Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 837: :Playing the card is the king of fried, food strategy (part 2)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 837: :Playing the card is the king of fried, food strategy (part 2)

Qin Luosheng was very satisfied with the answer from Little Turnip. He smiled and said to the child: "Call me the big brother, and I\'ll give it to you!"
"Big brother!"
There is no insult to call this, and the little turnip\'s head is very refreshing.
In fact.
In the face of endless hunger, few people can hold onto the bottom line.
If it is a foreign invader, or the existence of a non-my race, maybe it\'s different.
But Qin Luosheng was sent by the imperial court and was commissioned by the emperor.
Be Daxia with them!
strictly speaking.
They are still Qin Luosheng\'s people!
The people call their parents "Big Brother", this is still a respect for others, and it\'s up for you!
"Good call!"
With a big brother, Qin Luosheng listened very comfortably. He squatted down, stretched out his hand, and broke the meat buns in his hands. The soup overflowed, soaked in white noodles, and showed delicious food with attractive luster. He handed it a little scared, some He hesitated, and the little carrot head desperately eager.
"Come on, this is your reward for being obedient!"
It is not perfect, but it is full of tenderness and kindness. At this moment, it seems as if a scorching smile shines on Qin Luosheng\'s face.
"Thank you, big brother!"
Perhaps infected by this smile, Little Turnip Forgot the gap between him and Qin Luosheng, and forgot his class with Qin Luosheng, timidly but firmly stepped forward, stretched out the dirt, and his nails were all black. Dirt hand, took the meat bun from Qin Luosheng\'s hand that was not hot, but warmed his palms and heart at the same time.
"Grandpa, grandma, father, mother, sister, I have meat buns!"
Holding the opened meat buns in both hands, sniffing the scent that crazily poured into the nose, swallowing drool crazily, resisting the urge to gobble it up like a wolf, and gulp it into the belly, the little carrot head was excited, And hold it carefully, not to spill the soup, not to let the meat fall off, step on the calf, and prepare to run towards the stage.
A child of four or five years old.
Under the endless hunger, I was able to resist the temptation of the meat buns I had never eaten before, and I thought of my family for the first time!
Filial piety!
at least.
Qin Luosheng was moved.
The audience in the live broadcast room was also moved.
It was not part of the plan, but Qin Luosheng did not stop it.
Maybe something is different.
But if he stops now, his conscience will not pass.
Child\'s heart.
The child\'s filial piety.
Can\'t hurt!
Countless swallowing sounds sounded.
As the meat buns "off the earth", penetrated into the crowd, and "close contact" with them, the alluring fragrance instantly caused 99% of the population to flow, and the flow could not be stopped!
Countless greedy eyes fell, completely on the meat buns in the hands of Little Carrot!
Hunger is tempting to degenerate!
Not everyone can resist the invasion of desire!
Qin Luosheng had no doubt that if he were still there, if there were countless steamed buns, roast chicken and roast duck, and whole suckling pig and lamb on the top, there was already a riot at the bottom. In order to eat a bite of meat buns, he would fight hard with his life!
Qin Luosheng watched silently.
With excitement and tears in the eyes of the little turnip family, they knelt down and koozed their heads.
The elderly and the middle-aged have eaten a little bit of white noodles!
The meat filling in the middle, the meaty part, was divided between the carrot head and his sister!
Delicious food entrance.
Especially when you are extremely hungry, people who have never experienced that kind of satisfaction can\'t even imagine it.
"Want to eat hot big white buns?"
"Want to eat meat-fried buns with rich gravy?"
"Want to drink pure water without any dirt?"
"Want to eat roast chicken and duck with crispy meat and aroma?"
"Want to eat fat but not greasy, delicious roast suckling pig and roast whole lamb?"
"Tell me, do you want to?"
Standing on a high platform.
Qin Luosheng shouted loudly.
There is no big reason!
Only ask.
A series of questions.
Ask for food!
Ask about water purification!
Eat and drink!
The things that the people below are most concerned about now!
"miss you!"
A child suddenly cried out in silence.
The voice was loud and high-pitched.
"miss you!"
"miss you!"
"I want to eat!"
"I want, too!"

With some people taking the lead, and the "jewels and jade in the front" of the little carrot head family, they were originally afraid of Qin Luosheng\'s status as a high official and the obvious existence of the class. People with a natural sense of alienation have also let go of their restraints.
Shouted loudly.
Talking about my inner thoughts!
miss you!
Want to eat!
Want to drink!
Want everything!
The light in the eyes is back!
The greed in my heart is back!
From walking dead to human again!
Just a meat bun!
That\'s it!
"You want to eat, but these are mine, why should I give it to you, and what do you have for me in exchange?"
With Qin Luosheng\'s words, the extremely enthusiastic people suddenly calmed down, and even the light in many people\'s eyes went out again.
These food and water sources are all from others, so why give them to yourself?
What do you have to exchange?
"To be honest, these things are nothing to me. If I want them, I will have as many as I want!"
Qin Luosheng did not stop. If the will of this group of guys is really depressed and cannot be pulled back, it would be bad, so he continued: "I can feed you today, let you eat a full meal, and drink enough water. After that, I can even give you a bath."
Everyone raised their heads in surprise!
"today Tomorrow Day after Tomorrow,"
Qin Luosheng continued on his own words: "Three days, five days, one week? You can all be like in your dreams, eat and drink enough, don\'t worry about food, don\'t worry about drinking enough water. Then can this last forever? I am an imperial envoy sent by His Majesty the Emperor, and I can leave after earning a vote. And after I leave, how should you deal with yourself?"
Everyone was silent.
"Renovate Fengling Fortress, make yourself full of vitality, and make you prosperous from now on. This is my goal, and it is also the wish and expectation of His Majesty the Emperor!" Qin Luosheng said again: "Just, you know how difficult this is! "
"People can only rely on themselves!"
"I can solve your temporary difficulties, but I can\'t solve your worries for the rest of your life!"
"Even if I am like a saint, staying here and dedicated my life to you, after I die, how can your descendants get out of trouble?"
"If you want to change your destiny and give your children and grandchildren a perfect future, then you must use your hands to create. Others will never be reliable. Your own strength is the only one you can trust!"
"Perhaps, you are weak, and there is nothing you can do!"
"Yes, it is true!"
"You have fought, you have worked hard, but everything you have done is, in the end, a dream."
"Once, again, and again. No matter how strong the heart is, after countless failures, it will be full of tormented scars, so far desperate!"
"It\'s different now!"
"I, I can lead you out of the sea of ??suffering and bring you and your children and grandchildren to eternal peace and good life, I am here!"