Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 893: : Tyrant Fist Lu Lin, Special Weapon Burst Punch
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 893: : Tyrant Fist Lu Lin, Special Weapon Burst Punch

Lu Lin (Strengthening Golden BOSS)
Level: 55
Health value: 4000000
Magic value: 0
Physical attack: 100000
Magic attack: 0
Physical defense: 75000
Magic defense: 50000
Speed: 20000
Skills: [Furious Wushuang] [Booming Heavenly Punch] [Blasting Punch]
Weaknesses: None
Introduction: The leader of the fighting regiment in Lv Village, who is good at boxing, has a silly temperament, once lost his right arm in a battle, and later begged to install a burst punch, and his strength will be even higher!
Strengthen the golden boss?
Finally, there is a barely eye-catching one!
The eyes of the sky swept over the brawny man, and Qin Luosheng could see through his message at a glance!
"Aren\'t you from my village? Are you the bad guys in your father\'s mouth?"
The message that Tianyan got was that Lu Lins brain wasnt very good. Qin Luosheng didnt believe it at all. The bloodthirsty eyes didnt look like a fool at all. But when this guy opened his mouth, he directly hit the hammer. As expected, Qin Luosheng didnt believe it. It\'s my illusion that the guy can still see you!
"Bad guys, bad guys deserve to die, I want to kill you!"
Lu Lin stood up.
The three-meter-high body, like a shining metallic muscle, is exactly like a human figure, the sound of bones colliding in the action, "clicking", makes people can\'t help but feel sour!
"You guys step back a little bit, this stuff is a little tricky!"
The violent aura came surging, even the fearless Qin Luosheng was secretly shocked under the first impact of this aura.
Regardless of other things, the whole body seemed to be burning with white smoke, and the muscles were shaking as if they were coming to life. This visual impact really made people\'s eyelids jump!
"The Heart of the Brave!"
"Holy Flame!"
"Misty steps!"
"Magic sword tactics!"
"Magic energy conversion!"
Strengthening the golden BOSS, it is worth Qin Luosheng to use the boosting skills!
"Tiger Hunting!"
With a tiger roar, Lu Lin, who rushed in madly, was instantly stunned. While reducing his attack power by 30%, he fell into a state of fear for five seconds!
"Cruel Strike!"
At a good time, Qin Luosheng didn\'t say a word, directly used his skills, aimed at Lorraine\'s right arm, squeaking the nest, and slashed it down three times in a row!
Constant 200% intensity damage, but if the attack is on the weak spot, the damage will be doubled!
That is 400% damage intensity, and it is the same for three consecutive swords!
"Wipe, didn\'t this happen?"
What Qin Luosheng wanted was not to damage, but to the crippling effect of brutal blows!
The Goddess of Luck did not stand on his side, and the extra special effect of Brutal Strike was not triggered!
"Gan! It\'s not good to get a teacher!"
The BOSS in the first level is so unsatisfactory, it is really hard to say a word!
All of Lu Lins moves are on the right hand, or the exaggerated mechanical arm [Burst Punch] that replaces the right hand, which looks like a cannon!
I planned to use a brutal blow to chop off his arms and turn him into a tiger without minions, once and for all, without threats, but I never thought that the brutal blows that have been as stable as an old dog fell at a critical time. It\'s a chain, that\'s it!
"Forget it, it doesn\'t matter."
If it doesn\'t take effect, it wont take effect. Qin Luosheng doesnt struggle too much. Its just a strengthened golden boss, and its not worth the calculations. Besides, this disabling effect is not triggered, but the damage is real!
Originally, there was only seventy-five thousand physical defenses. Under the 30% penetration of the Sacred Dragon God Sword, it was cut by a bit, plus 400% of the brutal blow\'s four times the damage, the effect burst!
It\'s really one sword and one grid. The health bar falls at a speed that is visible to the naked eye. The damage value that flashes on the top of Lu Lin\'s head is not less than six digits. Not to mention the audience in the live broadcast room. The face was shocked, and even the four sisters in the same group were accustomed to Qin Luosheng\'s livestock injuries, but they were shocked for a while!
"Boom the sky and punch!"
Five seconds is not long, not short.
At least in Qin Luosheng\'s eyes, five seconds of not moving the target can allow him to do what he wants. It is really wonderful!
The effect is that Lu Lin\'s health plummeted like running water, and half of his blood was gone!
Lu Lin, who has recovered from five seconds of fear, is stupid, but has excellent fighting talent and intuition. The right hand accumulates power on the spot, like the sound of an engine, and the huge bursting fist with a diameter of one meter releases terrifying power. Yes, with a bold punch, he bombarded Qin Luosheng.
"What a strong pressure!"
A thunderous fist was used by Lu Lin. At this moment, Qin Luosheng seemed to see himself, seeing the moment when he was using the Heaven Breaking Slash!
"Cannot be hard-wired!"
Even though I dont know what effect the blasting heavy punch has, the sixth sense screamed the police madly, and with that explosive punch, Qin Luosheng almost didnt get scared. .
"Shadow Escape!"
With a sway of his body, Qin Luosheng turned into a shadow, escaped into Lu Lin\'s shadow, and escaped this terrifying punch dangerously and dangerously!
"so close!"
Qin Luosheng, who was in the shadow, looked at his original standing position with cold sweat, and even the scene was destroyed, causing Lu Lin to blast out a huge gully. Not only was debris flying randomly, but also vaguely. If there are burning traces, it is obvious that it is the special effect of the bursting punch!
"Quick break, you must break fast! This guy, you can\'t fight for a long time!"
Qin Luosheng quickly jumped out of the shadow, carrying the Sacred Dragon Divine Sword and killing him.
Even though Lu Lin is fierce, he is a power boss after all. Even if his speed is good, he is completely a younger brother in front of Qin Luosheng, especially Qin Luosheng who has started a melancholy step. Between the actions, there are many shadows, and his brain is not good Lu Lin couldn\'t even touch the corners of his clothes. He could only wave his fists like a mad dog, incompetent and furious!
"Furious Wushuang!"
After being played round after round, but still nothing, Lu Lin\'s originally bad temper was finally furious, his bronze skin seemed to heat up instantly, and the horned dragon-like muscles seemed to be stimulated. , Thick blue veins appeared, and the whole person seemed to be one size bigger, and the sense of oppression became stronger.
"Ding, Lu Lin is in a violent state, strength +50%, defense +50%, IQ -100%!"
Qin Luosheng:...
IQ-100% is okay?
This tm is really a long time to see!
Killed so many BOSS, the first time I saw a BOSS violently reduce IQ!
Lu Lin!
Good job!
"Little, how long can this guy\'s violent state last?"
I have to say that Qin Luosheng was also a little bit shy in the face of Lu Lin, who was like a god.
This guy.
After the fall of wisdom, it is not a weakness, but a bit!
Originally, Lu Lin didn\'t have much wisdom, but now he has an IQ of -100%. Isn\'t it a beast that becomes unconscious in seconds?
This beast has also greatly increased its strength, its attacks and defenses have skyrocketed!
It hurts to hit someone, but it doesn\'t hurt if you hit him!
Is this still barren?