Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 813: : Sneak into the Serpent Mountain again
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 813: : Sneak into the Serpent Mountain again

"Oh, why bother?"
Qin Luosheng stretched out his hand and grabbed Du Mingfang\'s trembling hand.
I thought I was a rock-like heart, but seeing this scene, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but feel softened!
Seeing Du Mingfang\'s soft body only wearing underwear, Qin Luosheng not only has no desire, but has sadness and disgust in his heart!
What\'s not upset?
Not angry with Du Qiangwei!
Not angry with the so-called powerful people who are rich and powerful, and use them to buy the souls of others, which makes people sick!
No interest.
Qin Luosheng glanced blankly, and Du Mingfang, with tears in his eyes, turned and left.
after all.
He still couldn\'t harden his heart to become a demon!
This may be his Achilles heel!
Not ruthless enough!
Not enough!
After spending more than an hour in the swimming pool in the villa, Qin Luosheng finally gave up his desire and returned to his room!
enter the game!
Look at the time, there are still more than two hours before the early morning of the next day!
carry on!
Today there is another instance of Level 40 White Bone Mountain that has not been finished!
Even though it is now 49, the experience of level 40 dungeon will be weakened, but in the abyss mode, the final BOSS level of Bone Mountain is at level 50, and a large number of monsters behind are almost in this range. The experience is pretty good.
After quickly brushing the White Bone Mountain, the time has come to nearly one o\'clock in the morning!
"Have you collected what I want?"
Qin Luosheng turned on the communicator and sent a message to the head of the professional team sent by Scarlet Rose.
The opposite replied.
Qin Luosheng nodded and smashed the city return scroll: "See you at the Hidden Dragon Pavilion Main Store in Xing Yao City!"
Qin Luosheng got what he wanted.
[Hidden (Silver)] Demand: None!
A popular silver skill book, unlike this skill book, which does not have any requirements, it can be learned by any player, and the skill effect is similar to the lurking of thieves!
Starlight miracle moves!
The invisibility suddenly changed from a silver level to a gold level!
[Hidden] Consume 100 mana points and successfully enter the hidden state, cheating the enemy\'s sight. In the latent state, the speed drops by 80%, being attacked, touched, or actively attacked, revealing your figure! Duration: 3 minutes, cooling time: 5 minutes!
Not bad!
After all, it has been sublimated to gold, and the duration is 2 minutes higher than the ordinary one minute, which is awesome!
In addition to the skill book, Qin Luosheng also got fire oil, fire ~ medicine and other props, specially prepared for the snake man tribe under the snake **** mountain!
Get ready.
Qin Luosheng ran straight towards the dungeon teleporter.
Choose, Serpent Mountain!
Difficulty, abyss!
Single player pass!
Viper Trail.
So old!
How did you live before, just live like this now, according to the law!
There is not much change here, but the viper lurking here has stronger attributes and more numbers, but the personality is still the same, life is weak and poisonous, as long as it is not hit by an attack, it is completely worry-free.
Pass the first level easily!
Qin Luosheng rode Bingbing cautiously to the outside of the snake-man tribe!
"Fly in?"
Fumbling to the side of the wall, looking at the ten-meter-high giant wooden wall, Qin Luosheng opened his concealment, unfolded the wings of Yinglong, and wanted to enter by air attack, but was told that the current area is a forbidden territory, Gan!
"In that case, you can only enter the front door!"
After going around, Qin Luosheng returned to the gate of the snake man tribe after the concealment skill CD was restored, looking at the ten snake man guards guarding the door with a fierce expression.
"Tune the tiger away from the mountain? Speak east and west? Or directly use the starlight blessing to sublimate the concealment to the extreme, and swagger through the barriers under the eyelids of these ten guards?"
Qin Luosheng is weighing!
If you adjust the tiger away from the mountain, then you need a bait, but that way, it is easy to be alarmed, if this causes the snake-man tribe to be vigilant, it is impossible to use fire!
It\'s impossible to tune the tiger away from the mountain!
This guard team has a total of ten snakemen. As long as they are not idiots, it is impossible to dispatch them all at once. When the time comes, they still have to bet that these guys can\'t see through and hide!
Same thing!
"So, there is only one way!"
Qin Luosheng just wanted to use the starlight blessing to sublimate his concealment skills to the extreme. Suddenly, looking at the upside-down fence log, he seemed to think of something.
and many more!
Qin Luosheng paused, then opened his backpack and searched for it!
"The road to heaven is endless! MD, fortunately I still have a little impression!"
Holding a small and exquisite cylinder, Qin Luosheng smiled suddenly.
Spider Silk Launcher
Type: Wrist Gun
Grade: Gold
Demand: None
Effect: None
Special effect: [Spider Silk Launch] Launch the spider silk stored in the launcher!
Incidental skills: [Heaven and Earth Web] Consume a lot of spider silk, spit out a spider web to cover the target!
Introduction: Exquisite and small gadgets are said to be handcrafted by the craftsman in his childhood, with extremely high use value and collection value.
When I got this special equipment, it was treated as a gadget just like in the introduction.
When he was in Feixiong Ridge, he was exploded and picked up again. After getting the wings of Yinglong, he could fly into the sky. This wristgun was almost worthless. It was thrown in the corner of the backpack to eat ashes and almost completely forgotten.
"Sure enough, everything has value. The key is whether you can dig out its value!"
Qin Luosheng quickly installed the wrist gun.
This is special equipment and does not occupy the position of ordinary equipment.
Putting it on his wrist, Qin Luosheng tested the effect and looked at the spider silk that popped up. The situation was similar to that of a certain movie named Spider-Man. The difference was that they were a mutation, and he relied on props!
After a little familiarity, Qin Luosheng quietly came to the fence wall again, pinpointed the position, activated the stealth skill, and ejected the spider silk.
Can\'t fly, then I will climb!
Isn\'t this manager anymore?
The ten-meter-high fence was ejected three times before finally surpassing it!
Qin Luosheng chose a very good location. Going down is the dark corner of the corner, a blind spot for patrols, and it is almost impossible to be discovered.
It took Qin Luosheng more than an hour to avoid the guards and guards on patrol before arranging them in a dozen flammable areas that had already been selected.
"Come on, the grand feast begins!"
Qin Luosheng revealed his figure and walked out of the shadows swaggeringly, and was spotted by the patrolling snake men.
The alert snake man saw the foreign invader Qin Luosheng for the first time, and suddenly shouted, "Enemy attack, enemy attack!"
"Little, it\'s up to you!"
Qin Luosheng gave an order, looked at the large number of snake people who had gathered, and then -
Just run away!