Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 796: : Du Qiangwei compromised, Qin Luoshengs evil thoughts
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 796: : Du Qiangwei compromised, Qin Luoshengs evil thoughts

The auctioneer raised his hand without hesitation, and suddenly, the red silk fluttered, and the order to build a helping hand in kind was caught in the eyes of everyone.
"Building an order, the starting price is 3000W gold coins, and the bid price shall not be less than 100W gold coins each time!"
In a word, let the enthusiastic players quickly cool down.
Those players who were eager to move, also died down immediately.
Fight for a hammer!
Starting 30 million, who can hold it?
not to mention.
This is just the money to build a gang, and the establishment of a gang is a bottomless pit in the abyss. I dont know how much to invest in, and as the first gang, there will be a pack of wolves. Without any strength, who dares to join?
"I, Feihu, represent the Feihu mercenary group and bid 3000W!"
A figure stood up.
With precise guidance, a player with the ID named Feihu appeared on the big screen!
Show your face.
Show your face!
Everyone was excited.
The previous bid, only heard the name, only listened to the voice, but not the person!
Even though the advertisement was shot out, it seemed to be a little less interesting after all.
right now.
The opportunity to show your face is here!
"I, Feihu, represent the Feihu mercenary group and bid 3000W!"
"I, XX represent the XX mercenary group, and bid 3100W!"
"I XX, bid 3300W!"
"I, XX represent XX business alliance, and bid 3500W!"
For a time, the demons danced wildly.
A group of small and capable players who knew they had no hope and no capital at all to take over this bottomless pit began to frantically bid prices, advertise, sell, ... and eat the biggest advertising bonus of this wave!
Mercenary group, business alliance, copy group, mission group,...
Everyone has it!
What are the dungeon group and mission group?
in short.
It is a team or individual who collects rewards to bring people to download copies and help people complete tasks!
Similar to mercenaries.
It\'s just that this mercenary is not for the NPC, but for the player!
"My Thunder Union, bid 100 million!"
It didnt take long. The price was only raised to 70 million. Those advertising guys didnt eat much of the bonus. The thunder mad who was sitting in Box 8 couldnt help it. He opened the box door and showed his face in a high-profile manner, looking condescendingly. The 100,000 people below grinned and called out a number arrogantly.
"Oh, young thunder mad, don\'t you remember to fight? It\'s been just a few days before the dog barked again?"
Yato, who has no box, sat on the VIP seat below, watching the Thunder Crazed, and mockingly said, "What? The level is back?"
prior to.
The Thunder mad young man and the Dragon clan ambush Qin Luosheng. Later, he planned to go bankrupt. The Dragon clan died and was arrested. However, the Thunder Union, due to heavy casualties, was rushed over by the Yatu Pavilion and the Rose Society, and many other forces jointly encircled and suppressed them. Under the formation of the dead pit, the resurrection point was placed in the same place, so he was killed countless times, and he was not free until he changed back to level 1.
After this battle.
The Thunder Trade Union\'s strength retreated, completely withdrew from the ranks of the top ten guilds, and was also brought to the fore by many other forces. Follow-ups who wanted to step on its upper position also attacked them, and it was miserable.
A lean camel is bigger than a horse!
After all, the Thunder Trade Union was also one of the top ten guilds. Even if it suffered heavy losses in the world of destiny, the encirclement and suppression plan and bankruptcy also cost a lot of money, but at least it did not enter a desperate situation.
Even if the power is greatly reduced, it is difficult to be completely eliminated, and a little vitality has been restored in a short time.
This is not.
The head of the Thunder Guild has been madly young and has come out again!
"The enemy of the day, I will never forget my thunderous young man, you, just wait for it!"
The Thunder Knife had a low voice and issued a vengeance declaration in front of the whole world.
This is also part of his plan.
Even though he and the Thunder Trade Union had a bad reputation after the last battle, it is undeniable that the stinking stinkers are also remembered just like Liufang Baishi.
Even if weeping souls are in the sky, but not everyone, all forces like weeping souls.
in contrast.
Hate the soul cryer, more!
As the vanguard of the anti-cry soul, his thunder mad young man and thunder union will naturally become No. 1 as their part!
If this scattered potential power is used well, the Thunder Union will not only be able to recast its former glory, it may even surpass its previous forces, and compete with the East Imperial Pavilion and the Deceptive Union, whose status has never been shaken!
"Do you really think you can jump?"
Yato sneered and said, "Don\'t say anything else, do you think weeping will let you go?"
"How about weeping soul?"
Hearing the ID that was like a nightmare, the pupils of Lei Ting Kuang Shao suddenly shrank, and immediately thought of where he was, how could he show weakness under the eyes of the public, and immediately said: "I can kill him back to level 0 once. , There can be a second time, a third time... just a weeping soul, what can I do? My thunder guild is one hundred thousand elite, waiting for him to come!"
"One hundred million once, one hundred million twice,..."
The auctioneer is an NPC. Even though he is extremely intelligent, he adheres to the principle of a merchant. He will not participate in disputes between players, especially disputes between customers, and just do his job well.
"One hundred and ten million!"
Yatu wanted to say something more, but when he heard the auctioneer\'s count, he was shocked and hurriedly bid.
Twilight (ranked fifth in the trade union Twilight Union president): "120 million!"
Old flame smoker (ranked eighth-ranked guild leader of the blaze union): "130 million!"
Xiongtu (the seventh-ranked chairman of the National Association of Trade Unions): "One hundred and forty million!"
Dark Walker (Hillman of the Killer Guild and Supreme Assassin): "One hundred and fifty million!"
Emperor Wu (the leader of the second trade union, Tyrant Trade Union): "One hundred and sixty million!"
Donghuang (the chairman of Donghuang Pavilion, the top trade union): "170 million!"
coming! coming!
The boss is starting to tear up!
In VIP Box 1!
Qin Luosheng sat firmly on the Diaoyutai, quietly watching the fish in the pond bite each other.
"Your condition, I promised it!"
From the communicator, the voice of Scarlet Rose was extremely cold.
Qin Luosheng twitched the corner of his mouth, watching the three girls around him were all attracted by the fiery fighting auction from below. Without paying attention to him, he quietly replied: "I thought you didn\'t want it anymore, and I was about to let the auction shopkeeper temporarily increase the auction. One game, let the second side build a help order on top!"
Scarlet Rose didn\'t speak, but Qin Luosheng could clearly hear the abrupt breathing, and he was obviously out of breath.
"When will my help order be given to me?"
The Scarlet Rose, who took a few deep breaths to relax, continued to speak in that cold tone.
"Want? Come and get it now!"
Qin Luosheng clicked the corner of his mouth, revealing a wicked smile, "I\'m in VIP Box No. 1, with a beautiful environment and a wide field of vision. Below are 100,000 people in full swing.... Or, how about you promised me to be here for the second time? Hey, in the presence of 100,000 people, that must have been energizing! Others cant see us, but we can watch them, especially when you hold only one thin glass with your hands, exposing your beautiful carcass to In front of the person, my body pressed tightly and squeezed,... thinking about it, I was so excited that I couldn\'t help myself!"