Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 797: : White-hot, constantly changing money rankings
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 797: : White-hot, constantly changing money rankings

Scarlet Rose was stunned. In box 12, her brain replenished the scene described by Qin Luosheng. In an instant, an alluring iceberg face was flushed and steaming like a boiling kettle.
that moment.
The amazing charm and charm she exudes shocked all the girls of the Rose Society, represented by the **** roses!
It seems to melt!
"What are you laughing at? So disgusting!"
After molesting the ice cube girl Scarlet Rose, Qin Luosheng was in a good mood, especially when he thought of the scene he had imagined, his blood boiled with blood, and a smile appeared unconsciously on his face.
Mu Mu saw this smile with a little (YIN) ambiguous (DANG). There was a chill on the spot, and he rubbed his arms vigorously, as if to rub off the violent goose bumps.
Seeing the eyes that Qing Si and Su Yulan were attracted to, Qin Luosheng twitched the corner of his mouth, and decided to pretend to die in order not to die on the spot!
Thunder mad little: "Two hundred million!"
Scarlet Rose: "Two hundred and ten million!"
ACTO: "Two hundred twenty million!"
Shimmering: "Two hundred and twenty-one million!"
Dark Walker: "I quit!"
As a killer, that is the existence of visible light.
Even in the virtual world, it is now greatly reduced!
Still need a little awe.
The most terrifying thing about the killer is that he is out there, you will always be known by him, but you don\'t know him!
Once the killer has a fixed gang territory, doesn\'t it become a living target?
at least.
This first gang is absolutely unacceptable, otherwise it will become a target of public criticism.
Those regular customers don\'t talk about taking care of the business, it would be nice if they didn\'t unite and level the black buildings!
right now.
Once the advertisement hits, it\'s time to retire!
Old flame smoker: "Two hundred and twenty-two million!"
No one was surprised by the withdrawal of the black building.
Everyone knows the purpose of the Dark Walker.
The big guys on the scene never regarded him as opponents and continued to compete for themselves.
Xiongtu: "Two hundred twenty-three million!"
Emperor Wu: "Two hundred thirty million!!"
Under everyone\'s dumbfounding gaze, the price first broke through 100 million yuan in Thunder Craziness, and then broke 200 million yuan in Thunder Craziness. Now it has soared to 230 million!
Here it is.
Even the big guys are beginning to struggle.
This is more than two hundred million, real money, but two million, twenty million!
Don\'t look at the so-called richest man in XX, with tens of billions or hundreds of billions of assets at every turn, but that is just the combined wealth of assets, stocks, industries, and so on, not cash flow!
In many cases, cash is king!
Just like now.
Even if there is support from behind-the-scenes funders, raising two or three billion yuan in one day is already a limit.
Some even have cut off their cash. If they don\'t make up in time, maybe their employees won\'t be paid next month.
From the previous price increase of 10 million to 10 million, it has now become a price increase of one million to one million. If the bid price is not less than one million each time, the bid price may even be lower.
It\'s not that it\'s not open, but it\'s really no money!
It was already extremely overestimated as much as possible, and a lot of top-up, but never expected that this auction would be so violent, it would abruptly increase the selling price by at least 20%!
no way.
Just bite the bullet!
Jian Bang Ling is very fragrant, and this worldwide advertisement is also very fragrant.
Even if you know it is a pit, you can\'t refuse it at all!
Especially Lei Ting Kuang, who scolded Qin Luosheng, the owner of Jian Bang Ling, had to cry tearfully to give money to his enemies, even if he couldn\'t send it out!
This taste.
That\'s it!
"I quit!"
"I also quit!"
"Crazy! Crazy! One by one!"
"I take it, you have money, you go, I won\'t play with you!"
When the asking price reached 270 million, the big guys began to shrink back!
Only Donghuang, Emperor Wu, Yatu and a few business alliances that did not open their boxes to show their faces but only advertised were still shouting prices!
After another round of bidding.
ACTO regrets to retire!
Atoge was originally ranked fourth in the top ten guilds. Because of the early catch of Qin Luoshengs line, it developed very well, and soon surpassed the third place, ranking among the top three, second only to thunder, and stable as the Eastern Emperor of Mount Tai. Pavilion and the Deceptive Union!
The foundation is still insufficient, but competition!
One more round.
Those large and small business alliances formed by the union of countless wealthy individuals were also abandoned.
Only the Eastern Emperor and Emperor Wu were fighting.
Donghuang: "Two hundred and eighty million!"
Emperor Wu: "Two hundred million and one million!"
"Two hundred and twenty-two million!"
"Two hundred and eighty-three million!"
"Two hundred and eighty-four million!"
"Two hundred and eighty-five million!"
The lowest price every time.
Every bid is delayed until the moment before the hammer is about to fall.
Others don\'t know, so they are still mocking.
The discerning person sees the mystery.
Both of these people are delaying time.
Why delay?
Of course it is to raise funds!
There is.
It takes time to recharge to the account.
It doesn\'t matter for small amounts, basically, the account arrives in seconds.
But for large sums, millions, tens of millions, and hundreds of millions, in addition to the need to be determined, they have to be reviewed, and it takes at least five minutes!
"Changed, changed, the wealth list has changed!"
One stone stirred up a thousand waves.
Everyone opened the wealth rankings one after another!
Qin Luosheng is no exception.
Fortune ranking:
The first place, ID: Emperor Wu, has gold coins: 325517414 (more than 325 million)!
Second place, ID: Donghuang, owns gold coins: 307995356 (more than 307 million!)

The two big guys are getting stronger.
The power game behind the scenes has also come to the fore!
Emperor Wu grinned abruptly, changed his constipation just now, and directly shouted: "308 million!"
This price is just higher than all Donghuang\'s funds!
It\'s just messing up!
The Donghuang, who knew the temper of Emperor Wu, was not angry, his anger was invisible, and he still looked calm and breezy.
"Three hundred and thirty million!"
Donghuang suddenly bid a price.
Emperor Wu was a bit daunted on the spot.
Open the wealth rankings quickly.
I saw it.
The first place, ID: Donghuang, has gold coins: 337995356 (more than 327 million)!
Where did the sudden increase of 30 million come from?
"Boss, I still have some gold coins here!"
At this time, the confidant around Emperor Wu traded over 10 million gold coins, some of which were rounded up. Obviously, they were all given!
Don\'t think that more than 10 million gold coins are very few, this is more than 10 million RMB!
Carrying such a huge amount of gold coins with you is simply a god.
To know.
Once dead, at least 10% of gold coins will be dropped, which is more than one million gone.
An apartment was lost in an instant, and the poor ability to withstand the shock of myocardial infarction almost passed!
"Three hundred and seventy million!"