Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 916: : Pitfalls and choices
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 916: : Pitfalls and choices

"You said, this hatred, how can you not report it?"
Destroy the enemies, sever the children and grandchildren!
This hatred is great!
"Be a newspaper!"
Qin Luosheng spit out two words without hesitation.
"And that bully who killed my wife and children at the beginning, his descendants are the current chief of Lu Village. After years of development, he not only firmly controls the entire Lujia Village, but also has blood-related branches all over the whole. The village, the whole village, most of them are related to relatives. It can be said that the whole Lujia Village is basically all the descendants of that bully! You said, what should I do?"
Qin Luosheng was silent for a moment.
No wonder.
No wonder the star pickers are so hot!
Not only did the village chiefs son overthrow his fathers ruling and become his pawn, he also made the entire Lujia Village a mess, and no longer had the paradise of mountains and rivers. On the contrary, he was "brunching and arrogant" and bewitched. The newly-appointed senior in Lujiacun, headed by Lu Da, built this star-catching building, which greatly hurt Lujiacun.
Still cruelly cruel to the people of Lujia Village!
such as.
The living people in Lujia Village were fed to Moon Worship Fei Zeng for blood!
The corpse without blood is fed to the spirit beast of the beast master, and the waste is used!
Pity the people of Lu\'s village, not only suffered misfortunes, but also died, not even a whole body was left after death!
"Originally, I just wanted to take advantage of the star-picking tower to overcome the calamity here, and completely turn this sinful land into fly ash under the thunder and thunder, and never appear in this world again!"
The fairy picker continued: "However, now I have a better goal! A mere Lvjia Village, a mere mortal in Lvjia Village, can be wiped out by just raising their hands! And the culprit who really caused the tragedy of my life, then It is the first person I should have revenge!"
"So?" Qin Luosheng said: "So you are going to solve Lujiacun, and then go to Zongmen to get revenge?"
"That\'s right!" said the immortal person: "If it is not necessary to prepare for one or two, I can\'t wait to kill the sect immediately, and kill all the polite hypocrites. Since it can\'t be done, I will also cultivate their life\'s hard work. The bloodlines of the direct descendants and their direct relatives are killed, let them taste it too, cut off their children and grandchildren, and no one will sacrifice to the ancestral temple in the future!"
"Then what are you going to do with me?"
Qin Luosheng asked again.
"The layman is kind to me, although I think I am not a good person, but I am not a wicked person. Everything that has a cause has an effect. The layman was granted Taoism by the Taoist, and he had a sense of incense. And the Taoist is the strongest of the Daxia Empire. The most mysterious religion, damaged reputation, damaged strength, hampered the power of the Great Xia Empire."
The star picker said calmly: "So, in order to prevent the layman from whispering, even helping each other to become a blocker of my revenge, please ask the layman to meditate here for a while! When I am ready, I will go to the sect. The door has revenge, when the time comes, naturally let the layman leave without hurting the layman!"
"Ding, congratulations on triggering the selective hiding mission. There are two options at the moment: first, promise to the star picker to meditate for ten days in the star picker building, get the gratitude of the star picker, and have a certain chance of gaining its inheritance; second, to fight If you succeed in reporting or persuading the star picker, it is considered successful (note: killing the star picker is a hidden final condition, and you can get the most generous reward if you complete it), and you will get an unknown reward!"
At this time.
The sound of the system is coming.
Seeing these two-choice multiple-choice questions, Qin Luosheng was immediately confused.
It\'s easy to understand.
This tm is so hard to choose!
"Choose two!"
After thinking about it, Qin Luosheng still made a choice.
Nothing else.
Just because of the second choice, it is more challenging and the rewards are more abundant!
Even though the first choice is wonderful, if you do nothing, you can gain gratitude and the inheritance of the star pickers!
This happens to be the most confusing!
Regardless of the completion of this condition, the prerequisite is that it takes ten days of rest!
What is retreat?
It\'s ugly, but tm is under house arrest!
The ten-day period!
If Qin Luosheng didn\'t do anything for these ten days, would it be worth it?
Isn\'t it going to turn the sky outside?
Even at the current level, it is not easy for others to catch up. It can last as long as ten days, which is enough for a group of fierce liver emperors behind to catch up and approach him infinitely!
With Qin Luoshengs character, how can he be willing to spend ten days in one place, and ten days when he cant do anything, without the company of a girl, no food to enjoy, no entertainment,...
Green light bitter tea!
Futon enlightenment!
Who can stand this?
There is another trap!
The inheritance of the star picker is a certain chance to be obtained, not an absolute butterfly!
in other words.
If you want to pass on, it depends on the mood of others!
It\'s yours for you, and you can only stare if you don\'t.
The first choice is the giant pit!
Except for the gratitude of the useless star pickers, in other respects, there is nothing!
Not only that.
If you really choose this way, there will be endless troubles.
after all.
Knowing the plan of the star-picking fairy, he was willing to stand up and did not convey the message to the Taoist door. Even if you say that you are helpless, you are controlled by the star-picking fairy, and you cant help yourself, but will people listen? Even if you do, its not always true. Everyone will listen.
The name of weeping soul is like thunder!
While bearing the benefits of such a big reputation, it will also bear the negative effects brought about by it accordingly!
But a very complicated thing!
Once the "wrecking spirit" of the crying soul and the star-picking fairy is spread out, even if the first-hand information is objective facts, there is no bias, and even biased towards him, to say good things to him, but after spreading it out, then Can\'t help it!
The three of them become tigers!
The most famous saying!
Don\'t say that other people who don\'t know the truth, even those who know the truth in Taoist schools, don\'t necessarily say good things for him and clarify the facts!
after all.
The treasure of the Taoist ancestor court, the Taoist store left by the Taoist ancestor.
Such a supreme treasure was actually acquired by someone who was not a Taoist or Taoist person. How could this prevent those who have been in the Taoist for countless years but are not qualified to touch this supreme treasure and feel resentful?
"Dog system, really good for chicken thieves, MD, if it weren\'t for Laozi\'s natural dislike of restraint, I almost fell in your favor and chose a big pit!"
After Qin Luosheng figured out his joints, he was dripping with cold sweat, "MLGBD, needless to say, if you really choose the first item, it will definitely be evil, and it will disappoint the emperor, regardless of the countless hidden stumbling blocks behind. Without the support of the big bosses, the loss is completely beyond words!"
Taoism, the largest religion in the China Theater!
The Great Xia Empire, the greatest power in the China Theater!
These two forces were offended!
The family of third-party forces must not dare to contact him!
in short.
To be silent, choose to "combine with each other" with the star pickers, then it will be difficult to make any progress in the future!
"Housekeeper, what is your choice?"
Seeing that Qin Luosheng didn\'t say anything for a long time, the immortal star picker had cold eyes, and he issued an ultimatum and asked: "Whether you choose to stay here safely or..."