Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 791: : The first lot: Epic Yuehua Necklace
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 791: : The first lot: Epic Yuehua Necklace

After a lot of excitement, the three girls finally accepted the bonus of the explosive effect of Jinglong tea, and sat on the sofa calmly and began to sip the tea.
Only the first cup of Jinglong Tea will take effect and the effect will be activated.
But it is undeniable.
Even if there is no permanent effect bonus, Jinglong tea is an extremely excellent famous tea, no, it should be said that it is Lingcha!
Even Qin Luosheng, a person who doesn\'t like tea, was amazed by its unique taste, let alone three young ladies who have been nurtured since childhood and have studied the tea ceremony.
Qin Luosheng is a cow chewing peony, violent and violent. He can only swallow cows and drink. The only thing he can say is "good drink".
Qingsi\'s third daughter is meticulous, with a very high spiritual level, and can say a lot of words that Qin Luosheng can\'t understand at all, very professional!
"Oh, this Jinglong tea is good. It is only the first time it can give special effects. I drank it, but the attributes are weakened by Longyuan\'s curse in the Jinglongtai. Even the subsequent time scrolls make it special. The attributes can be kept retrospectively, but the others are all annihilated, Gan!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t hesitate to waste a pair of precious Jinglong tea just to try if there would be a miracle. It\'s a pity, there is not!
"In the beginning, for the blood of the Dragon God, the Dragon Emperor even intervened in the Battle of the Startling Dragon Platform and secretly traded with me to help me fight against Long Yuan. Perhaps it was because I was sure that I was not an opponent of Long Yuan. This Jinglong tea can only be shot at two kilograms, and the local tyrants can\'t do it!"
Opening the backpack quietly, Qin Luosheng looked at the remaining one catty or two of Jinglong tea, slightly distressed.
The teapot is very small. It stands to reason that this kind of container only needs to be touched a little bit by hand. One or two can make at least three to five pots, but here is a rigid rule to be one or two, otherwise, there is only the taste and nothing. Give permanent attributes to tea drinkers.
"Forget it, let me lick it!"
Looking at Mu Mu who was smiling, the frosty green silk, and the happy Su Yulan, Qin Luosheng shook his head, throwing away the gains and losses behind his head, "How can I chase a woman without paying for it? These girls are not the same. Simple, how can ordinary things come into their eyes? This startling dragon tea is unique, and the effect is great. As the saying goes, the mouth is short, the hands are soft, hey, I have to look at it in the future!"
One pot of tea per person.
All of them are tasting tea in meditation, and they have not blasphemed this class of spiritual tea in the slightest!
When Qin Luosheng and the others finished drinking a pot of tea, the second stage of the auction was over!
"Weeping soul, I want more!"
Mu Mu stared at her cute eyes like black pearls, her voice was soft, and her act of acting like a baby was fascinating.
"No, you think this is Chinese cabbage?"
However, Qin Luosheng was not fooled at all, with a black face, and refused mercilessly.
"Huh, stingy!"
Mu Mu pursed her mouth and snorted, but she didn\'t say much. She also knew very well that Jinglong tea was so precious that it was great luck to be able to drink a pot of it. I wanted more, That is insatiable.
not to mention.
Continuing to drink is nothing more than gluttony, and there is no permanent attribute bonus anymore.

"After two rounds of intense and stimulating bidding, next, officially enters the third stage, and a total of 26 cutting-edge lots will be launched!"
In the four major stages, the first two rounds were completely rounded up, but it can almost be counted as a big bid for the participation of the whole people (only in the China Theater), and it is incomparable for the expansion of influence, even the final two rounds.
It\'s not just influence, even profitability.
after all.
This is hundreds of thousands of pieces, too much!
"It\'s finally our turn to play!"
Mu Mu was very excited.
Because of Jinglong Tea, I missed two rounds ~ the big bidding. Now, the last two stages of the finale are all epic-level goods at the beginning, so she is naturally very interested.
"Aren\'t you filming?"
Su Yulan looked at Qin Luosheng lazily leaning on the sofa, holding the melon and fruit snack, and couldn\'t help asking.
"Nothing good!"
Qin Luosheng said helplessly.
"Huh, leave him alone."
Mu Mu snorted and rolled his eyes to Qin Luosheng, and said, "This guy is an arms dealer. He provided most of the finale auction. Of course he is not interested!"
Su Juran: "..."
Qin Luosheng was too lazy to argue with Mu Mu.
In fact.
He is not pretending to be forceful, but he is really not interested.
Earlier, he had already obtained the list specially given by the shopkeeper, which listed 34 lots in the latter two stages. There was really nothing that attracted him.
"Next, the third stage auction, the first lot, please take a look!"
With the excitement of the auctioneer, a tall maid dressed in a cheongsam will bring the lot up. At the same time, the large screen immediately revealed the appearance and attributes of the lot, allowing all 100,000 people present to see clearly Chu.
Yuehua Necklace
Type: Necklace
Grade: Epic
Requirements: LV40
Effect: Physical +100, Spirit +150
Special effects: YuehuaFight in the dark night, attack power +30%!
Special effects: [Moon Spirit] Blessed by the moon, gain night vision ability, and night vision range +50%!
Incidental skills: [Moonlight] can only be used at night and there is a moon. It costs 1000 mana points to cast on a single target. The moon will drop the moonlight and confine it in place. Duration: 3 seconds, cooling down: 10 minutes!
Introduction: It is said that it was once an accessory of the goddess of the moon, blessed by the moon god, and later given to the moon **** as a sacrifice, as a token, passed down from generation to generation. The gods and demons fought, the moon **** fell, the temple was destroyed, and the moon flower necklace was missing!
Really seeing the epic-level powerful necklace, even if the 100,000 players at the auction venue are at least local tyrants, most of them screamed in incomparable wonder.
Watching the live broadcast outside, they almost didn\'t stare out!
Why are you so surprised?
It\'s just a mere epic!
To know.
Before Qin Luosheng\'s [Panlong Lishui] was abolished, it was a mythical treasure that ranked first in the equipment rankings!
Even if the existence of this unique gear is not counted, there are many legendary equipment below it.
After all, it also raised the horizon of Huaxia players!
The equipment rankings will only show the rank, owner, rating, etc., and will not show the attributes at all.
and so.
Regardless of Qin Luoshengs a lot of equipment on the list, more than 90% of the players still didnt even see the true face of the epic high-end equipment. It is precisely because of this that they are so surprised and shocked now. .
This attribute, this special effect, this additional skill,...
Comparing with his own scumbag equipment, men and women burst into tears.
It\'s too big!
It\'s not a class at all.
Do not.
It should be said that it is not one-dimensional at all.
"Oh, it\'s interesting!"
Looking at the 100,000 players boiled below, he glanced at the excited Mu Mu, Qin Luosheng twitched his mouth and revealed a smile, "It is worthy of being an old fried dough stick who has been immersed in this industry for decades. Lightning strikes directly on the top three of the best products, it is absolutely amazing! It caused such a huge commotion all at once, and it was first and foremost!"