Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 793: : The first transaction, abnormal data
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 793: : The first transaction, abnormal data


The price is soaring all the way, and soon reached the 4000W mark, and it is fast moving towards 5000W!
It\'s crazy.
Whether it\'s the little local tyrant who is in the auction venue or other players watching the live broadcast, one by one can\'t help but feel numb.
If this is the battle for the first order to build a gang in the destiny world, they still have no special ideas. Even if they are still amazed, they will still have a sentence or two, but they will never lose their attitude, and they will never be astonished as they are now. .
Are these guys really called gold coins?
Is it really a 1:1 ratio of gold coins to RMB?
Not silver coins?
Not a copper coin?
Too sci-fi!
5000W to buy a piece of equipment?
This Nima simply refreshes the three views!
"Why, no more disputes?"
Mu Mu, who had bid for at least ten rounds of price, was finally brushed off, sitting on the sofa angrily, her small face full of grievances, and at the same time, she kept slanting Qin Luosheng with a knife-like look.
"Can\'t compete, no money, me, poor!"
It was very shameless to give up, but now he was ridiculed by the nasty guy Qin Luosheng face to face, Mu Mu immediately exploded, and exclaimed extremely angrily: "Hmph, you bad pus, you must have arranged a lot. Please?"
Qin Luosheng was speechless.
I have a hammer!
See for yourself, which of the following people who are struggling to bid will be the trust of others?
Don\'t people want face?
Also ask!
"Yeah, you guessed it!"
Qin Luosheng had a strong desire to express, but he really didn\'t have any talent. This exaggerated performance, not to mention Qingsi and Su Yulan, even the stupid Mu Mu, could see through it at a glance, and immediately gave him a look of contempt.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t ask for it, he didn\'t even want to do this dirty thing.
He didn\'t ask, but those guys who were bidding were asking!
Is the Yuehua necklace valuable?
Very valuable!
But can it be worth 5000W+?
The benevolent see benevolence, and the wise see wisdom.
Then why can the price be so high?
Except for the "war-like" bidding that you all want to lose face, there are other reasons!
such as.
With money, because the exchange system is open, it is not incomprehensible to be able to release the big consumer desires that have been suppressed since being opened to the present. The crazy recharge and retaliatory consumption are not incomprehensible.
This reason belongs to the small local tyrants, the big ones are unlikely!
Another example.
Advertising, this has a big stage for building an auction, attracting the attention of the world, how can such a great opportunity be wasted?
Those people who quoted their homes and IDs before, do they really think they are stupid?
They also know that it is impossible to compete with real bigwigs, so the time period just now was when they showed their faces and advertised, just like they gave other ordinary local tyrants, let them bid as much as they want!
This is a tacit understanding!
No one can eat alone!
Maximize the benefits as much as possible to satisfy all classes!
It\'s also a rule!
This advertisement is the root cause of the soaring value of Yuehua Necklace.
The Flames Guild, the old smoker of the Flames: "5500W!"
Donghuang Pavilion, Donghuang: "6000W!"
Thunder Union, Thunder Crazed Younger: "6100W!"
ACTO Court, ACTO: "6200W!"
Rose Club, Scarlet Rose: "6500W!"
Tianxiahui, Xiongtu: "6600W!"
Tyrant Trade Union, Emperor Wu: "7000W!"
Jinding firm, Chen Juncai: "7050W!"

Ask the price to infinitely increase.
A group of big guys, like crazy, don\'t treat money as money, and make explosive bids.
No one suspected they were barking.
In addition to the fame of these big bosses and the forces behind them, the most intuitive display is the constantly refreshing money rankings, which are changing wildly.
So far, the number one XX group has more than 500 million gold coins!
This tm is 500 million RMB!
Some large companies do not necessarily have this amount of liquidity. Nowadays, all recharges are turned into currency in the game?
Are you ready to spend it and buy a virtual data product?
99% of people can\'t figure it out at all, can\'t guess it!
Five hundred million!
Not five dollars!
What\'s wrong with such a large sum of money, so that tm will use it to play games?
Competition round after round.
Countless spectators have become numb.
Only those big guys are still tirelessly screaming prices. Thanks to them, an epic necklace has reached as high as it should not be, and the price is nearly nine digits-over 100 million!
VIP Box No. 2, Donghuang: "9200W!"
No. 3 VIP box, Emperor Wu: "9300W!"
Donghuang: "9400W!"
Emperor Wu: "9500W!"
On the bar!
On the bar!
When the price exceeded 90 million, everyone died down, the show was finished, their faces were revealed, and the reputation was also loud. It\'s time to retreat. Otherwise, you will be taken as a victim and buy a necklace for the big price. Lively angered the gold master behind the scenes.
Others retired, and representing the legend of China Network, the true **** in the network, known as the two opponents of Emperor Nanwu of the North East, are still smashing!
One is in the north, representing China\'s politics!
One is in the south, representing China\'s business!
Not to mention that there is no ambivalence, but it is really opposite!
In front of all Huaxia, and even the whole world, it was not only the Eastern Emperor and Emperor Wu who were competing, but also the forces behind them.
At this time, whoever admits defeat will be shorter, but at least in terms of morale, it will be inferior to the other party. It will also give so many people watching the competition a wrong judgment. The party who believes that the bid is inferior should be weaker. .
and so.
Even if everyone knows that continuing is a bottomless pit, they still have to bite the bullet!
It\'s hard to ride a tiger!
"100 million 100W!"
"100 million and 300W!"
"100 million 500W!"
"100 million 1000W!"
The bidding continues.
This speed has become extremely slow, and it is obvious that Donghuang and Emperor Wu can\'t hold it.
These two big guys are in their respective boxes, and no one else can see their faces, otherwise, once it is exposed, it must be very interesting!
"It\'s really worthy of the Southern Commercial League Group. It really has a lot of money. This necklace is for you!"
When the price rose to 130 million watts, the Donghuang decisively chose to give up. While giving up, he did not forget the strange wave of yin and yang, sending a signal to outsiders-this was he voluntarily gave up, and he did not want to be like Emperor Wu. In that way, you can be taken advantage of and spend such a big price to buy a piece of equipment that is destined to be eliminated!
"Haha, accept!"
How could Emperor Wu know Donghuang\'s careful thinking? He didn\'t say anything, just a "haha", it said everything.
Full of mockery!
Full of lethality!
"...130 million 3200W once, 130 million 3200W twice, 130 million 3200W three times, the transaction!-Congratulations to the boss of the No. 2 VIP box, Wudi boss, for buying your beloved baby!
The violent price soaring made the auctioneer\'s blood boil with enthusiasm, and his tone became louder.
With the fall of the auction hammer, this thrilling first auction is the end.
It lasted 27 minutes, the number of bids was 6,944, and the transaction price was 130 million watts!
This data.
Extremely abnormal!