Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 843: : The plan begins! The attacking Qin Luosheng (final)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 843: : The plan begins! The attacking Qin Luosheng (final)

[Wandering Bandit]
Level: 53
Health value: 1200000
Magic value: 0
Physical attack: 25000
Magic attack: 0
Physical defense: 7000
Magic defense: 5000
Speed: 10000
Skills: [Horizontal Cut] [Vertical Cut]
Weaknesses: None
Introduction: Dream-builders from all walks of life were defeated by the cruel reality. They fell helplessly and became wanderers who attacked caravans and civilians.
Nothing to say!
This even an elite monster is not a miscellaneous fish. If it weren\'t for the level of 53, a second-tier player would be able to kill him!
Qin Luosheng is only level 50, but this kind of force can withstand a level difference of 10 levels and face the hard-fought and strengthened epic. It is said that the boss of that level, the scum of level 53, counts as J2?
Lie down in seconds!
Become the dead soul of the sword of the Sacred Dragon God Sword!
have to say.
These bandits are really weak, but they are really powerful!
This "prestige" is not a mighty mighty mighty mighty mighty mighty mighty one.
The explosion of equipment and groceries is quite satisfactory, but the explosion rate of this coin is at least three times higher than that of ordinary monsters!
It really is a bandit!
Really rich!
Not only bandits, but the Dead Wasteland is full of monsters, and all kinds of monsters emerge in endlessly.
Even if you are on the periphery, the ones you encounter are not very strong, but the number is really large, and the types are also very diverse.
Of course, World of Warcraft is the same as the bandit.
There is nothing to say about the explosion.
But the bandits have exploded more gold coins, and Warcraft has a lot of materials.
Many of them are extremely scarce in the current market, not to mention sky-high prices, at least a lot of premium!
Two kinds of monsters.
One, the bandit in human form!
Second, the beastly monster!
Detonate the live broadcast room instantly!
Countless players are jealous!
This tm is simply a treasure trove!
The experience is very high, there are so many strange things that no one grabs, it bursts so hard, there are a lot of gold coins, and finally you can make a fortune from the materials,...
in other words.
Don\'t worry about no return on investment!
As long as you encounter a monster, even if the equipment, skill books, scrolls and other things are very metaphysical, nothing will come out, but the gold coins and materials are enough to protect the cost, and you can make at least a little at least!
Is a business that is absolutely not at a loss okay?
That\'s great!
Don\'t say ordinary gold and brick parties, even those masters and elite bosses, also watch drooling.
Not to mention the big map of the dead wasteland, if you want to explore, 10,000 people will not come for a short time!
The most important thing is-
Those bandits that have formed a climate and have a territory!
This, isn\'t it just a wild copy that hasn\'t been developed yet?
A copy of wasteland!
How much benefit does this tm get?
Not to mention an inexhaustible golden mountain, but it is similar!
If it is monopolized, once, twice or three times... Keep brushing it. I won\'t talk about experience or anything, and I won\'t mention gold coins. How much can I produce with first-class equipment?
The communicator rang frantically again.
Qin Luosheng frowned when he was returning, without seeing who it was, he just closed it, and then blocked it!
This time.
The world is quiet.
"Don\'t bother me now, there is still a link in my plan that has not been confirmed!"
Qin Luosheng finally set his sights on the live broadcast room. He believed that those friends in his friends column were in the live broadcast room. Even if they were not there, his words could be transmitted to them within a minute, and said: "After this ring is confirmed , Im announcing how to compete for 100 places in my hand!"
Regardless of the boiling live broadcast room, it is back to the state it was just now!
Some gallop!
Qin Luosheng returned to Fengling Fort.
When there were hundreds of meters away from Fengling Fort, he stopped abruptly.
Take out the [Dragon God Imperial Order]!
"Dragon Lord Summon!"
Activate skills.
In an instant.
The dragon god\'s imperial order released a blue brilliance, a huge magic circle was formed in an instant, and a water-blue dragon emerged from it.
"True dragon...?"
Looking at the summoned dragon race, it is not the second-level lizard dragon summoned in Feixion Ridge last time, the green dragon Gris, but the dragon of true dragon blood in the shape of a Chinese dragon!
"Long Qi of the water dragon clan, pay respect to Lord Dragon Lord!"
In the Battle of Thrilling Dragon Terrace, Qin Luosheng defeated the Black Dragon King Long Yuan in front of the entire continent, and the strength and abilities displayed were simply terrifying.
Qin Luosheng not only held the Dragon Gods imperial order and was recognized by the Dragon Lord, but also replaced Long Yuan and became the current king of the Black Dragon clan, with both status and power.
In front of Qin Luosheng, even Long Qi, who had true dragon blood, did not dare to make a mistake.
not to mention.
He was summoned by the Dragon God Imperial Order, suppressed by the Dragon God Imperial Order, and restricted by the contract. Not to mention loyalty, but it is absolutely impossible to violate Qin Luosheng\'s order!
"Can this place be remodeled?"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t talk nonsense, and asked Long Qi directly, while pointing his finger at Fengling Fort hundreds of meters away, "Ensure that the weather in the town over there is smooth and it is no longer affected by the heat, can it be done?"
Long Qi was stunned in an instant.
What\'s the matter?
Wasn\'t it a fight to summon me out?
I am a dragon!
Haughty Dragon Warrior!
Not a water sprayer!
Qi returned to his anger, but Qin Luoshengs order was absolute. Coupled with Qin Luoshengs fierce name and identity, Long Qi didnt dare to make trouble. After an honest probe, he shook his head and said, The climate here is too extreme. Now, with my ability, I cant do it!"
"The dragons who control the world\'s water veins are not good? You are still the water dragons, and you can\'t?"
Qin Luosheng frowned.
"If it was Shi Yunbuyu in a short period of time, it would be fine."
Long Qi said: "But if you want to maintain it for a long time, you must send a senior of the Dragon King level to sit here, or completely reverse the environmental factors here!"
"The Dragon King is in town? Environmental renovation?"
Qin Luosheng took a breath.
Neither of these two conditions can be achieved!
"Is there any other way?"
Qin Luosheng asked unwillingly.
Long Qi shook his head and said sonorously, "As far as I know, there are only these two ways!"
"It is impossible for the existence of the Dragon King level to be in charge, so is there any way to transform the environment?"
Long Qi pondered.
For a long while.
He raised his head and said seriously: "According to my findings, although the earth veins here are not comparable to the hinterland of the Central Plains, they are not in such a situation. The reason why they are now like this must be affected by external factors. The situation is either a powerful fire-type monster or a fire-type spirit treasure! As long as the root problem is solved, it will be easier to deal with later!"
Qin Luosheng immediately touched his chin!
If I remember correctly, it seems that there was a similar record in the information given by the prefect Wu.
The court sent a master to solve the problem, but ventured into the depths of death reduction, but did not find the root cause, but found a red feather in a cave, which was full of strong fire elemental power!
It seems.
The climate of this dead wasteland has become so dry, even if it is not caused by the unknown owner of the red feather, it has a certain relationship!