Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 863: : Qin Luosheng: Autistic.jpg!
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 863: : Qin Luosheng: Autistic.jpg!

Qin Luo rose clearly.
This is true in the fantasy world, and even more so in the real world.
Ever since Emperor Zhuanxus Jedi Tiantong (Gan, Zhuanxus old man cut me off the road to become immortal), he has isolated the sky from the earth, causing man and **** to not live together, God enters the sky, inhabits the land, and now the distance between heaven and man is guaranteed. Rise, no longer be suppressed by gods!
The sky is transformed by the rising of fresh air, and the earth is transformed by the sinking of turbid air!
and so.
Reiki lives in the sky, and the gods have an endless life span!
The turbid air sank to the ground, the human race and all spirits were eroded by dirt, and the spiritual veins that were originally buried in the ground were also consumed by the continuous absorption, until later the aura did not exist and fell into the Age of Domination!
The situation hasn\'t changed much!
of course.
Saying that there is no change, there are actually changes.
The dominance of the human race remains unchanged, but the status of other creatures has plummeted!
Originally, when the aura was still there, the human race was respected, but other races were not without the power to resist, the monsters, the ghosts, the ghosts, and the ghosts, there was nothing left!
After the founding of the motherland, science and technology became popular, and an edict was not allowed to become refined after the founding of the country!
Human Race!
In the past, the tiger and lion, the cheetah and bear, which the human race could not match, were completely reduced to the slaves of mankind. They were imprisoned in the zoo and turned from cannibalism into ornamental animals.
This is change!
"Ordinary spirits, if they want to become immortals, they must first become adults, transform them into Taoist bodies, and then practice, so that they can continue to become immortal roads!"
Qin Luosheng was still thinking, and Xiao Xiao ignored him, and continued: "How difficult it is to transform into a human body. Except for the transformation pill and the transformation grass, other methods are insignificant, and the price is very high! Even the beast of auspiciousness is affected. Praised by the human race, you have to be at least level 80 and rank four!"
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
I am Nima.
Originally listening to the story of Xiuxian was very good, with relish, but in a blink of an eye, the phrase "80 level four revolutions" was called a peak turn, and Qin Luosheng instantly became constipated!
"then you"
Qin Luosheng opened the small attribute panel and looked at the level 55 that was confirmed to be correct, with all doubts on his face.
"I am a dragon, and I am born extraordinary. The dragon and the human are each other\'s ally. I have been sealed as a protector of the country. I have made a totem and share the human aura, so the true dragon bloodline can be transformed into a human form at level 50, level three!"
Xiaoxiao explained: "Of course, it must be a pure true dragon bloodline. The mixed true dragon bloodline also has to be ranked 4th at level 80, the same as other auspicious beasts, such as phoenixes, such as unicorns!"
"That\'s great!"
Even though the small dragon body is also very beautiful, as a human race, Qin Luosheng\'s aesthetics is naturally closer to normal people. Moreover, the small forehead has double horns, and the image of the legendary little dragon girl is alive. This tm is not COSPALY, but The real dragon girl.
Qiluo has dragon horns and dragon tails, so there is no complete transformation of human form!
Slightly heavy!
And little difference!
He has an extraordinary posture, exquisite ups and downs, perfect facial features, and a cool temperament with a trace of pride and dominance that is unique to the dragon clan, a proper girl and domineering president Fan!
Put on a hat, she is completely a human girl, there are no other messy parts, it is very fresh!
"Asshole, what are you thinking about!"
With Qin Luosheng\'s mind, he immediately noticed the evil man\'s unruly intentions, and Xiao Xiao immediately scolded him with a cold face. The dragon\'s unique vertical pupils released a dangerous light, which was terrifying!
On that extremely delicate face, there was a slight blush, which was extremely moving!
Color is emptiness, and emptiness is color!
Qin Luosheng hastily recited the Heart Sutra silently, and at the same time recites the Pure Heart Jue. Under the method of dispelling the double desire of Buddhism and Taoism, evil thoughts are finally dispelled!
no way.
As a normal man, and still a full-blooded teenager who has eaten meat, but also wants to be dissatisfied, looks at beautiful girls, likes beautiful girls, thinks about beautiful girls, is it wrong?
This is normal performance, alright!
If you don\'t even have a thought, it\'s either a saint or an eunuch!
Qin Luosheng didn\'t want to be a saint, let alone an eunuch!
and so.
It\'s suitable to be a pervert, and he likes it too!
"Huh, are you finished?"
The awkward atmosphere didn\'t last long. As the gleaming brilliance of the blood jade fell silent and calmed down, Qin Luosheng realized that there was no suction on his fingers for the first time in surprise, and quickly retracted his hand.
"It\'s a bit fierce!"
Open the attribute bar, look at his blood has dropped to 70%, his face turns pale!
This tm is also in the fantasy world. If the real world is made in this way, it will be immortal and disabled, at least now that tm has fainted. Who is still bluffing?
"What should we do now?"
Qin Luosheng stared blankly at the small white legs floating in the air, with red fruit and jade feet.
"Leave the coordinates, and just feed them once a week in the future!"
Xiao Xiaobai glanced at Qin Luosheng and said, "This is the first time, so she has drawn more blood, and it will be normal from now on, but pure energy can greatly accelerate her incubation!"
Qin Luosheng understands in seconds!
The weekly blood feeding is for continuous donation, so that the mysterious existence still in the womb of blood jade can be contacted through his blood in the future, and after birth, he will naturally recognize him as the master!
And like the magic core demon pill, it is pure energy supply, just as the food eaten by the human mother\'s food is turned into the baby\'s nutrition, which supplies her to grow up in the fetus.
There is a space jump, and the coordinate points are already recorded. When you come next time, you don\'t have to go through three levels and make five paths, you can directly appear here.
"Leave now?"
Qin Luosheng glanced at the silent blood jade, Zong Guanghua was not there, but the **** lines on the surface were more agile and full of vitality than before, and some unwillingly asked: "Is it just this blood in such a big place? jade?"
"There are many babies!"
A small sentence caused Qin Luoshenghui to get up in a hurry, but the next sentence made the excitement he had just risen dry out in an instant, "However, it\'s all in the blood jade!"
Qin Luosheng:...
I rub.
What is the difference between what you said and what you didnt say?
Isn\'t it disgusting me?
"Will this place be discovered!"
As if he had lost hope and turned into a salted fish, Qin Luosheng walked toward the outside of the valley at a steady pace. When he reached the door, he suddenly remembered something, and quickly asked, "If there are other people involved, they will also bleed. Am I in vain? Should I just move the blood jade away?"
Little shook his head: "Blood jade is conceived by the spiritual energy of the sacred parasol tree. Once it is moved away, the blood jade will become rootless duckweed and die completely without the strong aura!"

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