Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 880: : The King of Fighters Desert Lonely Smoke, apply to play (Part 2)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 880: : The King of Fighters Desert Lonely Smoke, apply to play (Part 2)

Qin Luosheng opened the ranking list!
It was discovered that the four Donghuang, Wudi, Yatu, and Scarlet Rose had reached level 50, and the next row, all at level 49, expected that the experience would not be much worse, and the distance to level 50 was also fast!
Just do it!
Qin Luosheng said goodbye, took three bottles of the Absolute Corpse Poison that had just been made from Mengmeng, and then ran non-stop towards the place where the copy teleporter of the imperial city was located!
Before Qin Luo reached his destination, suddenly, the communicator rang.
who is it?
Is it Scarlet Rose and the others?
Qin Luosheng turned on the communicator in doubt, but was surprised to find...
No message!
? ? ?
Damn it?
"Idiot, it\'s your secondary communicator!"
Seeing Qin Luosheng\'s dazed and bewildered look, the little one in the pet space couldn\'t help it, rolled his eyes, and then vomited: "Usually there are so many bad ideas, so I play a conspiracy. Its like an idiot when you encounter trivial matters!"
Qin Luosheng:...
Got it!
Your boss, I won\'t quarrel with you!
Shuangxue Fenghua: "Brother, are you busy?"
Bancheng Yansha: "Brother, help!"
I rub!
It turned out to be the younger brother and younger sister!
The call is his other vest-the king of fighters desert solitary smoke!
Switch the secondary communicator.
"what\'s happenin?"
Qin Luosheng quickly returned a message to them.
Shuangxue Fenghua: "It\'s nothing, brother, are you free to help us get a copy? We can\'t beat it!"
This girl!
Listening to his sister\'s careful words, Qin Luosheng didn\'t know what to say.
It seems.
The personalities of himself and his predecessor are too different, and several actions in succession have caused a sense of isolation between his family and his predecessor!
If his predecessor had not been betrayed by his childhood sweetheart girlfriend, he was framed and his reputation would be ruined, with this as a buffer, otherwise, Qin Luosheng really didnt know how to lie, and his temperament had changed a lot, it was just like becoming Another person\'s lie!
The girl\'s mind is sensitive, and it is easy to perceive Qin Luosheng\'s changes!
The body is indeed the predecessor, blood is thicker than water, this has not changed!
Coupled with Qin Luosheng\'s money offensive!
Let a little girl from the countryside come directly to the international metropolis of Magic City, where she can live and eat and play, not to mention the top, but also the forefront, better than the locals or the bosses with over 100 million foreign assets. Still have a good life, pocket money is 10,000 yuan per month, is this not directly corroded?
and so.
Being timid is true, but it\'s not repulsive, it\'s just a little timid and scared!
in the end.
Qin Luosheng himself didn\'t know, but in reality he was more or less contaminated with the coldness and dominance of the Weeping Soul. Well, in simple terms, it is that the boss is a little bit hungry and can\'t hold it!
"Brother, help me, this copy is too difficult!"
Compared with the delicate sister, as a boys younger brother, he has a lot of nerves. He was raised poorly since he was a child, and he was raised like this by Qin Luosheng. He also bought a million more than his familys assets. His game warehouse, his nature ~ he loves to play, he almost treats his eldest brother as his father, and Qin Luosheng appeared in front of them as a lonely smoke in the desert, hiding the professional king of fighters, plus that brilliant LV48, a proper boss , So that he was promoted from a simple view of Qin Luo to big brother + father, to big brother + father + idol + big brother!
Young people accept new things quickly and learn quickly!
Through this period of time, the original country boy and the country girl have opened their horizons on the broad stage of this international metropolis, absorbing new things like a sponge!
The first to bear the brunt is naturally the "Dimension of Destiny"!
Because I know, I understand!
I understand how incredible Qin Luosheng\'s desert solitary smoke is!
This is not.
After only a few days out of Novice Village, I immediately came to ask for help!
To know.
Although they are a rookie, but the set of equipment presented by Qin Luosheng, the inner five pieces of jewelry are not to mention, the outer five pieces are carefully selected, unlimited equipment, and strengthen +7!
Just this attribute!
Don\'t say that you usually practice leveling and brushing wild, even if it is to brush BOSS, it is extremely simple!
Call for help now.
Either leapfrogged to challenge a higher-level dungeon, or encountered a wild dungeon and couldn\'t handle it, or challenged high difficulty, such as a nightmare, or even an abyss!
"Where are you?"
Qin Luosheng immediately retreated and found a hidden place. With the ability of "Ghost Face", he switched to the image of the lone smoke in the desert where he pinched his face last time. The equipment was also changed, especially the Hand of Abyss, the only one at present. The myth-level equipment, the unique red light flashes, and the outer strengthened +10 purple light surrounds, pulling the wind to the extreme.
It shields the light and converges the flashing appearance of the equipment, but the enhanced surrounding light effect cannot be shielded. Weapon enhancement +10, other equipment enhancement +7 or +8, still shocked the eyes of countless people!
"I\'m here!"
Pushing all the way, rejecting countless people\'s demands for joining the team, pulling people, getting close, receiving equipment, etc., Qin Luosheng came to the agreed place between the younger brother and younger sister.
"Brother, here!"
Lonely in the desert is the image of a peerless macho, with a sturdy figure, explosive muscles, and an extremely rare glove in his hand, rather than the most swords, naturally standing out from the crowd, and soon recognized by the waiting younger brothers and younger sisters. Out.
Qin Luosheng walked over.
The sky opened without a trace and swept away.
Frost and Snow, LV25, priest!
Half a city of smoke and sand, LV25, berserker!
In just a few days, he was actually upgraded to level 25!
This is awesome!
It seems.
With super equipment and ample supply of gold coins, there are sages to clear the way and provide strategies. If you want to upgrade, it is too simple!
"Oh, Qin Shuang\'er, Qin Luozhen, is this your eldest brother Qin Luosheng?"
Next to the younger brother and younger sister, there was a hand-held magic wand, a young man wearing a red robe (fire type), and said strangely: "That QJF?"
The eyes of the three brothers and sisters Qin Luosheng were gloomy!
"Li Zimu, you **** fart there. My brother was wronged. Didn\'t you watch the news half a month ago? JC has already clarified through the press conference. If you dont know your NC information, dont come out and be embarrassed. !"
The younger brother Qin Luozhen immediately became impatient and cursed directly. At the same time, he carefully glanced at his elder brother and apologized: "I\'m sorry, elder brother, this is Li Zimu, my original classmate, I met in the game yesterday!"
"Wow, Shuang\'er, is this your brother? So powerful!"
A girl next to Shuang\'er, dressed up as an archer, looks good and tender, and can reach 80 points. Of course, the figure with a white lordosis and whiteness can add at least five points!
To be able to be with Shuang\'er, you should be in the same grade as her, either a girlfriend or a classmate!
This eighteen-year-old flower has a development that is inconsistent with her age. It\'s no wonder that so many eyes around her are mostly focused on her, even Li Zimu and his little brother Qin Luozhen.
In addition to the fact that the figure is very domineering, the watery eyes and the behavior of scratching the head are also part of the reason!