Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 795: : If you dont take the usual path, you will start to blow up?
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 795: : If you dont take the usual path, you will start to blow up?

Qin Luosheng sucked in a cold breath.
Su Yulan, this girl, is too good!
Full set of equipment, neat and tidy, one piece is not bad.
What\'s the solution?
Not only the outer five pieces, but the other rings, necklaces and earrings. Cloaks, belts, wings, masks, they all have them, and even the jade pendants and bracelets that Qin Luosheng doesnt have. She also has them, even if they are only black iron garbage. goods!
But its better than nothing, right?
Not only is there, but it is also luxurious!
Six epic equipment!
Weapons, armor, boots, rings, earrings and necklaces!
I dont even mention the first outer five-piece three, but the latter inner five-piece three is too rare!
To know.
Rings, earrings, and necklaces are originally much lower than the first-class explosion rate of weapons and armors. While the shipment volume is small, the quality will be correspondingly lower.
What do you mean?
It means that they are both epics. If the outer five pieces are released, the quality may be very high, but when it comes to the inner five pieces, there is a high chance that it will become a low-level epic, with a lot of attributes weakened!
of course.
It\'s not all, there is still a good chance of being "equally treated"!
"Really tm is too rich!"
Qin Luosheng roared in his heart.
Six epics.
This is a lot!
To know.
Epic-level equipment, the lowest level is to strengthen the gold-level BOSS to explode, and because the rank is lower by one level, the explosion rate is extremely low, and it is difficult to ship!
Only the epic BOSS of the same level, which is the legendary BOSS of the higher level, has a higher shipment rate.
At this stage, being able to kill epic bosses, even if it is teamwork, is absolutely a master!
The ones that can be sold are even the masters of the masters.
Because it means he has better choices, so he sells the bad ones.
"These, did you fight it yourself?"
Qin Luosheng was a little unbelievable.
"No, I bought them all!"
Su Yulan was a little embarrassed.
Qin Luosheng:...
It\'s a bit awesome!
With so many monks and porridge, Su Yulan, Nizi, was able to break through the siege, grab food from countless people, and "rob" six epics, and three of them were still accessories. It was amazing!
Worthy of being the "money ability" fighter of the biggest plug-in!
"There is no need to strengthen the gold level equipment!"
After being speechless for a while, Qin Luosheng said. After speaking, he realized that he had some personal subjective thoughts. He added: "Emmm...there is no need to strengthen +10. Gold-level equipment is destined to be eliminated soon, and at most strengthened. +7 Top days, first use it, wait for the second-tier players to come up, if you sell it, it should be very popular, maybe not only not lose money, but also make a little profit!"
"Well, you figure it out!"
Su Juran was very obedient and did not insist.
"These three pieces of epic equipment are not too strong. Let\'s use them for the last 7 first. Later, when you have good equipment, it will not be too late for the last 10!"
After talking about the golden outfit, Qin Luosheng glanced at Su Yuran\'s three epic outfits and shook his head.
This attribute should be a low-level epic burst out by the golden BOSS. There is no doubt that the quality is there, and the characteristics and ancillary skills that the epic should have are not bad, but the basic attribute is really weak.
"Let\'s talk in detail, and watch the auction first!"
Su Juran nodded in response.
At this time.
After a round of rest, the final auction came.
Qin Luosheng immediately came to his spirits.
For him, only the goods on the finale of this massive auction will be eye-catching!
of course.
More importantly, of the 8 lots sold at the finale, 5 of them belonged to him. Among them, there was also a destiny world\'s first side order.
This is incredible.
To know.
The Yuehua Necklace just now was sold at a sky-high price of 130 million watts, even if it was uplifted, but in any case, the price of the Jian Bang Ling will definitely not be lower than this price!
So far at the auction, together with the ticket money, Qin Luosheng\'s income has been nearly 200 million. It is a great winner. However, the good show has just begun. Perhaps, just like Jianbangling, he can get his income today. Degree!
"...After fierce competition, the three rounds of auctions are over. Now, let us officially enter the theme of today\'s auction, the finale auction. Below, please see"
The auctioneer roared passionately, driving the emotions of the audience.
Eight designs appeared on the extremely wide screen, which are the eight lots of the final auction!
among them.
Located in the center, the star holding the moon is undoubtedly the order to build!
Surrounded by many brilliance and luxurious appearance of equipment and props, the ugly one looks like a big iron building order, without any eye-catching point at all.
The iron plaque with the quaint "Jianbang" small seal engraved on it, but it is very stellar, not only the pattern is several times larger, but it also occupies an absolute C position!
"The order to build a gang can be handed over to the government as a token, recognized by the empire\'s official, established a truly officially recognized force, applied for a gang territory, and given a unique gang formula or cheat book based on local conditions,... There are so many benefits!"
The auctioneer is explaining that even if these are all well-known things, everyone present listened with gusto, and no one showed an impatient look. "Of course, the most important thing is that the heroes value most, that is, this is The first order to build a gang can not only establish your own power, and then compete for the world, become the overlord of one party, but also win the honor of the first gang in the world, and even get the strong support of the empire. After all, your majesty is kind, The heroes of other worlds are very forgiving and have high hopes for you. As the first hero to establish a gang, you will definitely be rewarded!"
Damn it!
Qin Luosheng took it immediately.
Isn\'t this Nima feeding a group of LSPs to Wei brother?
The World\'s First Gang (Honorary Title)!
The emperor\'s reward (system reward)!
Who can stand this?
Look down.
Those powerful players sitting in front of the VIP seats are all red!
Awaken to the power of the world, drunk lying on the knees of a beauty!
Compared with beauty, power will make men more obsessed!
not to mention.
With power, are you afraid that there will be no beauties?
At that time, the seventy-two concubines of the Sannomiya and the Sixth Court, and the three thousand beauties in the harem, are not a dream at all!
"Presumably all the heroes are already waiting impatiently. If that\'s the case, let\'s make an exception!"
The auctioneer yelled: "With the consent of the shopkeeper, it should have been an order for the last lot in the final auction stage. Let\'s adjust the order and become the first lot!"
The whole hall burst!
Countless people stood up and watched the changes on the big screen. The other seven glistening lots disappeared, leaving only the order to build a gang, occupying the entire big screen!
The classically tall maid wearing a high-forked cheongsam, stepping forward, holding a wooden plate covered with red silk, slowly walked up.