Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 864: : The disappearing valley, Qin Luosheng keeps on moving
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 864: : The disappearing valley, Qin Luosheng keeps on moving

"Then, is there a strong aura for the continuation?"
Qin Luosheng continued to ask without giving up.
"Or not!"
Xiao Xiao shook his head again: "Unless you can find a sacred sycamore tree that is better than this sacred sycamore tree, and you must have the heart of the sacred tree, otherwise, don\'t think about it. Moreover, even if there is a better sacred tree. The sacred tree, this kind of thing is not as good as being still. Once it moves, even if the blood jade can survive in the end, it will still be affected and spiritually damaged!"
Qin Luosheng was finally completely speechless and gave up his thoughts!
"Hey, I knew that I was not greedy just now. Wouldn\'t it be fragrant to sneak in? It\'s all right now, and the barriers of others have been solved. How can I play now?"
Covering his head, Qin Luosheng looked sore in his head, "If there are so many powerful BOSS guarding, even if this place is exposed by live broadcast, there is no need to worry about who will cut the beast. Even if it is a repetition of my murder with a knife. The method is not feasible. After all, not everyone has the sss talent! Without the BUG-level skills of the Lord of the Stars, I cannot hide under the eyelids of many BOSSs, and it is impossible for the Mirage Dragon to perform such powerful illusions!"
Forget it!
Let it be your fate!
only hope.
That blood jade can continue to attract tyrannical bosses to come and protect her!
Qin Luosheng had nothing to do, and he couldn\'t stay here, he could only retreat!
The moment he stepped out of the valley, when he looked back, the valley seemed to have disappeared and disappeared!
"This, what\'s the situation?"
Qin Luosheng was stunned in an instant.
If it hadn\'t been for some weak body to tell him that he had indeed lost a large wave of blood just now, he almost regarded it as a dream!
"Is this place not on your map? Is there no similar record in the official information you have seen?"
Xiaoxiao explained: "This place is a small world that moves randomly, and will not stay in one place for too long. Otherwise, do you think that there are so many terrifying monsters that can gather in the Dead Wasteland? I don\'t know how much. The place is attracted, and what you see must be much more than that. The remaining ones are all strong, and the other beings attracted have fallen into their hands long ago!"
"I can rest assured that!"
Qin Luosheng felt it, and found that the coordinate point of the space jump was still there, and he smiled immediately.
This time.
Basically don\'t worry about making wedding dresses for others!
That blood jade must become his Qin Luosheng\'s bag!
"Okay, we should go to work next!"
Qin Luosheng glanced at the location of the abnormal cave marked on the map, then glanced at the time.
It was delayed for nearly ten hours in the valley, and now it is not far from the sunrise the next day.
Regardless of the audience\'s opposition and threats, decisively shield the live broadcast.
Then crush the scroll back to the city.
Qing Che Shulu spent millions of gold coins to purchase a batch of materials and quickly sent them to Fengling Fort.
The original materials weren\'t that expensive, even if Fenglingbao had hundreds of thousands of people.
Since the opening of the exchange system, the steamed buns and steamed buns, which were originally regarded as silver coins, and Qingshui, which was calculated as copper coins, have risen in succession, becoming the theory of gold coins!
no way.
The 1:1 exchange ratio is just how cruel!
In reality, you use one dollar to buy a steamed bun, two yuan to buy a bun, and one yuan to buy a bottle of mineral water, which is the lowest parity price!
Is there a lower one?
It is undeniable.
There is indeed!
But these gadgets, quality and taste, are there any higher here?
There are three steamed buns, or two steamed buns, which can fill the hunger. As long as they dont exercise, they can last for a day. Is it possible in reality?
of course.
Just buy steamed buns and water, not so much money.
The various meats and snacks purchased by Qin Luosheng would be expensive!
Three days ago, even a full meal was a luxurious Fenglingbao. Even if they used steamed buns in exchange for their labor, and they built their own homes, it would definitely be a sweet treat to eat steamed buns to be full, right?
Why does it still provide so many good things?
It is not that Qin Luosheng is poor and generous!
Except for his inability to do this kind of capitalist behavior, more of it is for his own consideration.
You can eat steamed buns.
But if there is no oil and water, the strength will be reduced. How can the soldiers who guard the city be first-class, work on the front line and carry the boulders under the scorching sun?
and so.
Give them enough meat to eat, oil and water, strength, physical strength, plus the spiritual strength of gratitude and touch, the two are combined into one, why don\'t you have to do it?
Not to mention the tremendous increase in efficiency. Others see that their hard work is so delicious. Under the gap, there will definitely be enterprising people joining and fighting for it.
in this way.
A virtuous circle!
Qin Luosheng only needs to pay gold coins, which can greatly enhance people\'s enthusiasm, and work overtime to complete the fortifications. This is also to complete his task earlier!
right now.
It takes a few million a day, at least seven million to get the bottom line, but fortifications can be done in three or four days at most in one week!
If it is stingy, the efficiency will be reduced!
It costs one million or two million a day, but it takes half a month, a month to complete!
After all this is calculated, I dont know if it saves or not, but the time is indeed delayed for a long time!
Qin Luosheng, who has soared to level 55, how can he tolerate this?
Do you exceed the minimum five levels required for transfer, and you still have to wait for others to grab the first three-tier system reward?
Send out supplies.
Qin Luosheng took a break for a while.
Then I turned on the screened live broadcast, no matter how much popularity I lost during this period, I didn\'t care about it at all, I started the space jump on my own, and returned to the mouth of the valley that just disappeared!
The valley has moved away, and the place where you are at this moment is a Pingchuan, with no foreign objects!
Qin Luosheng summoned Bingbing and Xiaoxiao!
Xiao Xiao did not transform into a human form, but turned into a miniature dragon, leaning on his shoulders, using him as a bed, and fell asleep.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t care, and summoned Xiao Xiao because her spirit was extremely powerful. In order to guard against being attacked by secret lurkers, it doesn\'t matter whether she sleeps or not. Anyway, as long as there is a bad and powerful existence, Xiao Xiao will naturally be able to win. Feel the breath for a while and give him a warning!
Riding Bingbing, Qin Luosheng galloped all the way.
The women of Scarlet Rose are sleeping now, and those who haven\'t slept are also forming a team. They are reclaiming wasteland, brushing those bandits\' lairs, having a lot of fun, and there is no time to pay attention to him!
This is exactly what Qin Luosheng intended!
This group of girls has no space to jump. If you really want to take them, either go back on their own and walk the same way, or they risk their lives to find them.
That\'s not very good!