Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 879: : The King of Fighters Desert lone smoke, apply to play (Part 1)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 879: : The King of Fighters Desert lone smoke, apply to play (Part 1)

That\'s right.
Shiweixian in the Imperial City has also opened.
Relying on Luo Li\'s relationship, Qin Luosheng spent a lot of money to dig out three master chefs.
One of them is in Shiweixian No. 1 Store, which is the small three-story loft close to the resurrection point with a lot of people!
The other two were placed in Shiweixian No. 2 Store, which is adjacent to the imperial palace, and is located not far from many administrative offices, such as Liubu, Dali Temple and other places!
For those high-ranking officials, not to mention that all of them are gluttonous, but they are definitely well-informed and silly!
If you want to do business with these people, you really can\'t do it without a special skill!
Where does Shiweixian\'s competitiveness come from?
In addition to the superb location, there are better ingredients!
Yes it is!
The ingredients for Shiweixian are all middle-grade spirit beast meat and monster beast meat that Qin Luosheng brought back from the world of spirit gourd!
Even the high officials in the imperial city can\'t resist the temptation of this kind of superb stuff!
after all.
This is the meat of a strange beast, it is rare to see it!
The source of the meat of these alien beasts, it can be at least 80 epic existence!
Being strong also means having a strong physical body and full spirituality. The flesh is naturally more delicious, and it also contains certain special effects. Who can not be crazy?
In order to open up the market, Qin Luosheng intercepted mid-to-high-end meat, second only to the best part of his own enjoyment, which was much stronger than what the Shiweixian branch of the nine major cities sold to players!
"Go call the master!"
As the boss, Qin Luosheng naturally has preferential treatment. Even if the lobby and boxes are full, there are special boxes that are not open to the outside world. Unless he agrees, no one is eligible to open them.
The NPC manager who was hired with a high salary respectfully led the way. After a while, two master chefs who were busy in the kitchen came!
Although the masters of this kind of cooking have their own pride, the identity of Luo Li who invited them out of the mountain is so special that they can\'t afford to offend them.
Qin Luosheng is now also the esteemed earl, with the rank of fifth rank, and can be regarded as a character.
Master chefs are indeed good, but after all, they are just chefs, serving dignitaries!
They took the high salary from Qin Luosheng, and Qin Luosheng gave them the best ingredients that were rarely seen in the past, so that they can show their cooking skills to the fullest, make continuous progress, and move towards the realm of masters.
Not only has a super high salary, but also can contact the dignitaries in such a well-positioned restaurant, accumulate contacts, and have a variety of top-quality ingredients to practice skills, so that you can go further,...
Such a great thing, but envy countless colleagues, how dare they disrespect?
In case the boss Qin Luosheng is offended, and he kicks himself away in discomfort, it would be really hard to cry!
"The two masters have worked hard!"
Qin Luosheng is not the kind of villain who is too ambitious. People work for you, no matter what they get, that is what they should get. As long as the benefits created for you meet the expectations in mind, it is enough. Others, Don\'t worry, mutual benefit, everyone win-win!
"Come here today to taste the craftsmanship of the two masters!"
The shop is very busy, even if the ordinary officials are not worthy of the two treasures of the town, but those real high-ranking officials must be made by two masters. Fortunately, it is not a meal now, and the government has not ordered to leave work. , The guests are all officials who are on the move, the passing businessmen, and the honorable family and relatives, etc., are not special distinguished guests, they are not so busy!
"Here are some ingredients, I hope the two masters can make good use of it!"
Qin Luosheng came here prepared.
What he took out was the best food he privately treasured!
"Yes, yes... yes, don\'t worry, it\'s on us!"
For the chef, the top-quality ingredients show that the magic weapon is for the peerless swordsman. When the two masters saw the S-grade ingredients in Qin Luosheng\'s hands, their eyes were shining, and even their voices trembled.
"Okay, Master, you are still hiding your privates!"
The two masters were extremely excited, holding the pile of top-quality ingredients, as if holding a peerless beauty, flushed with excitement, and prepared to use 120% of their strength to cook. After the two left, Mengmeng suddenly angered. Don\'t follow up.
"Okay, everyone come out to play today, so be happy, don\'t worry about that much."
Qin Luosheng naturally knew what Mengmeng thought, and comforted: "Mengmeng is also tired today, so I just enjoy it, that is, occasionally try other people\'s craftsmanship, maybe you can still get inspiration from it!-If you want to cook, it doesn\'t matter. Simple? There will be opportunities in the future! I have left you a lot of top-quality ingredients! The quality is the same as those just now, and there are even many higher ones!"
A word makes Mengmeng happy and smile!
This Nizi.
Not only is the alchemy master, but also the housekeeping omnipotent, and the cooking is also a master. It is natural to see the hunting heart, and seeing the best ingredients is the same mentality as the two masters just now!
Now that I heard that Qin Luosheng had reserved better for her, would he still be unhappy?
After a gluttonous feast, Qin Luosheng almost swallowed his tongue.
It is indeed a master who exerts his full strength, this taste is suitable for the old man!
It is not only the taste, but also the delicacies cooked with top-quality ingredients. There are also many special effects. The attributes and resistances have a little permanent increase. As for the non-permanent time limit increase, Qin Luosheng will not fight for the time being, and it will be meaningless!

After eating and drinking, after a short walk, everyone returned to Luoshenju!
The three girls happily went to distribute the clothes, Qin Luosheng returned to the room, began to sort out the information, and formulate the next plan!
The first is a copy!
Level 50 and 55 dungeon rewards, this must be obtained!
Almost these two-level dungeons, two nightmares, two teams, and two individuals, a total of six brushes down, and almost reached level 60, so that the 60-level dungeon can start again!
Next is the treasure map!
The black dragon king, Longyuan, failed to compete for the throne of the Dragon King, so he left the Dragon Island by guarding the mysterious treasure of the dragon, secretly accumulating strength and supplies, and preparing for one day!
He died before leaving the school.
Before it started, Qin Luosheng was slaughtered.
The hard work of most of his life disappeared, and the clues to the treasure became Qin Luosheng\'s pocket.
It\'s miserable!
The last is [the last wish of the mercenary king]!
This is an old task!
Originally level 50 was opened, but he has been busy with job transfer tasks, thus shelving.
Now that the job transfer is successful, it\'s time to restart!
"You don\'t panic about the treasure map, it\'s in your hands anyway, you can\'t run away!" Qin Luosheng thought, and began to arrange the order of the current three directions, "As for [the last wish of the mercenary king], don\'t panic, this I cant be afraid of hidden missions, and I have promised Qingsi and the others to complete them together! So, lets get a copy first! It just happens that there are too many people grabbing the exclusive rewards of the copy, and there are many nights and dreams, so I should get it first it is good!"