Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 834: : The sinister emperor, the problem of Fenglingbao
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 834: : The sinister emperor, the problem of Fenglingbao

That\'s a good thing, it\'s all treasures!
Highly defensive leather!
Comparable to metal bones!
Very sharp, can be used to forge the teeth of weapons!
Warcraft meat is more nutritious and even more energy than ordinary beasts!
There are many magical uses, especially the internal organs that can be used as medicine!
In addition.
The most valuable thing is the magic core!
Even the most common magic core can be sold at a high price, based on gold coins!
To know.
Gold coins are premium currencies!
Ordinary people use copper, even silver coins are rare, not to mention gold coins!
Such a great benefit!
Naturally it will attract many adventurers to come.
And the adventurer.
It is a person who licks blood with a knife. The quality is uneven, and the bad guys are mostly bad. It is normal.
But this way.
Fenglingbao has suffered an extinction!
Natural disasters have overturned, and now there are more man-made disasters.
That is really miserable!
To say.
Why is there still some people in such a sinister place, wouldn\'t it be better to move out?
Not that I don\'t want to!
But not!
Fengling Fort, which can be adjacent to the front line fortress of the Dead Wasteland, has a very important strategic position and it is difficult for the court to give up.
Once this place is breached, the boundary of the Dead Wasteland will expand, and the monsters inside will go out. By sealing the boundary of the gourd mouth, the boundary of the ling fort will spread out. This will lead to catastrophic consequences and endanger The entire empire south!
and so.
Impossible to give up!
of course.
The imperial court will not allow such a strategically important place to remain so chaotic for a long time.
In the past, the people sent by the court to solve the problem could not cure the problem at all!
After several times, even the emissaries of the imperial court were attacked and killed by those bold bandits, which completely annoyed the emperor.
The enshrined masters were dispatched, and there was a **** massacre, sweeping away the dregs of those who appeared to be adventurers but were actually bandits and robbers.
How can the darkness of human nature be solved by this small killing?
As long as there are benefits, there will be countless people with ulterior motives, moths fighting the fire!
A large number of adventurers came to occupy the territory and lair of the "predecessors", and did the same activities as the "predecessors"!
"This Nima is so disgusting to throw up!"
Qin Luosheng really almost vomited.
After hearing the words of the official in charge of this Lingbao, his face looked ugly.
Emperor, you are really kind to me!
Give me special missions!
I thought that some BOSS couldn\'t get rid of it, and let me, the big master of the Black Dragon King Longyuan, who killed the Black Dragon King, went to solve it!
did not expect.
This is such a difficult problem for Lao Tzu!
Earlier in the Jinluan Temple, I thought you were a good emperor. I thought you were a good emperor. I was too naive and a political player. How could he be a good person?
"This is too difficult!"
Qin Luosheng wanted to cry without tears.
If you let him go to the liver boss, there will be no other words, and it will be over!
As long as you don\'t come to the mythical boss, there is nothing to fear!
But now.
Solve the historical problems of Fengling Fort!
The difficulty is simply infinite!
As long as the dead wasteland is still there!
As long as those monsters will attack!
As long as the benefits are endless, there will be endless adventurers!
The problem of Fenglingbao can never be cured!
In addition.
There is also the internal problems of Fenglingbao itself.
Solve the water source problem!
Solve the food problem!
Solve the ideological problems of the people who live here, give them hope for life, and change their state of walking dead!
This tm is simply harder than reaching the sky!
"Tsk tsk, this time I have a headache again!"
"It was originally a monster game, but now it has become a strategy game!"
"This Nima, is it here to play the game or to become an official?"
"Before I was sour, but now it seems that it is not a good thing to be valued by the emperor!"
"This task, I just want to vomit!"
"It\'s interesting, Brother Crying Soul, listen to me, you first XXX, then XXX, then XXX, and finally XXXX, leave you alone!"
A group of water friends in the live broadcast room suddenly became HIGH!
There are many new Xiaobai, but there is no lack of flexible minds. Upon listening to this official\'s complaint (tell the background) and combining the previous factors, he immediately guessed the key to the task.
Call you crazy!
Let you dazzle!
Let\'s do it now, this task B will not kill you!
"Is there any detailed information for me to check?"
Qin Luosheng ignored a group of mentally handicapped people. No matter how these guys collapsed, they couldn\'t hurt him. The top priority was the question of how to end the Lingbao.
"Yes, my lord, wait a minute, I\'ll get it!"
After a while, a pile of information was placed in front of Qin Luosheng.
There is a lot of information, and it took Qin Luosheng more than an hour to read it.
"Master Wu, according to the information, Fenglingbao has only become so hot in recent years, right?"
Qin Luosheng asked.
"Yes it is!"
Fenglingbao Wu Zhifu nodded repeatedly.
"The imperial court has conducted an investigation. Although the culprit was not found, a feather with a strong fire element was found in a wasteland lair not far away. It is speculated that the unknown beast caused the temperature around Fengling Fort to rise. Right?"
Zhifu Wu nodded again.
"Currently, there are 127 bandit dens that can be recorded. Among them, the three bandit dens are the strongest, and the bandits have broken through a thousand, right?"
Zhifu Wu nodded again.
"In addition to these external troubles, the main internal worries of Fengling Fort are lack of food, lack of drinking water, sluggish morale, and the inability to consolidate the city walls, and will suffer from warcraft invasions and bandit attacks anytime and anywhere, so that everyone is in danger, etc. Are these questions?"
Zhifu Wu\'s eyes were full of tears and he didn\'t say anything, but his expression had already given Qin Luosheng the answer!
"I already know the situation. Now, please ask Governor Wu to gather the soldiers and people together. After half an hour, I have something to say!"
Qin Luosheng pondered for a moment, and then ordered.
As imperial envoys sent by the imperial court, even the highest local official, Wu Zhifu, had to obey orders.
of course.
The raptors across the river force the ground-headed snake, which can easily cause backlashes and intensify the contradictions. If it is small, it means "disagreeing with each other."
There are absolutely no worries about this here!
Fenglingbao is like this. The official Wu Zhifu, not to mention that life is better than death, but it is almost the same. There is not even a guard at the Yamen. Now someone is coming to take over the mess and solve the problem. It is too late to welcome. Throwing this hot potato away, how can it be wrong?
"It seems that some of the next ones are busy!"
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help letting out a suffocating breath as he looked at the back of the prefect Wu leading the way.
The difficulty of closing the Lingbao mentioned just now is actually still a small problem. The real problem is that the residents here are dead, or that there is no hope in their hearts, this is the most disgusting!
External problems are easy to solve, but internal problems are difficult to solve!
"Forget it, now I can only count one step at a time!"
Qin Luosheng rubbed his temples, and then took out the scroll of Xingyao City\'s return to the city.