Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 819: : The snake **** recovers, Qin Luosheng raises the trump card
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 819: : The snake **** recovers, Qin Luosheng raises the trump card

"The dragon and the snake dance!"
Snake Taoist panicked.
Under Qin Luosheng\'s posture like a **** of war, he panicked.
The body splits and manifests.
One is a snake, it is a different snake with a single horn on its forehead and a barbed back!
One is a dragon, it is a dragon that has not evolved completely. It belongs to the class of Jiao, with a strange shape!
The dragon and the snake entangled, danced, and the energy bloomed...
The violent tornado was born through the rotation of the two, which is also mixed with energy fluctuations, and the destructive power is far stronger than the ordinary tornado.
"Want to sweep and crush with this attitude?"
Qin Luosheng sneered, "Then try it!"
Pause your figure, hold the Sacred Dragon Sword, accumulate your energy, and wait for your breath!
"...Broken... Heaven... Slash... Hit..."
Accompanied by the waving of the golden long sword, the sharp cold light bursts out instantly, turning into a long and narrow sword energy, carrying the power of destruction, and with the energy of the speed of sound, it cuts towards the tornado formed by the dancing of the snake Taoist dragon and snake.
The unfavorable slashing attack can slash the undead lich who has stolen the power of the moon god, the ice goddess who can slash the law, and the invincible black dragon king Longyuan,...
I can also kill you!
Snake Taoist!
The sword gas passed, the wind and rain stopped, and the wind stopped!
The fierce snakes and dragons raging in the tornado suddenly took shape.
Up to eight digits of damage flashed.
Nearly 14 million horrible injuries have almost emptied the blood bar of the Snake Taoist who was originally dissatisfied.
There was a crackling sound.
The single horn on the head of a different snake is broken!
at the same time.
The figure of the Jiaolong also disappeared, and everything, as if it had never appeared before, seemed as if it were true.
"The different snake is your body, and the flood dragon is your evolutionary body, right?"
Qin Luosheng looked coldly at the Snake Taoist who was bleeding from his forehead with a painful look on his face, and hummed: "Evolution failed and he did not become a real dragon, but the essence of the dragon is still preserved. In this way, there is a snake\'s body. , There is also an evolutionary body of Jiao. The two are combined into one. It is a great ability to dance for dragons and snakes!"
Daoist Snake didn\'t say anything, but stared at Qin Luosheng bitterly with his cold snake pupil.
"Unfortunately, this dragon is a fake product. It is said that dragons and snakes dance, but in fact it is just a dragon and snake dance. It is a castrated version, hahahaha..."
Being so mocked by a junior, Daoist Snake is almost furious.
No one is strong now.
What about anger?
It\'s incompetent and furious!
The Snake Taoist has been sneaking and rolling for so many years, and his mentality has been tempered to perfection. Naturally, it is impossible to lose his reason like a fledgling silly.
"Don\'t make any crooked ideas, I\'m crazy and I should, but I\'m not inflated!"
Qin Luosheng raised his right hand, and the Sacred Dragon Sword pointed at the Daoist Snake from afar. Under the indestructible warfare, his fighting spirit was still shaking the sky, "Come on, fight again!"
Stop talking.
The body turned into a stream of light again, and rushed towards the Snake Taoist.
"Take my blood as a sacrifice, my soul ~ return!"
Snake Taoist Guizhou donkey skill is poor, facing the golden radiance of Qin Luosheng like the rising sun in his birth, he slammed his chest and spit out a mouthful of blood, and the ground shook in an instant.
It was the corpse of a mountain, and it seemed to have recovered at this moment.
The Serpentine Mountain collapsed.
The body that hovered up, at least a thousand feet long, broke free from the rocks and trees on the surface of the body, revealing the original body, exactly the same as the one-horned snake in the dragon and snake dance just now!
? ? ?
Qin Luosheng was sluggish for an instant.
Looking at the huge snake with an eyeball diameter of at least 30 to 40 meters, almost the whole person was paralyzed.
Dog system.
What the **** is this?
Are you sure this tm is a BOSS that the player can defeat?
I drank your uncle!
"Sky Eye, open!"
The eyes condensed, and the sky eyes released.
Full screen question mark.
Dog R\'s!
This tm can\'t even detect the name of the monster, not to mention the attributes, rank, skills, and first-rate background.
The level is at least 70 and upwards, surpasses his own level 20, and the rank, this power, must be mythological first-class, even more terrifying than the Black Dragon King Longyuan!
