Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 847: : Another vest was born: the desert solitary smoke
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 847: : Another vest was born: the desert solitary smoke

How smart is Scarlet Rose?
How can an unparalleled vixen like her fail to understand trade-offs?
Now Qin Luosheng\'s live broadcast is in full swing, and the heat is bursting. If the Rose Club can participate in the mission of the whole live broadcast, it will show up and show the roots and strength of the Rose Club.
This ad!
The effect is simply heavenly!
It was already a little unbearable. After the establishment of the help, the Qiangwei Society, which was unable to make ends meet by recruiting troops, might be able to further strengthen itself, but also be able to turn things around and turn losses into profits!
This sale!
Isn\'t it better than the five teams\' first quota?
"I will give you the ID, what will happen next, you arrange!"
Scarlet Rose gave Qin Luosheng the IDs of the four members of the Rose Society, which was exactly the quota for this time.
"MD, this woman is really not easy to fool!"
Qin Luosheng looked speechless.
He is not an idiot, naturally knowing what Scarlet Rose would make.
It doesn\'t matter anymore.
If you are taken advantage of, you will be taken advantage of!
Let her taste some sweetness first and numb it.
This time the imperial city return to the city scroll, this girl didn\'t spend a dime, but she had to go to ten places!
Three specially made city return scrolls, worth 60,000 crystal coins!
Seven teleportation runes, worth 70 thousand crystal coins!
0 pay!
of course.
Qin Luosheng won\'t suffer from boredom!
The price of not giving crystal coins is 13 nights!
Ten thousand crystal coins represent one night!
Plus the two nights owed before!
It\'s been half a month!
Why would Scarlet Rose agree to such an outrageous request?
Qin Luosheng had some vague guesses, but it was really unclear!
Whether other players knew about the role of crystal coins, Qin Luosheng didn\'t know, but he had bought Fuzhuan\'s Scarlet Rose from Zhang Daoming, he must be aware of it!
Perhaps it is precisely because of this that this woman would treat the crystal coin as a strange thing to live in. If she doesn\'t take it out, she just keeps it and "pays" in another way!
Qin Luosheng doesn\'t matter!
Money, he\'s not bad!
and so.
This time, he wants crystal coins!
At present, there is no place to use crystal coins. It can only be considered as a precaution. Collect a wave first, nothing more!
Whether or not Scarlet Rose will give it to others, it\'s a problem!
Not bad!

In half an hour!
The team is assembled!
Looking at the nine beautiful and flowery girls in front of me, yes, all of them are girls, and they are very beautiful, even if they are sent by the Qiangwei Club, they are also the most beautiful girls, worthy of the sisters\' union!
Solicited opinions.
The nine girls nodded in agreement!
That\'s it.
Qin Luosheng also released the restrictions and revealed the screen of the blocked live broadcast room.
Originally, he didn\'t want to open a live broadcast. On the one hand, it would expose the privacy of his teammates, and on the other hand, he didn\'t want to reveal his battle cards!
The girl doesn\'t care, so he has nothing to say.
As for the battle cards, it doesn\'t matter, a bunch of them still need him to use the cards?
As for the BOSS, apart from the penultimate Titan Anaconda, and the final BOSS Snake Taoist, others are not qualified!
When he was single-player before, Daoist Snake\'s combat power was simply ruining the world. If it hadn\'t been for the help of Luan Snake\'s recovery, in the final battle, he was already poor and paralyzed, and he had already been killed.
of course.
This may also be the arrangement of the mastermind!
after all.
The Snake Taoist in the final form is simply invincible, and the strength is far beyond the limit of the instance, and it is not the player at the current stage can defeat it!
The condition of this final stage is to force out the final form of Daoist Snake, and then help Luan Snake get out of trouble, let two old enemies fight, and resolve grievances!
The clearance evaluation is ss level, not perfect sss level!
If it is expected to be good, the sss level is bound to be the player sweeping the wasteland, killing from start to finish, and slaughter the Snake Taoist in the final form to get it!
"Now, the dungeon is live broadcast, the 45th dungeon Snake God Mountain, the abyss difficulty!"
Qin Luosheng explained to the audience in the live broadcast room, and then, in the infinite yin and yang strange atmosphere, with nine beautiful girls, began the dungeon journey!
prior to.
Qin Luosheng has posted the copy strategy and edited video of Snake God Mountain!
Live streaming and watching videos are completely different things.
In the video is Qin Luosheng alone, but now, there are nine great beauties in the company, can not only watch the live broadcast to learn technology, but also watch the girls seductive and happy!
I have had an experience, and I am familiar with the road naturally!
Sweep in one pass.
This time it only took less than two hours, and Qin Luosheng smashed to the top of the mountain guarded by the Titan Python!
The war begins.
In the live broadcast room, it was not a scream of excitement, but a lot of question marks.
Qin Luosheng has blocked the live content!
That would expose his battle cards, but it can\'t be broadcast live!
A big battle!
Titan python, die!
It\'s another big battle.
Snake Taoist, die!
This time, the Snake Taoist did not have the final form, but after the landslide, it was completely annihilated.
And in the copy, there is no rune trap, and naturally Luan snake has disappeared!
"Ding, Huaxia War Zone players please pay attention, Huaxia War Zone players please pay attention, players cry soul, yoyo my heart, Nana, Cai Caimei, Qingqing Zijin, cat, **** rose, allure peony, blue light moon, Sayuri, clearance 45 Level dungeon [Snake God Mountain], get the teams only reward: four attributes +80, luck +3, professional equipment*1! At the same time, their heroic deeds will be imprinted on the hero stone for the heroes of the world to pay their respects!"
Experience it!
Get the reward!
World TV broadcasts three times in a row!
The CD of Space Jump is already ready, and Qin Luosheng is also ready to go to Fenglingbao to deal with the affairs there. In the end, the three-revolution mission is more important.
Saying goodbye to a few girls, Qin Luosheng was about to start the space jump. Suddenly, the system\'s warning sound rang in his ears.
"Someone contacted in reality?"
Qin Luosheng was very dumbfounded.
exit the game.
Coming out of the game compartment, looking at the caller displayed on the phone, the corners of his mouth twitched.
It was his brother.
Some conversation.
It turned out that it was the younger brother and sister who had won the game storehouse. Through the arduous training, they finally reached the tenth level, walked out of the novice village, and entered the main city. No, lets hug your thighs!
The appointment was made last time, but Qin Luosheng didn\'t tell them his ID, but only asked for their ID, saying that it was him who came to add friends, but because he was busy with three tasks, he turned his head and forgot.
Brothers and sisters can\'t find anyone in the game world, so they can only shake people with their mobile phones in reality.
"Okay, I will add your friends right away and wait!"
After Qin Luosheng responded, he hung up the phone, and then lay down in the game compartment.
enter the game!
"Ding, do you add player Frost Snow Fenghua as a friend?"
"Ding, do you want to make the player a friend?"
Sun City! Tuyao City!
A girl! A teenager!
Suddenly I received the prompt sound of the system in my ear.
"Ding, the player Damo Guyan wants to add you as a friend, do you accept it?"