cause the existence of no more than the holy dragon crown level (legendary) to fall into a state of compulsory three-second deterrence! Cooling time: 5 minutes!