Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 903: : Overlord Back to Carbine
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 903: : Overlord Back to Carbine

Good guys!
Is this one of the masters behind the scenes?
This strength is a bit inferior!
That\'s it?
Strengthen the golden boss?
Can I go to you?
It\'s a shame to dare to engage in wind and rain at this level!
"It\'s another purely physical BOSS, you see the timing to output, I will come to him for a while!"
The magic value is pitiful, and the magic attack is duck.
The proper thing is that the physics did not run away!
This is not only true for BOSS, but even more true for players.
Even Qin Luosheng himself, if he removes equipment additions, etc., with his extreme method of adding points, not to mention that the magic value is simply unsightly, and the very important agility is also a bit horrible!
"The Heart of the Brave!"
"Magic sword tactics!"
"Holy Flame!"
"Magic energy conversion!"
Old five!
With five boosting skills activated, Qin Luosheng once again strengthened his control skills!
"Hunting the tiger!"
With a tiger roar, Lu Dana, who was armed with a spear, and dressed in armor, dispelled the violently rising fighting spirit in an instant, completely stunned and froze in place, with a look of horror in his eyes.
"Cruel Strike!"
With golden brilliance, the Sacred Dragon Divine Sword aimed at Lu Dana\'s gun-holding right hand under Qin Luosheng\'s control, and slashed it down fiercely!
This time Qin Luosheng was not so greedy to want to chop off Lu Da\'s entire arm. It was not the creak, but the wrist!
The bones of the arm are naturally much harder than the wrist bones of the wrist!
Abolish the whole arm, or abolish only one hand, the difficulty is naturally different!
Qin Luosheng\'s goal was to become disabled, so that Lu Da could not hold a gun, and his combat effectiveness was drastically reduced.
It doesn\'t matter whether you chop your arm or your wrist!
"Ding, the hidden effect of the cruel blow is triggered!"
The prompt of the system sounded, and Qin Luosheng suddenly felt as if he had eaten ginseng fruit, and his body was refreshed.
The wrist was scrapped and became soft, and the mysterious iron gun, which was estimated to be no different in weight than Lu Si\'s thunderbolt hammer, hit the ground heavily.
"who are you?"
With a full burst for five seconds, the terrifying damage caused Lu Da\'s life value to plummet.
Even though this guy may be powerful, especially his attacking power, his body is too weak, that is, his defense is very average, and he cannot withstand the indiscriminate bombardment of Qin Luosheng and his party!
"Who is it? The one who killed you!"
Qin Luosheng sneered, and didn\'t have the slightest affection for this Lu Da!
As a Lvjia villager, you actually unite with outsiders, and unite is like a star picker with a magic stick, coming back to harm your hometown!
What is the need for this kind of garbage?
Especially the Lu family villagers who were used to feed the moon worshipping flying stiff, made Qin Luo angry.
Such a beast, if you don\'t get rid of it, he won\'t get his thoughts!
"Medal of Honor?"
"Medal of Courage?"
"Are you from the court?"
As a former general of the empire, Lu Tiantai is not like his own brother. He has never been out of the village in his entire life. Not to mention knowledgeable, but the medal on Qin Luoshengs chest is something he has infinitely longed for and pursued. , Naturally recognized at a glance.
"Could it be that the court already knows?"
"Do not!"
"This is impossible!"
Lu Da suddenly panicked.
What he did was to risk the world, not to mention betraying the empire, even more seriously, even the human race betrayed!
Once what you have done is exposed, let alone let the plan be implemented smoothly, it is the ancestor\'s blessing to not be frustrated!
"Death, I want you to die, as long as you die, the news won\'t spread!"
Lu Da was already startled by the devil, with a **** light in his eyes, as if he had gone crazy!
"Kill us?"
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but smile, "Just rely on you? My hands have been abolished by me, what else do you want to do?"
"When I was sweeping the army in the battlefield, you kid was still sucking!"
Lu Da said fiercely: "It\'s just one hand. Do you think that in purgatory like the battlefield, if you just have one hand abolished, you will be caught with one hand. Do you obediently wait for death?"
Before Qin Luosheng could reply, Lu Daji quickly picked up the mysterious iron gun on the ground, then stretched out his left hand and held it tightly!
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
My Nima!
Double knife flow?
Do not.
Repair both hands?
"Angry Dragon Piercing Heart Attack!"
With an extremely violent penetrating blow, the tip of the spear shining with cold light turned into an angry true dragon, and it stabbed Qin Luosheng\'s chest fiercely.
"I fuck!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t notice for a while, and was immediately absorbed into Lu Da\'s aura. He was indeed a man who had been a general and a veteran returning on the battlefield. This terrifying killing intent was simply frightening.
"Shadow Escape!"
Qin Luosheng was stunned, he didn\'t dare to challenge, and chose to avoid it!
At the moment when Xuan Tie\'s spears came, Qin Luosheng felt like facing the stormy sea, the land was falling into a landslide, and it was terrifying!
After a shot, Qin Luosheng took advantage of Lu Das old strength and no new energy left. He flew out of the shadow in an instant, aimed at the back of Lu Das head, and slashed with a heavy sword. .
"Overlord returns to the carbine!"
It was supposed to be a sure-fire sword, but I never thought that Lu Da horribly abruptly unloaded his strength, and violently attacked. The mysterious iron spear that pierced the front slammed back at an inconceivable and weird angle. As if with eyes on the back of his head, he stabbed Qin Luosheng into the heart of Qin Luosheng.
Back to the carbine?
Qin Luosheng\'s pupils suddenly shrank!
As a Chinese, he is deeply influenced by martial arts culture. I don\'t know how many novels I have seen in this hand, and the actual operation has also been witnessed in many movies. Naturally, he is not unfamiliar.
This is a unique technique of marksmanship. It is in the midst of powerlessness, breaking the boat, and unexpectedly!
"Shadow Escape!"
Qin Luosheng\'s body shook, and when the tip of the gun was about to be stabbed, Qin Luosheng\'s skill "Shadow Escape!"
Shadow Dun has two effects!
Escape into the shadows just used to avoid all magic and physical damage, is one of them!
Now this teleport ability is the second!
Seeing that his overlords return carbine had been avoided, Lu Da became a little bit irritated. In the past, he relied on this trick, not to mention that he was always disadvantaged, but the enemies he killed by this way are unknown. Many of them are stronger than him. exist.
This family has passed on marksmanship, mixed with countless death battles on the battlefield, and Lu Das self-consciousness, not to mention supernatural, at least in the realm of Dacheng, extremely skillful, one shot is out, the ghost is crying, fast and ruthless, plus the unintentional attack on the unprepared, the gun is enveloped, photo It\'s brave, scary, timid before fighting, and the winning rate is extremely high!
but now!
The kid in front of him was not affected by his violent guns, broke free from it, and made a corresponding strategy, easily avoiding the chasing of the carbine, leaving his attack empty!