Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 874: : Dragon Ball finally arrives, praying for rain formation (part 1)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 874: : Dragon Ball finally arrives, praying for rain formation (part 1)

"I know, I am a foreigner who has become the dragon lord, pressing you on one side, you are unhappy, and let the dragons face sweeping on the Jinglong stage, occupying the position of the black dragon king, and everyone hates me even more!"
Looking at the silence of the Dragon Palace, feeling the endless resentful eyes around him, under the power of various dragons, Qin Luosheng was not afraid, but said in a disdainful cold voice: "Originally, I, the dragon master, was just empty. , I didnt make a fuss about this identity. And Long Yuan, it was against me, and infringed on the human territory, was negotiated with the dragon emperor and punished, you say, what to do with me?"
The dragons were speechless and could not refute!
"But what happened later? Long Yuan used the Shocking Dragon Platform to fight to the death, using the entire Black Dragon clan as a gambling posture, not only to escape punishment, but also to kill me!-I was forced to fight back, so what\'s wrong? ?"
"I am innocent, but this matter does have a cause and effect with me. As my dragon master, you make a fuss, saying that I am a half dragon and conform to the rules of Jinglongtai, and force me to agree. But now, I am half a dragon. , Coupled with the identity of the Black Dragon King, why don\'t you recognize it again?"
The expressions of a group of dragons changed, and certain neutrals and younger generations, thoughtful and even embarrassed!
"From the beginning to the end, I am the innocent one! And you, the self-proclaimed Dragon Race, what you did is really eye-opening. Not only did you blatantly violently kill the Sin Longyuan, which undermined the alliance between the Human Race and the Dragon Race. , And even more so to prevent the Battle of Jinglongtai from starting, he did not hesitate to send his men to assassinate me, and sneak into the territories of the human race to plot the scum of my human race, it is really-good!"
Seeing Qin Luosheng\'s ridiculous smile and the upright thumbs, even some die-hards can\'t help but feel burning on their faces!
This is not ashamed, but shameless!
"A clever tongue is like a spring."
Not all dragons were persuaded by Qin Luosheng. The hawkish racists who led the assassination of Feixiongling last time sneered disdainfully: "If you were not for your greed and greed, you coveted the treasure of our clan and let Longyuan fail, he As for chasing you and committing a big mistake?-Say one thousand things and ten thousand things, and you can\'t get rid of responsibility!"
"I admit!"
Qin Luosheng did not refute, but responded very seriously, "It\'s just that, when the Emperor Human and Dragon Emperor negotiated, didn\'t he punished me? And, let me enter the Dragon Temple to undergo the highest level of test, nine deaths, and almost a few times. Death will die."
The dragons were speechless!
"So, its not that I didnt get punished for making mistakes. Its just that Im stronger than Long Yuan, and Ill take care of myself if I make mistakes. When he is shirking his responsibilities, he even does not hesitate to use the ancestral property handed down from his ancestors as gambling capital. To evade responsibility, and further to kill two birds with one stone, I was still fighting desperately, racking my brains when solving my enemy!"
"I won, and I was very fortunate to be favored by Lord Dragon God, and I was given the [Dragon God Imperial Order] to become the Dragon Lord. You can\'t think of it, you can\'t think of the existence of a dead body, but it really turned over. , Not only escaped a catastrophe, but became an existence that you all must admire."
"Forget it, I\'m not here to complain!"
In a few words, Qin Luosheng choked a group of dragons into speechlessness. However, he also knew very well that he wanted to make the dragons change their stereotypes and even eliminate the prejudices of the race by arguing. It was completely dreaming.
Still the old saying.
Respect for strength, never change!
Especially when dealing with the arrogant and arrogant people like the Dragon Race, even if you are really like a saint, it will not help. Only the tyrannical strength is enough to make them admire, and even crush their strength, in order to obtain the real respect!
Qin Luosheng has been planning since completing the sss task [The Test of the Dragon Race], and since then, the dragon race has been evil, and after receiving the sss follow-up task [Racial Conspiracy].
No matter how he speculates, what means he uses to prepare to play all kinds of tricky conspiracies, the chances of success are pitiful!
There is only one way to complete the task 100%!
That is the extreme pressure, invincible in the world!
When you have the strength to sweep everything, any person, any force, looks like a chicken in your eyes, then no matter how difficult or impossible it is, there will be no problem and it will be solved!
"Although everyone is torn, but there is no time or excuse to draw their swords to each other. This time, I forcibly activate the right of exchange, maybe it is your opportunity!"
Qin Luosheng sneered at a group of high-level dragons who were staring at him, with an extremely arrogant appearance, "I have always believed that no matter what kind of creature, patience is limited. I look forward to it, what is your tolerance limit!"
"Weeping soul!" In one sentence, the entire Dragon Palace was violent with countless horror auras. Even the Chief Dragon Emperor couldn\'t help frowning, and coldly reminded: "Don\'t go too far, this is not your human race!"
"OK! OK!"
Qin Luosheng shrugged and raised his hands in a gesture of surrender, "Wow, this is the Dragon Palace of the Dragon Race, Sao Rui Saorui, I was wrong!"
"Young people, don\'t be too arrogant. The geniuses that the elders have seen are like crucian carp who have crossed the river. There are countless, but they can achieve something and shine. Only one in a billion has a name in history!"
Located in the most special position, the few elders who do not participate in the discussion, and only have the right to listen, were originally old-fashioned and closed their eyes and calmed down. Under Qin Luosheng\'s words, he opened his eyes suddenly, and his tone was indifferent but full of threats. Warned.
"indeed so!"
Qin Luosheng did not refute this sentence hard. It was not that this was said by the very old elder, and that the traditional virtues of respecting the old and loving the young made him agree, but what they said was right.
Seeing that Qin Luosheng went to the Taoist priesthood in this way, the few elders who have been acting as Buddha statues and now have face in their mouths are very satisfied.
Without waiting for their smiles to bloom on their faces, Qin Luosheng\'s next sentence caused their blood pressure to soar instantly.
"But who can be sure that I don\'t belong to one of those billions?"
Seeing the look of the high-ranking dragons, Qin Luosheng knew that the fire was almost over. If he continued, he might not be able to get out of the dragon palace today, so he brought the question back to the subject again, "You are not kind, but I can\'t be unrighteous! After all, I am. I can achieve todays achievement thanks to Lord Dragon God. Even though Long Yuan cursed before his death and deprived my true dragon bloodline, I still hold the [Dragon God Imperial Order], which is the dragon lord and also Black Dragon King!"
"Lets do it, Ill give you two plans! Water Dragon Ball, Im going to make a decision, no one can stop me, but I have no intention of breaking the rules of the dragon clan. First, maintain the original plan, in the name of my Black Dragon King, Use the treasure house of the Black Dragon clan to choose the treasure to exchange for the water dragon ball. Second, I take out the exchange item myself, but-I want an edict!"