Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 820: : Backtracking scroll, start
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 820: : Backtracking scroll, start

Endless attacks fell, but this time was completely different from just now.
It was an undoubted spike just now, but now, it\'s all MISS!
This is not Qin Luosheng\'s super dodge ability being effective, but a compulsory immunity!
This is Qin Luosheng\'s trump card.
This is the horror of the combination of Holy Dragon Bodyguard and Ice Ring Enchantment!
Seeing Qin Luosheng unscathed, Taoist Snake was shocked.
He who didn\'t believe in evil continued his fierce attack, and one after another strong energy impact fell, hitting Qin Luosheng\'s body with incomparable precision, but it was the same as before, and it was useless!
"Damn kid, don\'t think about it!"
Snake Taoist saw that his attack could not be effective, and wanted to completely break free from the shackles of the mountains and rocks. It would take time to get rid of the trap completely. He suddenly became anxious and roared, "Snake blood whip!"
In an instant!
A blood-red energy whip furiously swiped down and attacked Qin Luosheng.
A heavy whip fell, and the blood-colored long whip twisted towards Qin Luosheng like a spirit snake.
Not only hurt, but also want to tie Qin Luozhen!
"Ding, the exemption is effective, and the snake blood whip is invalid!"
A crisp system prompt made Qin Luosheng drink a bottle of cold beer like a dog in the winter, that\'s a cool one!
This anticipation counteracts the control, just like the foresight, especially seeing the daunting look and satisfaction of the Snake Taoist!
"who are you,"
The snake blood whip did not work, the snake Taoist had no last resort, and Qin Luosheng, who had been infinitely close to his destination, easily came to the center of the rune blockade, watching the limbs tied by the four iron chains and bound to the mountain. Qin Luosheng\'s pity flashed by in the shadow of a figure who was rarely able to even move a bullet, and then hurriedly shouted: "How can I save you!??"
"That guy is crazy, even if the last bit of spirit in the body of the fight is not there, he will not let me out, because once I get out of trouble, he will face the disaster of extinction, when the time comes, the body and spirit will be destroyed, and there will be no resurrection. may!"
The figure with the head down and the face hidden by the blue silk makes people unable to see who she is. Qin Luosheng can only judge from her voice and the introduction of the snake Taoist before, whether she is a woman or a snake Like the Taoists, the strong men born in the ancient times are the same beings named Luan Snake among the different snakes!
"There are only two ways to save me. One is to make up the deficiencies in my body and restore me to the peak. This requires a strong life force. Unless you have a strange treasure or a spirit pill, it is absolutely impossible!"
She said very quickly: "The second is to cut off the four deep sea gods that bind me, and break the trapped **** formation, take me away, as long as I avoid the snake Taoists sight, I can get rid of him. At that time, all you need to do is give me some time to learn from spiritual energy, and then I will be able to make a comeback and take revenge!"
Qin Luosheng:...
I\'m gonna!
What is the difference between what you said and what you didnt say?
If I had the abilities, I still need you for tm, and I would have killed the Daoist Snake head-on a long time ago!
"Little, I think I\'ll go and fight Snake Taoist one more time!"
Qin Luosheng smiled bitterly: "I still have time to go back to the scrolls, five full times, plus today\'s Starlight Retrospect has not been used, another embrace of the **** of death, together with the starlight blessing sublimated to the extreme slash, maybe it can be done in one go Its time for the Daoist Snake body!"
Xiaoxiao said in a very calm tone: "It takes three seconds to accumulate energy for Sky Breaking Slash. No one will be idiot enough to give you this time!"
The law of death is tyrannical.
Even the Snake Taoist who has recovered to his body can\'t get rid of the embrace of death at all!
The question is, after using Deaths Hug to reduce 90% of his attributes, how do I get rid of the remaining 10% of his health?
The Snake Taoist in the body can\'t even see any information in the eyes of the sky, just a screen full of question marks.
This means that Qin Luo has at least surpassed the current 20 levels. Under the absolute level of crushing, he can\'t even hit the attack. How can he talk about hitting damage?
The only thing that can cause damage is real damage, or special effects, such as destruction and breakage!
With capable skills, there is only one!
"Then use the first method!" Xiao Xiao said again: "Restore this guy\'s abilities, let the two of them go to the dog to bite the dog, we will take advantage of the fisherman\'s profit!"
"I think too!" Qin Luosheng helplessly, "but how do I recover? The spirit pill is still life energy..."
and many more!
Qin Luosheng suddenly realized.
Life energy!
Majestic life energy!
Why didn\'t you expect it just now?
"Xiaoxiao, what are you talking about..." Qin Luosheng asked Xiaoxiao expectantly, "Yimu resuscitation? Or, Ji Healing?"
"Otsuki revives!" Xiaoxiao explained quickly: "Ultra-healing technique is too masculine, and this guy in front of you is a kind of different snake, a cold-blooded animal, and will be afraid of all masculine energies such as fire and thunder. You Using Extreme Healing will only make her die faster!"
Qin Luosheng:...
"Then Otsuki will recover!"
Time is running out.
Even if it takes a very short time to communicate with a small mind, the snake Taoist has already been killed in such a sudden effort. The huge body covers the sky and the sun, especially the horror of the snake\'s head hanging down and swallowing a mountain. Snake pupil stared, his extremely cold eyes were full of violent and ferocious eyes, which made Qin Luosheng\'s feet soft!
Qin Luosheng just wanted to start Yimu\'s resuscitation, but looked at the Daoist snake body in front of him, and glanced at the trapped Luan snake that was just a normal human size, gritted his teeth and decided to add another step.
Both are 1.78 meters tall, some people can only kill a rat with one punch, while others can kill a cow with one punch!
This is the strength of strength!
The strong, powerful, consumes a lot of energy, one meal can eat ten meals of ordinary people!
The weak, weak, low energy consumption, a meal may even be able to eat a steamed bun!
Qin Luosheng was not sure whether Yimu\'s recovery, which was extremely effective for him, would be effective for the ancient strange snake named Luan Snake before him.
After all, Otsuki Resuscitation is a skill that uses life energy. The more life energy is, the better the effect should be!
at this time.
Can\'t be stingy at all!
Qin Luosheng immediately took out a scroll!
"Retrospect the scroll, activate!"
"Ding, the retrospective scroll has been activated successfully, please select the retrospective goal!"
"I want to go back to the Starlight Blessing!"
"Ding, Starlight Blessing has succeeded in retrospect, the CD is restored, and you can use it immediately!"
"Start, Starlight Blessing!"
"Starlight Blessing started successfully, please choose the target that needs blessing!"
"Blessing goal-[Otsuki Recovery]!"
"The choice is successful, please choose one of the abilities in [Eki Recovery]!"
"Choose [Otsuki Resuscitation]-restore your state to its peak!"
"If the choice is successful, one\'s own state will be restored to its peak, and it will be sublimated to the ultimate perfection!"

PS1: [Retrospective Scroll]
Type: Reel
grade:? ? ?
Effect: Back in time
Introduction: Ability to go back to the skill and eliminate its CD! (5/5)
PS2: [Otsuki Resuscitation] Effect : Costs 10,000 mana, and speeds up the growth of vegetation by 30% (the same target can only be used once); Effect : Costs 10,000 mana, restores one\'s own state to the peak! Cooling time: 24 hours! (Remove all DEBUFF, eliminate injuries, full health, mana, hunger, etc.)