Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 887: : Versailles leader?
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 887: : Versailles leader?

"What a pity?"
Qin Luosheng narrowed his eyes and followed Zen Master Xuanyue\'s words!
"Unfortunately, my brain is not very good!"
Zen Master Xuan Yue sneered: "The flowers in the greenhouse that have not experienced the darkness are too naive. I always want to walk the rivers and lakes with the sword, eliminate evil and punish crimes. As everyone knows, the narrow vision limits you, the so-called genius of one place and one place. , It\'s just a frog at the bottom of the well!"
"That\'s right, it makes sense!" Qin Luosheng squeezed his fist and said in a cold tone: "With your remarks, I will act a little lighter later!"
"Hahahaha..." Zen Master Xuanyue laughed suddenly: "What a young man who doesn\'t know the height of the sky and the earth! With a little talent, he has no eyes, and his eyes are above the top. How many geniuses do you think the Zen Master has ever seen? Boy, tell me You have a reason. Geniuses who can grow up are geniuses, and those who fall and die are all dirt!"
"You are not good, but after all, you enter the sand gate first, and then enter the holy way. You still have some knowledge. Well, there are some mysterious ideas, and there is a certain truth. I agree!" Qin Luosheng replied, "It\'s a pity, this sentence Words, what others say is quite normal, but its really hard to say what you say!"
Zen Master Xuan Yue:? ? ?
"Do you really think that I am here to die, not to funeral?"
Qin Luosheng exploded suddenly.
Especially the hand of the abyss in his hand, revealing a breath of mythical equipment, which frightened Zen Master Xuan Yue on the spot!
"Don\'t worry, I won\'t beat you to death anytime soon, your old way of making alchemy for you, I tortured him for a full minute before he killed him! It\'s a pity that the guy is too weak. I\'m already that way. Be careful, he can only hold on for one minute. And you, you should be able to hold on longer!"
Qin Luosheng smiled, more like a villain demon than Zen Master Xuanyue, "Don\'t let me down!"
Zen Master Xuan Yue couldn\'t help shaking her whole body, and her eyes showed horror!
"Don\'t, everyone has a good business,..."
The rich experience made Zen Master Xuanyue know how to advance and retreat, and he immediately asked for mercy. However, Qin Luosheng had already taken the first step, and the words begging for mercy had not been uttered. With a fierce iron fist, he hit his face heavily. !
The shot is heavy!
Even if he had already squeezed his strength, the speed of the attack just now, the speed is the quality, still allowed the weight of the fist to be added, and one punch caused hundreds of thousands of damage!
Although the previous punch was just two or three hundred thousand damage, but Zen Master Xuanyue is different, he is also an epic BOSS, with a bit of a card, without any bonuses and any boosting skills, and even A can hit six places. A few damages, that\'s really tough!
"Let me go!"
Zen Master Xuan Yue\'s expression changed.
He fell to the ground with a punch by the hand of the abyss, kneeling down and begging for mercy.
If it was just a suspicion just now, then now I was punched, and I really felt the gap, and I was immediately persuaded!
"Let you go?"
Qin Luosheng\'s face suddenly changed, becoming like a ghost, "Then have you ever thought about letting go of those children? Letting go of those innocent women? Letting go of the innocents who were killed by you or died because of you?... ...What qualifications do you have to beg for mercy?"
Zen Master Xuan Yue was speechless!
he knows.
I\'m basically over!
If it\'s other old fried dough sticks, it might be able to confuse one or two, but the young kid in front of him has a sense of justice and cannot tolerate sand in his eyes, and the world he knows is either black or white!
How can a heinous person like him be forgiven?
It was another fierce one...foot, falling heavily!
Although the attack power is the same on the virtual data, this is the real mode, there is no extra kick, and the claws of the myth-level equipment of the abyss are completely different concepts!
after all.
Even in virtual battles, there are still weak points!
and so.
The damage of this kick was greatly reduced, delaying the death of Zen Master Xuan Yue, and at the same time, it also intensified his torture time!
"It\'s almost time!"
After tormenting for a while, Zen Master Xuanyue also vented more and less air. Qin Luosheng lost interest and looked to the side. The nine children did not have the slightest means to kill all the poor and sad brainwashed women. At this moment, they are heading towards Surrounded here.
"It\'s over!"
I wanted these guys to vent too, but with their level and strength, it was impossible!
Those who are capable, such as the younger brother and younger sister, have a very strong combat power because of the full set of +7 equipment given by Qin Luosheng. Unfortunately, the level is a little bit worse. Even if they have been brought two waves of copies, they are now only level 29!
And Ye Tiandi and the others, the level is now 32, but unfortunately the equipment is a bit crotch, which is the usual mix of silver and bronze, the highest enhancement is +3, as for the golden equipment exploded by the two waves of dungeons, etc., not yet Its too late to identify, let alone strengthen it!
"Boss, is this for you?"
Qin Luosheng ended the life of Zen Master Xuanyue. It was the first time for everyone in the team to play the [Heifengzhai] Abyss dungeon. Even if Qin Luosheng\'s level was greatly surpassed, the explosion rate was reduced, but who told him to increase his luck value, not absolutely. Explosive, but there are also a lot of equipment produced.
A few children consciously cleaned the battlefield and picked up the spoils!
Captain Ye Tiandi handed over an epic shield, this was the only epic equipment that Zen Master Xuanyue exploded!
"No, this garbage is useless to me!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t even look at it, so he refused!
I fuck!
Are you a Versailles leader?
The epic-level equipment is called rubbish?
Even if it is a level 49 boss, this level 30 equipment can\'t be seen, but is it not good to sell it for money?
Even though the first line is now approaching level 50, the level 30 is not even the third line at this stage, but it is still epic, original goods, even the level 50 ordinary golden equipment of the first-line players, it is not necessarily comparable!
"Well, let\'s stop here today! I have something to do, let\'s go first!"
After sending the dungeon, Qin Luosheng quit the team straightforwardly, and then, alone, clicked on the dungeon sender again and talked with it, and entered the level 50 dungeon!
Shuangxue Fenghua: "Brother, thank you!"
Bancheng Yansha: "Brother, thanks!"
"Don\'t play for too long, if you let me know that you two have delayed your rest just to play, don\'t blame me!"
Qin Luosheng was half a threat, and half an educator. He replied to them separately: "Also, if parents are okay, take them to play games. You dont need to fight and kill. Travel in this game to see the scenery Its also great! Tomorrow I will order the game warehouse, remember to receive it!"