Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 871: : Going to Dragon City, looking for water dragon ball (middle)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 871: : Going to Dragon City, looking for water dragon ball (middle)

"Ding, welcome you back to the world of destiny, and wish you a happy game!"
With a flash of light, Qin Luosheng appeared in his mansion in the imperial city!
"Master, you have a letter!"
The maid knocked on the door politely, and after being allowed to enter, stepped respectfully and handed a letter up.
"It\'s Luo Li!"
Opening the letter full of doubts, Qin Luosheng immediately became happy.
This is a letter from Luo Li!
In the previous battle of Jinglongtai, Luo Li escorted Longxu and other dragons captured in Feixiongling to the imperial city. At that time, Qin Luosheng hadn\'t reached level 50 and couldn\'t come here at all.
Not only was Luo Li here, this Nizi was also afraid that he would be distracted and that the Dragon would use insidious tricks again, so she also took Mengmeng and Qiluo away and protected him so that he had no worries.
Originally, Qin Luosheng wanted to find them when he came to the imperial city. However, there was no way out. On the day of live shopping, he went to the regular places in the imperial city and found no clue.
Entering the palace, I deliberately asked the emperor, but in the Golden Luang Palace, I couldn\'t open the mouth again!
Later, in the back garden, I was involved in the three-turn mission, and I forgot about it again!
The past few days have been very busy, like a spinning top, if it weren\'t for this letter, I really didn\'t think of the three girls who had a good opinion of him more than 90, ashamed!
Southwest of the imperial city.
A villa belonging to the royal garden!
Qin Luosheng took the token with the rose flower mark that was sent with the letter, and let the guards let it go!
Under the leadership of the maid, Qin Luosheng came to the wing area where he lived in the backyard.
As soon as he stepped in, before he had time to see the layout, Qin Luosheng\'s ears rang three tender voices, accompanied by three different faint fragrant winds with different grids.
Luo Li: "Weeping Soul!"
Mengmeng: "Master!"
Qi Luo: "Master!"
"I\'m sorry!" Looking at the three surprise faces with a little resentment, Qin Luosheng looked guilty and sincerely apologized: "I\'m late!"
"I\'ve heard, on the Shocking Dragon Stage, you beat Long Yuan bad enough!" Luo Li said with a smile on his face: "The arrogant and decadent group of Dragon Race even took their faces and let Long Yuan take Its awesome to be on stage with Dragon Ball, but also to be wiped out by your own tricks!"
"That is!"
Qin Luosheng looked smug.
Even though the battle was very thrilling and a fluke, the Dragon Clan was cheating, so why not?
The emperor gave the plug-in, and the Taoist also gave it to the plug-in through Zhang Daoming\'s hand. Together with his own accumulated background, he opened the biggest link, the Lord of the Stars, which was able to win Long Yuan.
Winning also paid a great price for this, and was cursed to be physically present, and horribly one B, even the hidden professional shadow warrior was also deprived, and his body attributes were also weakened to the dust.
If it weren\'t for the rewards for completing the sss task, it would have basically been abolished. In a sense, it would be considered dead with Long Yuan!
Even now, if there is no Longyuan dying curse, aside from the shadow warrior and the true dragon bloodline, as well as the forgotten skills, just come back with the four basic attributes that have been eliminated, at least the strength will increase by 30%!
There is.
After this battle, Qin Luosheng started from Novice Village, followed him all the time, and continued to evolve, finally reaching the mythical level [Panlong Lishui], which was abandoned!
Even if there is a repair scroll, but the conditions are too harsh, the day of recovery is far away, even if there are now the Sacred Dragon Sword, the Blood Demon Sword, the Two-Yi Dao Sword and the new mythical weapon-the Hand of the Abyss, Can\'t make up for the pain in Qin Luosheng\'s heart!
Men work hard outside, it doesnt matter if they are exhausted, they have to tolerate suffering and sins, and they must not bring unsatisfactory things, worries, and other negative emotions to the home to make family members worry!
If it\'s other things, it\'s okay. Tell your family, especially your spouse, get comfort, get inspired, and dispel your hostility with warmth, otherwise, how can you say that home is the harbor of the soul?
Qin Luosheng is a bit special.
For the sake of a man\'s so-called face, it is impossible for him to tell his tragic situation!
Do not ask.
The question is that I won and defeated the black dragon king Longyuan. I am a hero!
"Ah... I\'m sorry, Keiro, I didn\'t mean that!"
Qin Luosheng was about to brag, quietly exaggerating, pretending to be a B, never thought, hadn\'t spoken yet, just still praised Luo Li for him, he saw Qi Luo with a complicated look in his heart, and remembered her identity. , Quickly apologized.
"No... it doesn\'t matter!"
Qi Luo\'s eyes were a little sad, but she saw Luo Li who was apologetic, some worried dreams, and Qin Luosheng who was looking at her caringly, shook her head and signaled that she was okay!
Even though I am very happy that my master has returned, the enemy is his own race. Even if he is a half-dragon, he has a bad memory in the place where he grew up. But in the end, how could it be so easy to give up?
"Well, let alone those unhappy things, it\'s all over!"
Qin Luosheng quickly took Qi Luo\'s tender hand and comforted: "Go, let me check and see how much the Dragon God\'s blood has been digested!"
Qi Luo nodded repeatedly.
For Long Dao, she has feelings!
She also has feelings for the dragon clan!
She still has feelings for Dragon Emperor!
But for Longyuan and other dragons, she has no feelings!
It is because of the identity of a half-dragon, even if it is under the care of the dragon emperor, he dare not bully on the face, but he is ridiculed secretly, and suffers all kinds of ridicule and disdain!
Even if Qi Luo is generous and doesn\'t care about it, it is impossible to repay grievances with virtue!
Do not hate, that is kindness!
Not loving, it\'s normal!
"Little, how?"
When he came to the pavilion and sat down, Qin Luosheng held Qi Luo\'s little hand and held it tightly, making Qi Luo flushed, and almost burying his head in his extremely proud chest.
Qin Luosheng understands a P\'s inspection. It was originally half-hearted. Now even the true dragon bloodline in his body is cursed by Long Yuan, and all over his body, except for Xiaoxiao, the bloodline contractor, it is also somewhat related to dragon blood. Foreign objects are also stained, such as the dragon god\'s imperial decree, such as the status of the dragon lord, the black dragon throne, and so on!
"It\'s a great fusion!"
There was a hint of surprise in the little cold voice, "You maid is not easy!"
"Not easy?" Qin Luosheng was taken aback: "Why is it not easy?"
"The bloodline is very strong!" Xiaoxiao said calmly: "Whether it belongs to the human bloodline or the dragon bloodline, it is not ordinary!-Now, the bloodline of the Dragon God has improved and its potential has been greatly activated. , In time, you will be able to become the peak power!"
Qin Luosheng was shocked.
Originally it was just a "top-in" deal with the Dragon Emperor, but unexpectedly, it was still such a great gift!