Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 906: : Half-step epic boss, fire crow and soul chaser
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 906: : Half-step epic boss, fire crow and soul chaser

One sentence.
Let the momentum suddenly become tense!
"Hahahaha... what an uncute kid!"
The old man in the scarlet clothes burst into laughter, but his face turned dark and gloomy with a smile, "I have a keen sense of smell, I can actually see through the disguise of me and the old soul chaser!"
"Huo Crow, don\'t waste your lips and tongue!" The old man in silver clothes who was called the soul chaser by the old man in red clothes, his indifferent expression became cold and murderous, "After fasting for so long, it was finally easy to have food delivered to the door. , I cant help it anymore, if you dont want to eat, then let me enjoy it alone!"
"Put P, ??you old ghost, don\'t want to eat alone!"
The fire crow almost didn\'t jump.
You are greedy!
Don\'t I tm not greedy?
"Stop the BB, two old men who rely on the old and sell the old are not dead. I really think I\'m in a muddle, so let you discuss who will eat me here?"
Qin Luosheng sneered.
Even if he was cerebral palsy, he would not think that in such a ghost place, two old men who played against Yi suddenly appeared, just pure old men, no problem!
Not to mention, he still has a heavenly eye!
It\'s so stupid to pretend to be in front of him!
"Stop talking nonsense, show your real body!"
Qin Luosheng raised the Sacred Dragon Sword in his hand, pointed at the two old men who formed the Red Silver CP, killing intent in his eyes boiled endlessly!
Two old immortal dog things!
I didnt even say that I thought of Lao Tzu as food, but I was still brazenly in front of me.
Bold evildoer, I don\'t know how high the sky is, and don\'t put me in the eyes!
These two old guys go crazy, but they are not brainless, they do have a bit of strength and have crazy capital!
The soul of Lu Da on the first floor in front of them can be regarded as the ceiling to strengthen the golden BOSS level!
But these two guys, half an epic!
And they are still two haunted together!
It\'s so disgusting!
To know.
This is just a nightmare mode!
As expected.
In the abyss mode, they will inevitably remove the word "half-step" when they pass through the level in the abyss mode, and they will be promoted to the real epic. If they pass through the level alone, they will be even stronger, maybe it may become an enhanced epic!
[Soul Chasing (Half-Step Epic BOSS)]
Level: 59
Health value: 6500000
Magic value: 3200000
Physical attack: 35000
Magic attack: 150000
Physical defense: 50000
Magic defense: 120000
Speed: 18000
Skills: [Thunder Shu] [Soul Chasing] [Shooting Soul]
Weakness: Fire (Among the Five Spirits, Fire Clay)
Introduction: Chasing the soul, the origin is unknown, born with the inheritance of thunder, can control the thunder, the body is like a beast and not a beast, like a person and not a person, it is suspected to be a half-human and half-demon body formed by the combination of an unknown thunder-type alien beast and a human race , By nature violent, extremely indifferent to life, both righteous and evil. Later, for some reason, he set off massacres and destroyed three cities and twelve towns. He was wanted by the empire. After being rescued by the star picker, he became his right-hand man and guarded the picker for the star picker. Star Terrace!
[Fire Crow (Half-Step Epic BOSS)]
Level: 59
Health value: 6000000
Magic value: 4.500000
Physical attack: 20000
Magic attack: 175000
Physical defense: 40000
Magic defense: 130000
Speed: 16000
Skills: [Fire Method] [Speaking Spirit] [Return to AncestorFire Crow Transformation]
Weakness: Water (Among the five spirits, water overcomes fire)
Introduction: The fire crow is said to be the ancient fire beast, one of the three-legged golden crow descendants of the three supreme fires, with a weak golden crow bloodline, capable of controlling the fire that is contaminated with the suns true fire from the apex to masculinity. Loves to play with prey, trapped by words and spirits, slowly tortured to make the mind collapse, and then eat it, cruel temperament, irritable, crushed by the absolute strength of the star picker, followed by him to become the right arm, guarding for the star picker Get the stars!
"Do you want to close the live broadcast?"
Qin Luosheng hesitated!
If other anchors have such a good performance opportunity and such a great opportunity to gain popularity, they must not go to death. They must either create a program that has thought about it, increase popularity and attention, or show strong strength and turn countless passers-by into Fans, turn fans into diehard fans, and turn diehard fans into NC fans!
Qin Luosheng is different!
He was quite sure of what he wanted and needed from the beginning!
Others\' live broadcast is for money, and his live broadcast is only to better expand the popularity, so as to increase his reputation, so that he, who has no influence, can virtually rely on the live broadcast to "cultivate" a "power"!
Don\'t underestimate things like prestige!
Even in the backward and ignorant feudal era, with this thing, even the emperor would not dare to touch you easily!
Even if today is different from the past, there will be saints in any age (thanks to Yuan Lao, Yuan Lao has gone all the way). Qin Luosheng has self-knowledge. Don\'t think about saints. He is not qualified. However, prestige must be obtained. At that time, even if his real identity is exposed, at least some people will support him and stand up for him!
Will suffice!
"If this is the case, then the broadcast will not be turned off, nor will it be blocked!"
Quietly glanced at the exploding barrage, watching the heat in the live broadcast room was surging at an extremely fast speed. It is estimated that many people have also received the notification, knowing that there have been two and a half-step epic BOSS, come to watch!
See here.
Qin Luosheng quickly made up his mind! (Really scented warning?)
"It\'s just a half-step epic, and it doesn\'t reveal the real big hole cards!"
After calculating the strength of the enemy and us, Qin Luosheng suddenly squinted his eyes, "Besides, in order to hide his strength, I did a little bit poorly! If this continues, maybe it will give some passers-by who don\'t know the truth. This kind of illusion, I feel that weeping souls are nothing more than that. If you are being led and distorted by someone with a heart, it will be really difficult!"
Click! Click!
Qin Luosheng twisted his neck and squeezed his hands again, feeling the crackling sound from his knuckles, and his fighting spirit gradually rose!
"Then, just show off a little bit of strength! Two and a half-step epic guys, see how I abuse them!"
As if felt the change in Qin Luosheng\'s momentum!
The very sensitive Fire Crow and Chasing Soul suddenly changed their expressions!
"Interesting little ghost, actually wants to fight the old ghost with one enemy and two, it seems that we are underestimated!"
Listening to Huo Crow\'s words, a cruel smile appeared on Chasing Soul\'s cold face, "Then, let him go!"
"Two, are you going together?"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t raise his eyelids. Although he didn\'t have any excessive expressions and reactions, his performance was defiant at first sight!
So arrogant!
It\'s so hot!
Especially the fire crow and the chasing soul of the party concerned, they were angry and laughed instantly!

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