Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 884: : Dungeon, Taoist Temple (Part 1)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 884: : Dungeon, Taoist Temple (Part 1)

A seven-digit damage number appeared on the top of Yanghua\'s head!
One punch is enough to kill twenty flowers!
There was a violent explosion.
I saw Yang Huas charming body, under Qin Luoshengs fist, burst open, and the white jade-like beauty was still there one second before, and the next second it turned into corpses on the ground, blood flowed and infested. Valuable soft blanket!
The other six men who were bewitched by the charm of the flower awakened!
Including the three girls, the first reaction of the nine people was to turn sideways or backwards, and even bend over on the spot before it was too late, retching frantically!
For the flowers in the greenhouse, even in this virtual game world, when have you seen such a brutal and **** picture?
Even if the monsters in the usual battle are far more fierce and terrifying than Yanghua, there has never been such a visually impactful and terrifying death. After all, for the sake of harmony and physical and mental health, digital battles are not terrible!
This is not an issue for Qin Luosheng!
The Hand of the Abyss plus the Shaking Fist, a mythical equipment with special powers, and a powerful skill with special effects!
The combination of the two can break the shielding of the system naturally and extremely easily!
It\'s because Qin Luosheng didn\'t use all his strength and didn\'t charge up the corpse with a punch. If it came true, it would not be corpses everywhere, but an instant splash of fleshy flesh!
"Clean up and prepare for the next area!"
Qin Luosheng frowned and looked at the retching oil bottles, the impatience in his eyes flashed, and he didn\'t say much, he just said a word, and then clicked on the teleportation array that was refreshed after the death of Yanghua, the guardian boss. Teleported straight back to the door of the cottage.
For a while.
A few rays of light flashed, and the nine children who had finally recovered a dim state, cleaned up the terrible ground like hell, picked up the spoils, and then sent them out.
"What about people?"
Looking at the door of the empty cottage, several people looked at each other in amazement, staring at each other!
"over there!"
Opened the team channel and looked at the active spot in the nearby area, the team leader Ye Tiandi pointed to it helplessly.
"Is this a master? Sure enough, it\'s not at the same level as our cute new rookie chicken. Whether it\'s strength or something else!"
Who in the team is sighing.
There was silence. ,
The scene just now has too much impact for the fledglings who have not yet entered the society!
Especially Qin Luosheng\'s cold and ruthless eyes and cruel and cruel methods have terribly shocked them!
This is not only a difference in strength, but also a difference in mood and three views!
"Let\'s go!"
The troubled people did not come up with the reason. The oldest and most mature Ye Tiandi said silently, finally giving a direction, with a group of children who didnt know what they were thinking, and headed towards Qin Luoshengs place. Direction away.
Flying Dragon Hall!
Affiliated to Heifengzhai, one of the five branch halls, is in charge of fighting!
Everyone in the Feilongtang is a combat elite, starting with the lowest-strength three-star elite, among which the captain is first-rate, and the lowest is the bronze BOSS!
Absolute suppression of levels, coupled with absolute crushing of strength, the so-called combat elite is a complete joke, Qin Luosheng still punches a Saitama teacher incarnate with hair, step by step!
By the time the nine salted fish arrived, Qin Luosheng had already been in front of the guarding boss!
Level 31 strengthened golden BOSS, the hall master of FeilongtangCrazy Blade Li Yuan!
Compared with Yanghua\'s half-hearted intelligence officer, Li Yuan, the madman\'s mad knife, has at least doubled its combat power!
"You are so courageous enough to venture into Heifengzhai without permission, kid, you are too impatient to live, want Lao Tzu to give you a ride for free, so that you can go to Paradise?"
Speak the most ruthless words, get the most venomous beating!
It\'s Li Yuan!
As soon as this remark came out, Qin Luosheng\'s unremarkable punch in response to him!
In the end, it was the hall master of the Battle Hall, Li Yuan was arrogant, but he was not a slap in the face. He still had a bit of real strength. In Qin Luosheng\'s rapid one-punch offensive, he couldn\'t make a counterattack, so he had to draw a knife. Stopped a bit.
Just this time, Li Yuan\'s path to death was delayed, allowing him to live an extra second!
There should be a gold-level sword, even if it was easily interrupted under the hands of the abyss, the damage that should have been hit 100% was cut in half!
"You...who are you?"
Li Yuan is not crazy anymore.
He is not an idiot, he has just experienced it personally, and he naturally knows what Qin Luosheng\'s punch represents!
It means that even if he is regarded as the master of the village, he is far from the opponent of this young and excessive teenager!
Heifengzhai, known as the copper wall and iron wall, looks exactly like a back garden in the eyes of this person.
"Go to **** and ask Hades!"
The answer to Li Yuan was another punch from Qin Luosheng.
This time, there was no big sword to resist, and Li Yuan, who was already half-life left, was killed instantly!
Qin Luosheng clicked on the teleportation array without looking at the trophies that shone with stars all over the ground, and once again teleported back to the door of the cottage.
The nine salted fishes that arrived late, before they could see the BOSS clearly, they heard the system prompts in their ears. The huge experience points were instantly credited to the account. The goal was the golden equipment that dazzled people\'s eyes. !
The other three halls were also easily wiped out by Qin Luosheng!
time cost.
It takes less than ten minutes!
Eight of the minutes were spent on the road, and the real battle took less than two minutes!
It\'s super fast!
Five sub-chambers were broken.
The middle door of Heifengzhai opened wide, exposing the core area.
"Huh? Dungeon?"
Behind the branch hall is not a more magnificent building, but a dungeon.
"Brother, there is indeed a dungeon behind this!"
Seeing Qin Luosheng look over, the little brother Qin Luozhen, who has been greatly impacted in a short time, trembled, and said with some fear: "This is the final level of the nightmare mode!"
"Then go!"
Qin Luosheng said, turned around and left.
In the dungeon.
It was gloomy and dark, and only the torches around the walls could illuminate it. In that faint light, the dungeon was even more terrifying!
Qin Luosheng had a heavenly eye and a crown of sacred dragons, and his night vision ability was not afraid of darkness at all, and it was nothing.
Although the visibility of the nine salted fishes in the back was low, they were a little bit frustrated in this environment, but there was no problem with Qin Luosheng and following the boss.
The dungeon and the outside world are completely two worlds!
The monsters here are not single, they are very mixed.
There are normal guards on patrol, highly venomous flying centipedes cultivated, and dark assault beasts reared,...
"How long will it take to get to the BOSS?"
As far as Qin Luosheng is concerned, the monster is still a punch. Its just that these too many weirdness really make him a little irritable. This dungeon is like a maze, with seven bends and eighteen turns. If the monsters are different in different regions, Qin Luosheng I\'m afraid I suspect that I\'m going around in circles.