It is worthy of being an ancient snake. Its cultivation ability is far from what it can compare with the loss of a lot of spiritual energy. A snake is stronger than a real dragon, and it is still in the state of a sudden drop in strength after the body has fallen.
"Save me, save me..."
Just as Qin Luosheng was helpless and had difficulty choosing between fleeing and fighting for life, suddenly, a soft whisper came from his ear.
"Quick, over there!"
A little hurried voice came in my mind.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t hesitate anymore, immediately turned away and moved in the direction of the little guidance!
"Bite of the Wilderness!"
The body is still restrained, but the snake head at the top has got rid of it. Daoist Snake\'s cold gaze looks over and sees Qin Luosheng\'s path. He is immediately furious, the snake\'s mouth is open, and the body is unable to move, but the snake kiss that the energy turns into has fallen .
The blasting damage bombardment caused Qin Luosheng, who had been weakened by the use of the sky-breaking slash, to die instantly.
"Ding, you have suffered a one-time attack that exceeds your total health, and the visor\'s ability takes effect, and 1 point of health is reserved to avoid death!"
In an emergency, the heart protector played a role.
"Extreme Healing Technique!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t hesitate to use a treatment technique that not only filled his health in an instant, but also wiped out the side effects of weakness and returned to its peak.
In the face of such a terrifying monster that is thousands of feet long, even in the peak period, Qin Luosheng is not a dish at all!
Keep flying!
The physical body broke the sound barrier.
Qin Luosheng blessed Fengxing, blessed the Holy Dragon Shadow Walk, and used all the speed skills that can be blessed.
"Save me, save me..."
The cry for help continued to sound, and as Qin Luosheng approached, it became clearer.
Qin Luosheng saw the figure calling for help.
"Holy Dragon Bodyguard!"
Before Qin Luosheng could see clearly, the following attacks followed. Qin Luosheng quickly activated the protection skills of the Sacred Dragon God Armor to neutralize an attack, and took advantage of the interval between the attacks, to rush again for a certain distance.
at the same time.
Qin Luosheng activates the skill exemption.
This skill can form a special energy shield within five seconds after it is activated, canceling out a skill.
Not an attack, but a skill.
Regardless of whether this skill is an attack skill or something else, it will not affect Qin Luosheng at all.
For example, imprisonment, detention, binding, and other restrictive skills!
"Holy Dragon Bodyguard!"
"Ice Ring Enchantment!"
Two more skills are used. This is a god-level combo skill. Qin Luosheng has never used it after it was developed. He thought that after the true dragon bloodline, three dragon blood skills, and many skills and shadow warriors disappeared, the combat power It\'s a big reduction, and you can use it as the hole card in the hole card. I never thought that it would have to be opened so quickly.

PS1: [Holy Dragon Bodyguard] consumes 3000 mana points, reduces 90% physical magic damage, duration: 30 seconds, cooling time: 10 minutes!
PS2: [Holy Dragon Bodyguard] consumes 5000 mana points to offset an upcoming physical magic damage, cooling time: 30 minutes!
PS3: [Exemption (Special)] No cost. Five seconds after activation, a special energy field can be formed to eliminate any skills (including damage skills and control skills) that target you and make them invalid. Change! Cooling time: 10 minutes!
PS4: [Ice Ring Enchantment] Passive effect. When being attacked, there is a certain chance to activate the enchantment, forming an ice wall, completely resisting or resisting part of the damage. Active effect. When receiving an external attack of X meters (X is the number of job transfers*10), the enchantment is activated. When the single attack damage does not exceed X points (X is its own mana), it is completely immune to damage; when receiving X When attacking within meters (X is the number of job transfers*10), the enchantment is activated, and when the single attack damage does not exceed X points (X is its own health), it is completely immune to damage! Duration: 30 seconds! Cooling time: 24 hours!
PS5: The Sacred Dragon Bodyguard reduces damage by 90%, and after the ice ring enchantment is opened, the damage will be completely immune if the damage is not up to the two conditions! The Snake Taoist was reduced by 90% of his attacks. Naturally, his damage could not exceed Qin Luosheng\'s magic value (20 meters away), who had been blessed with many boosting skills. Therefore, attack all MISS! This can be regarded as a plug-in compensation for the loss of the three skills of Shadow Warrior and Dragon Blood!
PS6: The above number of words is an excess amount and is not included in the chargeable words of the main text!