Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 918: : Chaotic war, crazy attack
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 918: : Chaotic war, crazy attack

"Strike with all your strength!"
Qin Luosheng summoned Xiaoxiao, and looked at the star picker who had been dizzy for five seconds, roaring again and again!
He also attacked immediately!
This time, Qin Luosheng did not like the live broadcast, Tie Hanhan, used a tactic, and started to use brutal attacks when he controlled it!
This set.
It\'s totally useless for the star pickers!
Only when there is no alternative, can you fight with the nature of gambling!
The brutal attack is exactly that.
For a BOSS like the star picker, unless you use the starlight blessing to forcefully sublime to the realm of consummation, it is basically impossible to trigger disability!
Instead of wasting precious time, it is better to completely abandon it!
after all.
The current state of blessing is full amplification, and even the indestructible warfare is activated. The damage is broken and the damage is almost burst. It is a level A. Although it is not comparable to the damage of the skill, it has a bonus effect.
Flat A flow, after using the sacred dragon violent, attack speed +100%, manual afterimage, five knives per second.
And what about skills?
One per second is extremely fast, and after the skill is used, there is a certain degree of stiffness, especially when connecting to the next skill, the stiffness is longer!
Instead, delay the rhythm and slow down the output!
"Extreme curse!"
"Elemental Riot!"
"Frozen World!"
"Polar Ice Lingshu!"
The exact opposite of Qin Luosheng was Mo Bing. He held the Liangyi Dao Sword and made it clear that he was going to fight in the manner of an ice magician. After all, the Liangyi Dao Sword had both physical damage and magical damage. If it were a physical counterattack, There is definitely no blood demon sword better!
"It\'s worthy of being my external incarnation!"
Qin Luosheng secretly praised.
Although the physical form of the Demon Swordsman is stronger, because of the Blood Demon Sword and many equipment, there are already two melee combats between Qin Luosheng and Da Mo Guyan in the team. If Mo Bing is mixed in, it will cause duplication of functions. And if the three of them act together, the space will be compressed, making it easy for the star pickers to catch flaws and dodge them!
Choose a weaker magic form that will deal less damage, the most suitable!
This magic form is still a water magician!
Among the elemental magic, the control is the most complete!
Even for a BOSS like the star picker, the so-called ice control is extremely weak, but it is not ineffective. Take a cold shot for him, slow down the rhythm or even interrupt the rhythm, and give it to the two melee teammates (Crying Soul and Desert). Gu Yan) Isn\'t it beautiful to fight for a respite?
"Furious Punch Fist!"
"Sky Shaking Fist!"
Guyan in the desert is also madly attacking endlessly, completely using the controlled and immobile fairy picker as a target, a chaotic hammer!
This is the credit of Qin Luosheng!
He didn\'t dare to deal with such an existence as the star picker, so he robbed the control of the intelligent AI, used one heart and two purposes, and simultaneously controlled himself (cry soul) and clone (the desert solitary smoke), like an arm instructs, and output an explosion!
"Holy Dragon is shocked!"
Five seconds passed quickly.
When the star-picking fairy woke up, the holy dragon crown on Qin Luosheng\'s head suddenly released a golden halo, just as if the dragon\'s pupils opened, a terrifying power swept away, so that he had not had time to move. Once again fell into a state of shock, lasting three seconds!
Onslaught, go on!
"Little, ready!"
Qin Luosheng still had control skills, but the rest was not absolutely effective for the star pickers, so he set his sights on the little body who had recovered more than a dozen meters of dragon body, floating in the air, and constantly exhaling magic of various colors.
"Dragon Soul Impact!"
Three seconds later, the star picker recovered again, but this time he did nothing, he was immediately pulled into the control chain, and after the little dragon\'s might oscillated, the generated compulsory three-second stun!
"Phantom maze!"
After another three seconds, the fairy picking stars recovered again, this time, it was Qin Luo\'s turn to rise!
The control skill of the Phantom Ribbon, the Phantom Array, is really too weak. It is difficult to take effect for the enhanced legendary BOSS such as the star picker. It barely triggers the control effect, but the minimum three seconds and the maximum 30 seconds control is actually only effective. One second, nothing more!
Qin Luosheng is also quite content!
One second of control time is enough for him and the two avatars, plus the violent magic dragon, to bombard and destroy nearly one million health points!
"Solitary smoke in the desert, use the skill abyss!"
Forcibly resisting the urge to continue strengthening the control chain, Qin Luosheng ended the series of controls and left the remaining strong control skills in case of emergency. Seeing that the star picker who had resumed action had to do it, he hurriedly used the control with one heart and two. Lonely Smoke in the Desert has used the ability of the myth to equip the Abyssal Hand!
The faint hand of the abyss released an indescribable special energy pulse, directly into the body of the star picker, making the energy brilliance of the star picker who was preparing for the skill weaker!
"This is...what the hell?"
The star picker was also dumbfounded.
What gadget can actually weaken his skill power?
"Mo Bing, cover me!"
Feeling the power of the energy in the hand of the star picker, Qin Luosheng felt a chill in his heart and quickly backed away. At the same time, he controlled the desert solitary smoke to top it up, the overbearing rage punch, unlimited use, and with the strengthening of the hand of the abyss, he hit the star. The immortal retreats steadily, and he keeps hanging on!
"Polar Gravity Technique!"
Seeing Qin Luosheng retreating to accumulate energy, Mo Bing quickly applied gravity to the star picker to slow down his speed, which could cover Qin Luosheng and put pressure on the star picker, giving support to the desert solitary smoke who was fighting on the front line!
at the same time.
Xiaoxiao, who was in the same mind with Qin Luosheng, understood Qin Luosheng\'s intentions a step faster than Mo Bing, and immediately released a huge ice cone with a diameter of more than five meters, and slammed it towards the star picker.
This is also a cover!
If it were not for the existence of solitary smoke in the desert and fear of accidental injury, it would not be the cone of ice, but the endless breath of the dragon, which completely surrounded the star picker and burned it frantically!
"The layman deserves to be the hero who once killed the Black Dragon King. Such a strength, really!"
Feeling the terrifying energy condensed on the golden dazzling sacred dragon sword in Qin Luosheng\'s hand at this moment, the star picker couldnt help but marvel, Its just that the layman is so fanciful to release such a spell in front of the poor road, is it too much? Dont put the poor way in your eyes?"
With a thin face of anger on the face of the star picker, with a wave of his hand, he smashed the huge cone of ice that had been condensed from the small, while his robe flew up, his tyrannical energy erupted, and the solitary smoke of the desert that was close to the battle flew out.
Without hindrance, the figure flew, like a butterfly wearing a flower, and rushed towards Qin Luosheng who was accumulating energy.