Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 829: : For the first time in the live broadcast, the Raptors cross the river
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 829: : For the first time in the live broadcast, the Raptors cross the river

"...Your level is 45, but if you want to make up for the other eight positions on the team, it should be a little too close!"
Qin Luosheng\'s thoughts fluttered, stroking the complicated relationship with Du Qiangwei, and she didn\'t dare to refuse, and said, "I will give you time! At most tomorrow, it should be almost the same. As it happens, I have no time today, so I have to Go to the imperial city to decorate it. Buy a store or something, grab the best location, and open the Shiweixian and Canglong Pavilion branches first. How about? Happy or not? There are your three ingredients in it!"
Scarlet Rose:...
"Tomorrow night!"
"If you still fulfill the contract tomorrow night! Then don\'t blame me for breaking the contract too!"
"By the time!"
"Let\'s all act against the evil, and see who loses more!"
Scarlet Rose collapsed a little, and shouted angrily: "You demon!"
The corner of Qin Luosheng\'s mouth evokes a strange arc, and his evil spirit is awe-inspiring, "The devil is a devil! What about honest people? Instead, it is considered bully by others! Devil can kiss a goddess Fangze like Miss Du, then I would rather be a demon for a lifetime! Hahaha..."

Hang up the communication!
Qin Luosheng\'s face was refreshed!
I\'ve long wanted to beat that arrogant woman!
All day long, stern face, a look high above.
The ice and snow did not dissolve that day. Lao Tzu\'s body was breathless, his eyes blurred, and he looked like he had been played badly. He wanted to be forgiving and proud of his character not allowing himself to speak. He could only kill people with his usual habit of killing people and staring coldly at him. But I don\'t know that at that time, the so-called cold eyes have become moist and charming, but on the contrary, they can arouse men\'s animal desires even more?
Thinking of Du Qiangwei\'s supreme enjoyment after removing her disguise, Qin Luosheng\'s heart was fierce!
"Forget it, don\'t think about it now!"
He shook his head, and threw away the charming thoughts, "Anyway, this woman is already in my pocket, so I am not in a hurry. Compared with the use of force to coerce this method, I still prefer this woman\'s constant struggle. In the end, I had to recognize the reality and took the initiative to send it to the door, that stubborn but unwilling look!"
Then it\'s up to who calculates who!
Good swimmers drown in the water!
Wait and see!
Du Qiangwei!

Imperial city.
Like the ancient Chinese capital of Kyoto.
Majestic atmosphere, magnificent and magnificent.
of course.
Since it is a fantasy world, after retaining the style of Chinese elements, this class should be even more exciting!
at least.
In this area, it is definitely not weaker than Dragon City, or even worse!
As the first player to set foot here, in a short time, no one can come in, so you don\'t have to worry so much. Take a good look at the ancient charm of the land under your feet that modern people will never be able to appreciate!
"Right, live!"
Qin Luosheng quickly opened the live broadcast.
Short videos have all appeared.
There is definitely no shortage of live broadcasts!
With the popularity of "Destiny Dimension", the live broadcast industry has eaten a wave of big dividends, and those big anchors have made a lot of money.
Qin Luosheng has not paid attention before, but I have to say that there is a huge base, whether it is technology flow, analysis flow, OB flow, or live broadcast of other life departments, etc., the popularity is not low!
As the most famous ID in the current Destiny World!
The official Destiny Group will definitely open the back door and want to seek cooperation.
Qin Luosheng ignored it.
Forum gold ID, live room Leopard number, video area big V,...
Everything is properly arranged!
"Then live broadcast!"
I glanced at my video area and watched the battle between Snake Dao Ren and Luan Snake that was uploaded recently. The heat exploded and it rose to the top of the new video homepage, and the comments were also the highest!
Take another look at the forum!
"Snake God Mountain dungeon detailed guide" is also bursting with heat. It has already been topped and refined, and the number of comments is even more explosive than the video!
"Ding, you are a supreme-level anchor, and you have permission for the entire network advertisement once a day, are you enabled?"
Is there such a good thing?
Qin Luosheng was happy on the spot!
Originally, he was not interested in live broadcasting.
Bad money?
Does he still need money now?
There are two golden mountains, Hidden Dragon Pavilion and Shiweixian. If you want to make money, you can use the Starlight Miracle to sublimate equipment anytime and anywhere. With todays demand for high-end equipment, even if its sold in batches, you cant get much splash. child.
To be a solo arms dealer, isn\'t it more profitable than live broadcasting?
Before Qin Luosheng was the same, a person\'s power was limited, but because of his special status, it was difficult for him to establish his own power!
and so.
The road to kingly hegemony is unworkable!
Then take the path of invincible holy way!
With his current prestige, there are so many fans.
Because it\'s too mysterious, ordinary players don\'t talk about contact, and they can\'t even see him at a glance. You can only know from the video how powerful Soul Cry is!
To be so high and low is too far away from the masses!
right now.
If the live broadcast is on, it\'s different.
Not to mention being close to the people, at least it also narrowed the distance with the masses, from "gods" to "people"!
So far.
Crying Soul is still a legend, after all, that strength is not the same as the player!
Crying Soul is also a player, and players like them are just a little stronger at best!
Flesh and flesh!
Will also explode!
I will complain too!
You will also be a fool!
Once the plan is successful, the prestige rises.
Don\'t say anything about the Lei Shi Group, even if it is the state machine, if you want to move him, you have to weigh it!
Lost popular support.
It\'s not a joke!
"Live broadcast is on!"
Give an order.
Since the official establishment, it has always been shady, and the live broadcast scene that has never changed was instantly replaced by Qin Luosheng\'s first perspective.
A shocking system announcement also blew in the ears of players all over the world.
"Ding, the first person in the destiny world, the Chinese player Weeping Soul, it\'s on the air! The live broadcast room number is 8888, what are you waiting for? Come and watch!"
An extremely short notice.
But it set off a stormy sea.
For a time.
The live broadcast room, which was originally empty, suddenly dropped by air!
Ten thousand!
One hundred thousand!
one million!
Ten million!
In less than a minute, the number of people in the live room directly exceeded 10 million!
Under the super advertisements announced around the world, coupled with the reputation of the crying soul, it is so irritable!
"I\'m fucking! Brothers, I\'ll slip away first, the Weeping Soul is on!"
"You are still watching this old woman? I\'m sorry! I betrayed! What about Boda? I\'m going to see my idol up close!"
"Oh, do you still want to learn skills? Forget it! This rookie can\'t even single out a golden boss. It has a hammer technique! Go to see Weeping Soul and single out the boss who strengthens the legendary BOSS! Only then can you learn technology !"
"Sorry! Sweetie! I flashed it!"
For a time.
The entire live channel is shaking!
Qin Luosheng, the raptor across the river, instantly muddled the water in the live broadcast world. With the attitude of King\'s Landing, he did not talk about martial arts at all. No matter which sector it was, whether it was the first line or the eighteenth line, the heat of all the live broadcast rooms was crazy. It plummeted, and all of them poured into the live broadcast room with ID 8888!
The miserable howl, the helpless Erkang hand, ...
Even though they kept and tried every means, they still couldn\'t stop the flow of personnel and the plummeting popularity.
The anchors!
One counts one!
I cried one after another!