Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 855: : Mingxiu Plank Road, Darkness Chencang (Part 1)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 855: : Mingxiu Plank Road, Darkness Chencang (Part 1)

"It\'s... a bit difficult!"
Others are thinking about how to escape, but Qin Luosheng is thinking about how to "eat the black" and swallow the baby inside from the protection of the bosses!
Hard drive?
That is impossible!
The BOSS under absolute level suppression, even if Qin Luosheng is not afraid of revealing his cards and using the BUG-level abilities of the Lord of Stars, he can only deal with one at most.
But here is the Boss Paradise. Bosses, big and small, can be roughly scanned. There are at least hundreds of them, and only one bird can be used against one? People reacted, facing your uninvited guest, just a sigh of relief can kill you!
Qin Luosheng is not beyond hope!
If you can\'t force it, you can only outsmart it!
Faced with so many "gatekeepers", the best way to get the treasure they guard is to "sneak away"!
You guarded the door, looking at the fragrant meat, I went straight into the door quietly, and even brought you the basin!
There are hundreds of BOSS here, not to mention the tyrannical strength, the extremely high rank, and the perception ability is quite wow, he is a berserker in a small area, relying on the popularization of learning without a profession, 100% will be discovered!
Among these hundreds of BOSS, there must be a particularly fierce perception ability, even if it has a super latent ability, it will inevitably be discovered!
"Wait for me!"
Qin Luosheng integrated his own situation and gradually formulated a plan. Even if there were many mistakes and omissions, he was completely gambling, but in the current situation, there is no other better way. He can only try his best. If it doesn\'t work, then he can only give up.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t wait for all the girls with a dazed expression, took out the scroll of returning to the city to himself, and returned to the city of Xing Yao!
Go straight to Luoshenju.
This time Qin Luosheng did not block the live broadcast, letting a crowd of water friends know his mansion residence in Xingyao City. In fact, this information has basically been guessed by Da Na for a long time, and there is nothing to hide, even if you enter It doesn\'t matter if the secret is revealed in the secret room.
The house is protected. It is impossible to enter without the invitation of the owner. How about letting others know?
After getting the props he wanted, Qin Luosheng immediately took out the imperial city\'s return to the city scroll!
Some gallop.
Qin Luosheng ran to a monster area in the outskirts-the ancient forest!
The place is as its name!
The ancient forest not only retains the ancient style, but most of the monsters inside have inherited the blood of the ancient beasts. Even if one generation is not as good as the next generation, it still relies on the blood to inherit and show its power!
In this place, the starting point is very low, only level 50, which is the minimum to enter the imperial city area, but the upper limit is extremely high. The core area may be a level 100 monster!
Qin Luo\'s promotion here naturally has his purpose!
58-level gregarious monster-glazed eagle!
Its name is wishful!
Just like an eagle like colored glaze!
Special: fast speed and high concealment!
The level 58 monster did not surpass Qin Luo\'s promotion to level 10. It is not a big problem!
Qin Luosheng swept through, and it took more than two hours to clear the territory of the Liuliying Eagle and kill him in front of the Liuliying King!
Inheriting the blood of the ancestors of the ancient alien beasts, even if the blood is passed down through countless generations and is distracted, it is not comparable to ordinary beasts!
Compared with Qin Luosheng, this beast, he is just an ordinary Epic BOSS, the Glazed Eagle King, not enough to look at!
With the increase in skills, Qin Luosheng, with full firepower, took the Liuli Yingwang into a state of dying in just over a minute!
"Ghost face slavery!"
The legendary mask [Ghost Face] on the face resembled the resurrection of an evil spirit, with a curious laughter. Under the control of Qin Luosheng, an energy-formed mask flew out suddenly, enveloped the already defeated, unable to resist. On the face of the Liuli Yingwang!
"Ding, the enslavement succeeded!"
Qin Luosheng snapped his fingers heavily, very excited!
It was just an attempt, but the first step of the plan went so smoothly!
"Time is running out, go ahead!"
Although the effect of ghost face slavery is very strong, but the duration is only five minutes, Qin Luosheng had to hurry up!
"Space jump!"
With a shake of his body, Qin Luosheng returned to the mouth of the valley where he had just left!
"Next, it\'s very dangerous, you better not stay here!"
Seeing the nine sisters who hadn\'t left yet, Qin Luosheng was speechless for a moment.
If he remembered correctly, he had told them to leave just now!
The next thing.
No matter whether his plan is successful or not, women like Scarlet Rose are not able to blend in!
Even if he is not careful, he will die!
"Don\'t worry, we will take care of ourselves!"
Mu Mu looked dissatisfied.
With Little Pepper\'s character, has she ever been subdued?
The more Qin Luosheng said so, the more she would stay here!
"Okay! Whatever you want!"
I have said it twice, and Qin Luosheng will not say it a third time, "You will die by then, don\'t rely on me!"
If it\'s normal, you\'ll die if you die. For one level, if you don\'t have a red name, drop 1-3 pieces of equipment. For these rich women, it doesn\'t matter.
The situation is different now.
They belonged to "smugglers". Without reaching the minimum requirement of LV50 to enter the imperial city area, they came here with the teleportation rune requested by Qin Luosheng. Once they die, they will be beaten back to their original form and resurrected in the nine major cities. Among them!
In this way.
The eligibility for smuggling, which cost a lot of money, was lost!
This is the end of the land reclamation journey!
"let\'s go!"
Scarlet Rose is not Mu Mu. She is in charge of the Rose Club. In reality, she is also a domineering female president. She judges the situation and accurately judges that is the most basic ability. You don\'t need to calculate the gains or losses, just a slight turn of your mind to know what choice to make.
The group of Qiangwei followed Scarlet Rose and left!
Even though the outside is a deadly wasteland with many dangers, they can\'t use the scrolls and can only rely on walking, but a group of six people, all of them are elites, as long as they don\'t encounter too strong BOSS, they can be completely stable!
"Mu Mu, let\'s go too!"
Qing Si said silently.
She is not afraid of death, but she also understands that staying here will not only not help, but will become a burden.
Mu Mutian was not afraid, but she still listened to Qingsi\'s words. Seeing Qingsi\'s serious expression, pouting her lips, she still agreed with sorrow!
"Handsome guy, make an appointment again when you have time!"
Huo Wu dazzled with a wink, and she didn\'t forget to flirt before leaving!
Watching the nine girls leave.
Qin Luo ascended to the sage like a Buddha, without the slightest thought in his heart, turned his head and looked at the colorful and dense BOSS in the valley, his eyes shining!
"Great show, it\'s the beginning!"
Glancing at the glazed eagle king who was gently waving his wings above his head and hovering, Qin Luo moved his hand slightly, and took out a broken lamp emitting a pale yellow dim light from his backpack!

PS: [Ghost Face Slavery] consumes no cost, differentiates a ghost face mask, puts it on the target face, can control it, for your use, duration: 5 minutes, cooling time: 24 hours!