Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 858: : The final battle
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 858: : The final battle

"Ding, you have upgraded, the current LV51, health value +200, mana value +350, strength +8, spirit +10, get 60 free attribute points!"
A golden light flashed.
Needing an experience bar with more than 100 million experience points, Qin Luosheng lay down and let it fill up, and went straight to a level!
"Ding, the collection is successful, you get..."
Fight, you can\'t get in!
But Qin Luosheng would not let go of such trivial things as cleaning the battlefield!
These guys are not simple goods, their superiority is only one of them. The most important thing is their identity. Each of them is famous. They are not ancient alien species or transformed by changes. In short, all are abnormal, or they have a monstrous background. The strong inheritance depends on, or it is full of adventures, and evolved from the different flowers of the devouring spirit grass.
Qin Luosheng has no equipment, but this corpse must never be let go!
Spirit beast meat, Lin family, fur, bones, internal organs, demon pill,...
People have left skins, wild gooses have plucked hairs!
Qin Luosheng didn\'t let go of a single bit, and the place he passed was like a locust crossing the border, no bit left!
Can\'t fit it!
After so many lessons, how could Qin Luosheng be embarrassed by this little difficulty?
Immediately open the virtual trading platform, put all the things on the shelves, and specify the ID to buy!
That ID is naturally the person in charge of Scarlet Rose sent to run Shiweixian and Hidden Dragon Pavilion!
Even if you sell through a virtual trading platform, you will be charged a lot of tax, but how can this small amount of money be compared with these materials?
Leave other refining materials aside for the time being, just let the spirit beast meat that contains powerful spiritual power, let the chef in Shiweixianli cook it, and resell it, and the price of one part is estimated to be able to cover all the losses today. Get the tax back!
"Fuck, what kind of fairy place is this Nima?"
"Brother Meng, I\'m sour, where is Mu Meng?"
"The same person is not fate, your sister, I guess my family\'s ancestral tomb will not encounter such a good thing, right?"
"It\'s tm outrageous! No wonder Soul Crying upgrades so much, given me such a chance, my **** upgrade is also fast!"
"Really lie down and win! I am QNMLGBD! We experience the screen, that is three-digit, four-digit screen! Others experience the screen, that is tens of millions! I\'m going to throw up!"
"Who wants to give me such a flying experience! I can play as much as I want for a week, with whatever posture you want!"
"Go! Don\'t drive up prices!"
It\'s sour! It\'s sour!
The viewers in the live broadcast room saw Qin Luosheng\'s experience value of swiping the screen and the words "successful collection" of swiping the screen, and they were so disgusting to vomit!
Are you really not a human being?
We **** fight to death, if you can be promoted to one level in three days, even if you are the liver emperor!
But what about others?
Lie down and do nothing, this experience comes automatically!
It\'s outrageous!
The most annoying thing is that when we are leveling and fighting monsters, the consumption is simply terrible!
Not only do you have to buy a lot of potions, you have to spend a lot of money to repair the durability of the equipment lost in the battle, as well as the hunger and the like,...
If you are not lucky, let alone making money, it would be nice to save money!
Where is the crying soul?
No fighting, no consumption, instead a lot of super-powered BOSS lined up to wait for him to "fortune", the collected various superb materials, not one of tm is lower than the advanced level, it is rare to see it in the past. The epic-level materials of, are now like Chinese cabbage, appearing in baskets,...
The mentality bursts instantly!
One hour!
Two hours!
Three hours!
The fierce fighting in the valley continues!
Qin Luosheng\'s concealment was over long ago!
The summoned mirage was also sent to Huilong Island early!
The BOSS who had completely killed the red eyes did not stop at all!
Under the stimulus of blood, even without the influence of illusion, they aroused the fierce heart, they can never go back, either he died, or all existence except him died!
The valley that was originally peaceful, instantly turned into Asura Purgatory!
Qin Luosheng didn\'t want to take a trip to the muddy water. Taking advantage of these guys\' lives and deaths, he went to explore the depths of the valley by himself. Didn\'t he smell good when he got the secret treasure?
Even though this group of **** fought with each other with their lives, they did not forget their purpose and completely blocked the road!
If it was before, Qin Luosheng used the concealment ability to sublimate to perfection and quietly touched in.
But not anymore!
Because the only way in front was completely reduced to a battlefield, if a small body like him dared to set foot in, I was afraid that it would be instantly lost in seconds.
Even if he can rely on his skills to support him, his concealment will be broken if he is attacked. At that time, his figure will be revealed. He, an uninvited guest, can\'t be crushed to death by a group of "villains"?
and so.
A group of BOSS fought and killed for a few hours!
Qin Luosheng watched the show for a few hours, and collected a few hours by the way!
In the beginning, not many BOSS died, Qin Luosheng didn\'t dare to do it again. He focused on avoiding, hiding in the shadow like a mouse, sitting and watching a group of BOSS dogs biting the dogs!
The weaker BOSS, as well as those who are unlucky, choose the wrong place, are ventilated from all sides, and are bombarded by attacks from all sides. The tragic and tragic BOSS gradually hangs!
This dense valley suddenly became empty a lot!
Take this opportunity.
Qin Luosheng was also on the edge, starting his painful and happy gathering journey!
With constant numb collection, Qin Luosheng has no idea how many collection techniques he has used, nor does he know how many times this is the first time he has put a full backpack of materials on the virtual trading platform. He only knows that only the transaction tax amount has been collected by the government. Seven digits!
A roar rang out, attracting the attention of Qin Luosheng, who was collecting old tools.
On the left, three lions!
On the right, the two-winged tiger!
Flank, venomous lizard!
In the air, the Sunbird, the descendant of the Golden Crow!
Underground, alienated earth dragon!
There are hundreds of various BOSSs, only these five strongest existences are left!
All of them are legendary bosses above level 85, and all of them have a monstrous background, tracing their origins, and their ancestors were powerful men who had dominated one side in the ancient and even the age of sake!
In the face of a powerful enemy, the five big bosses did not have any hidden secrets at all. The terrifying aura exuding from his whole body made Qin Luo rise up and take a breath, and immediately didnt even collect the remaining twenty-odd boss corpses, and directly yo-yo. .
Once these bosses really fight, maybe even this valley will be overturned, isn\'t it just to stay in this frontal battlefield to find death?
Galloping all the way, rolling and climbing!
At this time, Qin Luosheng didn\'t care about any image anymore, how quickly he came!
Before he ran out of the valley, an earth-shattering energy riot came from behind!
Already started!