Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 883: : Fist into the flesh, push invincible horizontally (below)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 883: : Fist into the flesh, push invincible horizontally (below)

Then came another punch!
The two dusty women at the entrance of Fengchentang were instantly destroyed by Qin Luosheng\'s ruthless hand!
With a mere tens of thousands of health points, even if it is better than the guard of Heifengzhai, it is still not the opponent of Qin Luosheng who has a flat A or more than 200,000 damage!
"Tsk, it\'s a little wasted!"
Seeing that cold-blooded and ruthless girl who just killed two charming girls, there is no change in their heart, and they continue to look for other victims without even stopping. The seven men in the team can\'t help looking at the dead bodies lying on the ground, in clothes. The girl who is not trimmed, revealing snow-white thighs and delicate collarbone, secretly shouted a pity.
What do you mean by squatting in excitement?
Lick the bag with tears?
It should be tearful picking equipment!
Go all the way.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t take the wrong way and went straight to the place where Fengchentang guarded the boss!
Yanghua (Golden BOSS)
Level: 30
Health value: 100000
Magic value: 0
Physical attack: 7800
Magic attack: 0
Physical defense: 3000
Magic defense: 2500
Speed: 5000
Skills: [Charm and Secret Art] [Absolutely Poisonous Backstab] [Dancing Sting]
Weaknesses: None
Introduction: The master of Heifengzhai Fengchen Hall, special intelligence, the concubine of Heifengzhai, the master of Heifengzhai, she is beautiful, and she is unparalleled in wisdom. She was once the daughter of a family of officials. After being rescued, the village owner became his confidant and was cruel, especially when he treated corrupt ~ official ~ dirty ~ official (this tm is also a sensitive word?), and even more cruel!
Skip the black iron, bronze and silver directly, and come to the gold level in an instant?
Qin Luosheng looked at the cold and unparalleled in front of him, but still couldn\'t conceal the beauty of her peerless elegance. The real name is unknown, but the stage name is Yanghua, Gujing Wubo.
The information seen by the eyes of the sky is indeed a bit miserable!
The daughter of a government official, originally golden branches, jade leaves, beautiful clothes and jade food, has undergone major changes, and once turned into mud, she has become a brothel woman. Such encounters are embarrassing. What\'s more, this is caused by being framed by political opponents!
This is why after being rescued by a bandit leader, he fell into darkness without hesitation and turned into a cruel and ruthless robber\'s den, like a purgatory to ordinary people, doing all the bad things!
The name is as expected!
This name represents her will!
Say goodbye to the past completely, and use this very insulting name for a woman, just like a scar on a man, to remind yourself all the time, not to forget the blood and blood!
"Oh, brother, look good, is he the former benefactor of the slave family? Ha ha ha ha ha..."
Seeing Qin Luosheng who forcibly broke in, Yang Hua covered her mouth and smiled. The allure displayed through the charm and the body made people excited.
"Although the slave family has already escaped from the dust and quit doing good, but the little brother is so obsessed with such importance, and after chasing here, how can the slave family live up to this good intention?"
Yang Hua smiled and took off the tulle on her body, revealing a large piece of snow white. If she were not wearing these belly-pocket trousers, this tm game would be a 404.
This is not much better!
Except for apron and slacks, there are no strands on the rest of the body.
This scene.
Except for his sister Qin Shuang\'er, Bai Lianhua Winning and Ruthless Emperor, the seven men present had their eyes straightened, and they almost didn\'t drool!
Qin Luosheng is also like other men. It does not mean that he is also an idiot, but that he is also a man, a normal man, nothing more. Therefore, after only a moment of appreciation, he reduced the desire in his eyes and cleared his heart. , Looking at the incomparable beauty of her figure without a trace, and with the charm of blooming flowers, she sneered: "This charm technique, among the people I have met, you can rank in the top three, can be ordinary It\'s so serious that a woman\'s body has reached such a point!"
Qin Luosheng is telling the truth, he is also bragging!
The truth is that, as he said, the charm of blooming flowers is really fierce. Except for Luan Snake, no one in Qin Luosheng\'s cognition can stabilize her!
The bragging is that he was also fooled, but he had [courage] and was not controlled by the spirit, so he naturally disintegrated the charm of the flower, and made him wake up from the indulge.
In other words.
Qin Luosheng is also an LSP. The reason why he was able to get out of the predicament is not how strong his mood is, how high his resistance to beauty is, but it is entirely due to foreign objects!
"Why did the son say this? The slave family was infatuated. They only admired the son of abundance as a jade, like an immortal in the sky, wanting to go to Wushan with the son, doing things about clouds and rain, greedy for a long time, and dare not ask too much."
Yang Hua suddenly looked sad, and the beauty was weeping, and she looked miserable and sorrowful. I really felt sorry for me, and it made people feel distressed and dying!
This is not.
The idiots behind him were fooled.
Without saying anything, he drew his sword and killed Qin Luosheng.
Good guys.
The words of Nima were breathtaking and caused the team partners to directly start backstabs. This charm technique is simply awesome!
With a slight sigh, Qin Luosheng put his eyes on Yang Hua awe-inspiringly, and after a few "fierce" glances, he said, "If it is a regular team, it might be really destroyed by your trick. , Or maybe in the abyss mode, your charm technique is more sophisticated and can have a better effect. It\'s a pity that you are too weak and I am too strong."
A touch of astonishment flashed in Yang Hua\'s eyes!
Without waiting for Yang Hua to continue to bewitched, Qin Luosheng said again: "You, you have made a mistake from beginning to end. You have spent a lot of effort to charm this group of idiots, but it is useless. Because they are salted fish in soy sauce. !"
Yang Hua:? ? ?
What is salted fish in soy sauce?
Yang Hua wanted to ask this sentence very much.
There is no chance!
Qin Luosheng, who was still in front of her just now, had already disappeared. When the pupils dissipated, an extremely powerful force instantly enveloped the flowers.
Turning his head hard.
Yang Hua saw that very delicate little brother, who had changed a person for some time, his eyes were cold and ruthless, his face was cold and unmatched, and the raised iron fist was full of treacherous and unknown gloves. Brought her the breath of death!
"Shake... Heaven... Punch!"
A punch, the situation changed!
The punch named "Shaking the Sky" shocked the entire Fengchentang.
There are no accidents.
An extremely violent punch fell on the locked Yang Hua with extremely precision.
How weak is the body of the 30-level golden boss?

PS: Sky Shaking FistSpecial skills: gather the whole body strength, launch a single target, cause 1000% intensity damage, with 100% serious injury effect, slight damage effect, 100% knockback effect, 80% knockdown effect, 50% Knock-up effect! Cooling time: 24 hours! (After using this skill, there will be an hour of de-energization time, and the strength will be reduced to 1 point!