Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 914: : Ask for advice, dial, speak out, surprise
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 914: : Ask for advice, dial, speak out, surprise

"Going up the mountain to learn art, sweeping the ground for 30 years, chopping wood for 30 years, and delivering tea and water for 30 years, a whole hundred years, but only ten years, only some superficial methods have been passed down. If it is not for the deep roots of the sect, the aura is full of ordinary. The servants of the sect have fallen at this level long ago and died at the end of their lives!"
"After the formal apprenticeship and learning art, fifty years of building foundations are known as lay a solid foundation. However, some of the brothers have already had the golden core hope, but we are still stuck in the refining period, and we have not even achieved the foundation building. "
"It was hard to build the foundation, but the handed down exercises are incomplete. If you want to follow up the exercises, you must either please the master and get the inheritance, or you must make a contribution to the sect in exchange for it. Chopping wood and diving, burning fire to cook, so big that you risk your life to kill demons and slay demons, collect heavenly materials and earth treasures, spiritual pills and treasures, fight with demons, and confront other animals, nine deaths!"
"If this is the case, it\'s fine. After all, the Fa cannot be spoken lightly, and the Tao cannot be transmitted lightly. If you want to obtain it, you must first give it. Those brothers who planted on the road to become immortal, only blame them for being poor Tao."
"Of course, why let us cultivators, people from outside the world, fall into the dust and refine our hearts? We are human beings, not puppets! Refining the mind, refining the mind, and finally making ourselves physically and mentally exhausted, and our heart is ashamed. , Is this the only way to cultivate immortality?"
"If so, I would rather not!"
Qin Luosheng was speechless for a long time!
In the past, when I read Xiuxianliu\'s novels, most of them were based on Zhongzheng\'s grand world view, paying attention to a world, and rarely put the perspective on the individual, except the protagonist!
Can the protagonist really represent everything?
As the protagonist, he is loved by the heavens and the earth, and the joys of the heavens (Author: Yes, the heavens and the heavens are all under me). Either the mountain is invincible, the world is silent, or the wind is smooth, despite the difficulties and confusion, It will be easy to solve, or there will be a lot of help to tide over the difficulties,...
Who has experienced those little people who died tragically under the protagonist\'s hands, or were stepped under the feet of the protagonist, who were hard to surpass?
The life of the protagonist is a life, isn\'t the life of those little people a life?
People\'s sorrows and joys are not the same!
Human heart and human heart, I believe it is the same!
No one can truly be ruthless and desireless!
Even the legendary ancestor of the Taoist Way of Forgetfulness, can\'t do it!
"When I was about to give up the path of cultivation, the sect came, the master came, and the brothers came! What can I do? Do you want to resist? In that case, I have forged it when I practiced the heart in the world. What about the predestined relationship? Watching his wife and children die? The only way to abandon love, to lose love, to abandon his wife and children, and to escape into the mysterious door again!"
"Since our qualifications are mediocre, and we cannot prove to be immortal throughout our entire life, why should we take us away from the mundane world?"
"When I was young, I took me away from my parents, so that I have never experienced the joy of being a child, carefree, without the love of my parents, and the joy of joy!"
"Later, I took me away from my wife and children, making me regret for the rest of my life. I would never see my wife and son again in my life, so that a poor woman would lose her husband, and a poor child would lose his father!"
"This is so cruel!"
"This is what the so-called Heaven and Earth Orthodox School does, and the righteous Taoist Profound Sect does it?"
Qin Luosheng was speechless again.
Any beautiful rhetoric looks so pale under this cruel reality!
Killing but nodding your head.
The things said by the star picker are more terrifying than murder, punish the heart, punish the soul!
To kill a person, the pain is only a moment!
The many Xuanmen disciples, Buddhism disciples, and other disciples of many other sects represented by the pickable star immortals, what they have experienced, is so painful, heart and soul are lost, and they have been reduced to walking corpses, no more emotions!
Or is it.
Just like the immortal picking stars, with a difference of thoughts, he degenerates into a demon!
"If a layperson encounters this, how should we solve it?"
Ming Wang was anxious, and the evil-faced Star Picker of Shura quickly calmed down and recovered the state of the ancient well. He looked at Qin Luosheng and solemnly asked for advice.
"I don\'t know!"
Qin Luosheng replied honestly.
This is simply a dead proposition, with no solution!
Everyone has their own plans!
"If a layman is in a position of poverty, how should he solve it?"
Ask the star picker.
"What if I were you?"
Qin Luosheng took a deep breath and looked at the immortal star picker solemnly, and said: "If I were you, I should know my heart, with the three-foot green front in my hand, kill the gods and the demons, and kill all the enemies in front of him, regardless of success or failure. Win or lose, fight heaven and earth, no regrets if you die!"
"Death without regrets?"
The expression on the face of the immortal picking stars froze, and he muttered Qin Luosheng\'s words blankly, coming and going several times!
Suddenly, the star picker gave out a high-pitched laugh of relief, "Well, what a fight against the sky, no regrets! You deserve to be the pillar of the human race who killed the Black Dragon King on the stage of the dragon, young hero! Originally I thought you were just a lot of people. The chess pieces launched by the human forces want to use your identity as the dragon master to make a fuss. I never thought that you should have such knowledge, so courage, and so bold!
Qin Luosheng feels confident!
He has a JB courage!
It\'s just a king with a strong mouth!
As an old bookworm and Emperor Zuan Jian, how can he get confused if he doesn\'t have the ability to escape?
Where is this?
Haven\'t come up with real skills yet!
If given a chance, Lao Tzu will kill the gods by himself, destroy the heaven first, and then step on the Lingshan Mountain. What effect do you want, Lao Tzu can blow it to that point!
"I, please ask another question. You should know that with my ability, let alone resisting the Taoist school, even if it is just my sect, it is far behind! At this time, knowing that you will die, how should you choose?"
The immortal star picker looked at Qin Luosheng stubbornly, his expression was a bit nervous at some point, and he seemed to hope to hear Qin Luosheng\'s answer, or rather, hope that Qin Luosheng could say the answer he wanted to get at the moment.
in fact.
He already had the answer in his mind.
He needs approval.
A guide is needed to confirm, to affirm, to be sure, to confirm that what he thinks in his heart is correct, is recognized by someone, and is a like-minded person who has the same ideas as him!
And this person.
Undoubtedly, it was just a few words that broke his confusion, untied the knot that puzzled him, and made him suddenly enlightened, the guide who opened his eyes-Qin Luosheng!
"If the sky crushes me, it splits the day. If the land detains me, crushes the land."
Qin Luosheng thought of a sentence in a certain novel on the earth, this situation, this situation, at this moment, there is nothing more suitable than this, so his eyes are exquisite, his tone is sonorous, passionate and heroic roar: "I Waiting for life to be free, who dares to be high!"