Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 800: : Qin Luoshengs Revenge Plan
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 800: : Qin Luoshengs Revenge Plan

"Aren\'t you scared?"
Mu Mu looked contemptuously, "That\'s right, although the Thunder Knife suffered a heavy loss last time, even the Thunder Union fell from the top ten trade union ranks, but after all, the skinny camel is bigger than the horse, and it is normal for you to be afraid!"
"Am I afraid?"
Qin Luosheng was very angry and laughed back. Although he knew that this was Mu Mu\'s violent generals, man, in front of the three goddesses, especially one that he wanted to pursue, and the other was that he had a lot of affection in contact with him in reality. , Can this tm admit to being counseled?
"I just don\'t think it\'s so interesting to kill Thundercutter now!"
Regardless of whether or not points will be deducted due to his current immature performance, Qin Luosheng bluntly revealed his plan, "At present, Thunder Crazed has rarely re-leveled, and it\'s only about level 35. Kill him and you will soon be able to practice. Come back. Isn\'t it better to kill him when he is level 50? One hundred million experience points, killing him once is estimated that he will have to cry! Besides, killing is only the lowest level of revenge, and the best way to punish the heart is. "
"100 million experience points?"
Mu Mu suddenly stayed.
"One hundred million experience points for level 49 to 50?"
Qing Si and Su Yuran\'s eyes also looked over.
Qin Luosheng was about to equip him, and waited for Mu Mu to ask him what he was preparing for the thunder madness. I didnt know that this girls brain circuits seemed to be different, and the focus of attention was somewhat biased, and he was speechless for a while. Share his current experience bar.
"Ah...It\'s really 100 million, how many monsters do you have to kill?"
Mu Mu let out a mournful cry, her small faces were all wrinkled together, aggrieved.
"Okay, stop acting, do you want to do the task? If I don\'t go, I\'ll leave by myself!"
Qin Luosheng took out the scroll back to the city to be crushed.
"Go! Go! Go!"
Mu Mu hurriedly took up her appearance, and then asked again, "What is your strategy to punish the heart? Can you reveal a little?"
"It\'s easy!"
Qin Luosheng sneered, and a cold light flashed in his slightly narrowed eyes, and said: "If you want to completely destroy a person, then destroy his most important thing. The reason why Thunder Crazed is so arrogant is not relying on the Thunder Union and the reality. Lei\'s Group?"
"The Thunder Trade Union and the Lei Shi Group are now tied together, especially in the previous Feixiongling battle. They were defeated and almost collapsed. For this reason, they had to invest more, stabilize their forces, and completely became a grasshopper on a rope. ."
"Shooting now can certainly make the Thunder Frenzy less miserable and make the Thunder Union miserable, but it can\'t be killed at all. On the contrary, it may cause the Lei Group to give up completely, break the arm of the strong man, and abandon the tail for survival."
"If I dont move for the time being, I will wait quietly for the Thunder Union to set up a gang and spend a lot of money to build a gang territory, strengthen myself, and when I am on the right track and are about to make a profit, I will act again. Gang destruction, you say, what will happen?"
Seeing the evil smile on Qin Luosheng\'s face, Mu Mu couldn\'t help but fight a cold war, with a look of horror in his eyes!
If it is exactly what Qin Luosheng said, then the Lei Family will definitely step into the abyss of immortality!
The hope of the destiny world is shattered, and the reality of the Lei Shi Group is hurt and vitalized. Even if it is not directly bankrupt, it will be on the verge of destruction.
At that time.
Bankruptcy is doomed!
after all.
Even if it can be stabilized, other forces will not stand aside such a large piece of fat in front of them without coming up to take a bite.
"You are so cruel!"
Mu Mu said with a slightly complicated expression.
"If you are not cruel, you can\'t stand firm!"
Qin Luosheng said indifferently: "Since we have to do it, then we have to do it thoroughly. Last time in Feixiongling, if I had some trump cards, that level would not be able to pass, and now I have deleted the number!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t care about the reaction of the three girls, he directly crushed the scroll of returning to the city!

[Task name] The last wish of the mercenary king
[Task introduction] Help the mercenary king complete his last wish
[Task content] The first stage-level up to 30 (completed); the second stage-looking for the temple (not completed)
[Task time]? ? ?
mission rewards? ? ?
[Failure penalty]? ? ?
Looking at the coordinate points marked on the map, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help frowning.
Too scattered!
A full nine coordinate points are still distributed in a certain area of ??the nine major cities, which is simply disgusting!
"Do you want to go?"
Qin Luosheng asked the three girls next to him: "This is just a running mission!"
"Road mission!"
Mu Mu shouted disappointedly: "Let\'s forget it, it\'s a waste of time! Yesterday\'s update, today I lost many hours of game time. Don\'t hurry up, you can\'t even finish the three regular copies. We are not like it. You perverted guy, you are only one step away from level 50, and you need a lot of experience now!"
Qin Luosheng:...
"That\'s OK, you go to level up first!"
People didn\'t want to follow, Qin Luosheng didn\'t force it.
They followed, but delayed the rhythm.
after all.
Not everyone has a legendary mount like Bingbing to travel!
"Qin... Weeping Soul, then I\'ll go to the copy with them first!"
Su Yulan wanted to follow Qin Luosheng, but Mu Mu, this little pepper, hugged her arm and called her sister in a sweet voice. She was embarrassed to refuse, but she could only accept her intention.
"Well, be careful!"
Qin Luosheng gave an order with concern.
Even though Su Yulan\'s level has reached 41, barely ranked first, second only to Qingsi\'s 43,44 level super first-line, the equipment is also super strong, but after all, I didn\'t see her fighting, and I don\'t know that this product is only Only RMB fighters, there are real materials.
"By the way, they don\'t know my real identity!"
Seeing the three sisters leaving together, Qin Luosheng hurriedly sent a secret letter to Su Yulan, "Don\'t miss it. Also, if you don\'t have to be a last resort, don\'t say your identity. Otherwise, it will be easy to be caught by them. Follow the vine and find me!"
"Well, I know!"

Star City.
A wild forest more than 5,000 miles to the east.
Qin Luosheng galloped all the way on Bingbing, traversing too many dangers, and finally reached the designated coordinate point.
A ruined temple?
Qin Luosheng walked in very vigilantly.
The temple is not small, but judging from its scale, it used to be very prosperous, but unfortunately, now that it has declined, with moss and weeds overgrown, I dont know how long it has not been popular.
this is--
All the way was unimpeded, Qin Luosheng entered the main hall of the temple, looked at the statues enshrined on the altar, and instantly recognized it.
Once the arrow **** in the mercenary king team, he was hailed as the **** of arrows!
"Ding, the Jumang spirit in the Medal of Honor releases a special pulse, the spirit is revived by 10%, and a coordinate point is concluded!"
"Ding, you got a special coordinate imprint, you can teleport to this place after level 50, only once a day!"