Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 885: : Dungeon, Taoist Temple (Part 2)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 885: : Dungeon, Taoist Temple (Part 2)

"It\'s not far ahead!"
Hearing Qin Luosheng\'s impatient question, Ye Tiandi replied a little cautiously, with a humble tone and sincere attitude, for fear of accidentally causing uncomfortable thighs, he stopped cooking and went on strike!
Qin Luosheng didn\'t reply, but silently led the way.
Emperor Ye Tian didn\'t lie.
After killing another monster area, the group finally passed through the dungeon, and the originally eerie and creepy place became normal!
"Pill furnace?"
Qin Luosheng looked at the layout of this wide room, his head was full of question marks, especially the huge pill furnace placed in the room, and the various medicinal smells in the air, and his brows were slightly frowned.
"Well, has the next batch of alchemy materials been delivered? Hurry up! You idiots have delayed the Zen master\'s pill refining, can you afford it?"
When the person sees, the voice comes first.
Qin Luosheng stared, his pupils dilated, and the fire of anger in his heart could not stop burning.
What did he see?
I saw a sloppy old Dao, holding a tray in his hand, with a **** heart on it, and depending on its size, it is definitely the heart of a child who is no more than ten years old, and the blood on it is still flowing, faintly still Twitch, obviously just dug out from a living person!
"Huh? Who are you? You are so bold that you dare to trespass into the Alchemy Hall of Heifengzhai?"
When Lao Dao saw that the incoming person was a strange face, and all of them were holding weapons and looking murderous, he immediately realized that the person who came was not from Heifengzhai. He immediately threw away a tray of the childs heart and liver in his hand, and took out the dust on his body. There is no wind automatically, and the momentum bursts.
Qin Luosheng ignored the rubbish, his figure shook, and his superb speed exploded, passing straight past the old Dao, and went to the secret room behind him!
Into the head.
a mess.
The horrible scene can be called hell!
It\'s not just a corpse of a child in a mass grave. The bottom is full of bones, and the top is the one whose heart has just been dug out. The corpse is still warm, and there are countless beasts and adult corpses hanging on the surrounding walls. Some were made into specimens, and some were soaked and preserved with special syrup, just like a biochemical laboratory!
Qin Luosheng\'s eyes were red immediately, and bloodshot inside. He was originally trying to suppress the killing intent. At this moment, it was like a tiger coming out of its cage and flooding!
"You, who are you?"
Seeing Qin Luosheng, who walked out of the secret room like a demon god, with an unrivaled violent aura, the old way\'s original ferocious expression disappeared, and the whole person became like a quail!
The speed that passed just now, now the unparalleled momentum!
Without the slightest alarm, I walked to this secret alchemy hall!
in this way.
There is only one explanation!
That was the person in front of him, who had killed the entire Heifengzhai in silence, and even a person who had reported the news did not escape!
"Pigs and dogs are not as good as the dregs!"
Qin Luosheng walked towards the old way step by step. Even without Longwei, under his anger, he showed the aura of a 58th-level boss, suppressing the 32nd-level veteran who strengthened the strength of the golden BOSS, so that he could breathe. It\'s a bit difficult!
"Go to **** to be judged!"
A punch, a heavy hammer on the cheek of the old Dao, Qin Luosheng, who had reduced most of his strength, did not kill him with a single blow, but deliberately saved this guy\'s life, wanting to vent it.
Step it down!
The old man broke his right leg!
Another kick!
Broken left leg!
That piercing scream made Qin Luosheng especially aware of nature!
", you..."
Seeing Qin Luosheng\'s crazy appearance, his cruel hair and beards were white, his benevolent eyebrows were old-fashioned, the children were shivering and shivering, and the little brother Qin Luozhen was pushed out unsteadily. He bit his head and wanted to discourage this. Cruel behavior.
Several other people don\'t know.
But as Qin Luosheng\'s younger brother and sister, as well as Qin Luozhen\'s former classmates, Li Zimu, who lives in the same town with the Qin family, was a little surprised, but not surprising.
They believe that Qin Luosheng was betrayed and framed and slandered at the beginning, ruining his life, which caused a major change in temperament, so it is not surprising that there is this scene.
The younger sister and younger brother naturally wanted Qin Luosheng not to indulge in the past and fall into hatred.
and so.
Want to stop!
"Go over there for yourself!"
Qin Luosheng raised his head, his eyes were bloodshot (a sensitive word again?), bloodshot all over them, exuding an expression of extreme hostility and murderous intent, making everyone so scared that they stopped breathing!
"Kill him!"
"MD! Don\'t stop me, I\'m going to chop that bastard!"
The many children who went into the secret room for a glance were furious!
The student\'s age is exactly the age of youth and beauty, loves fantasy, and always imagines the world very beautiful!
What they saw and heard today taught them a lesson.
It was even more terrifying and more impactful than in the movie, and completely let them go!
Thinking of being deceived by his veteran appearance and tragic encounter just now, and wanting to intercede for him, he immediately followed Qin Luosheng with bloodshot eyes!
After taking off all his equipment, Qin Luosheng leaned on his feet and stomped off the old Dao\'s limbs. Watching this guy roaring and howling on the **** ground, the bad breath in his heart finally eased a lot.
Glancing at the children coming out of the secret room, Qin Luosheng nodded in satisfaction with the look of sullen aura. Without saying more, he stepped back and handed the stage to them!
In a few minutes!
The screams were so weak that they became inaudible. In the endless torture, he died sadly!
This time.
After the death of BOSS, there was no teleportation formation, but a secret stone gate was opened!
"Can I only get here?"
Looking at the spiral-shaped stone ladder leading to it, Qin Luosheng wanted to step in, but was blocked.
"Brother, can you take us through the abyss mode?"
The little brother who had been violent for a long time ran over, panting and asking Qin Luosheng hopefully, "I want to completely clear this dungeon and kill the final boss of Heifengzhai!"
"it is good!"
Qin Luosheng glanced at his own little brother who was a little bit timid in his impression, and nodded without hesitation.
In this lesson, even if a group of children did not grow up, it also allowed them to grow up.
Since you want to solve the problem completely and solve the knot that lingers in your heart, how can it be impossible as a brother?
After a group of people packed up the spoils exploded by the old way, they sent away the copy.
Choose the difficulty of the abyss and enter again!
Although the difficulty of the abyss is more difficult than the nightmare mode, for Qin Luosheng, it is no different. All the monsters are a punch, without exception!
Less than an hour.
Qin Luosheng and his party returned to the last alchemy hall in the dungeon again!
Looking at this place more realistic than in the nightmare mode, even Qin Luosheng did not have the courage to set foot in the hell-like secret room, but once again crueled the old way and tortured it to death, and then followed the stone ladder that appeared. Go up the dungeon and return to the ground!
"Huh? Taoist temple?"