Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 782: : Settling in the family
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 782: : Settling in the family

A movie, a big meal, a walk along side by side,...
This is Qin Luosheng\'s date with Su Yuran!
Simple but very romantic!
At the end of the date, Qin Luosheng sent Sister Su to the door of her house and agreed to her frequent contact request. At the same time, he got the game ID of Nizi.
Regardless of Sister Sus acting like a baby, she refused to tell her her ID, and said mysteriously, "You will know it when you go online", and immediately left, leaving a beautiful girl behind, stomping off her feet,...
It\'s nine o\'clock in the evening.
Qin Luosheng took a taxi and did not return to Du Qiangwei\'s villa on Xiaoshan. Instead, he went to a community next to it, the one where Du Qiangwei used to house his former parents.
As soon as he entered, Qin Luosheng was aware of several gazes.
A hidden man in black came out.
Qin Luosheng knew that he was Du Qiangwei\'s person, and was not polite, and directly ordered: "Tell Du Mingfang to pick me up in an hour!"
"Shengzi, you, you are here!"
Qin Luosheng understood the trembling sound and the eyes that dared not meet.
His predecessor parents feared him more than family affection.
There is no alternative.
Honestly for a lifetime, and never seen the world in the countryside, Qin Luosheng\'s violent posture last time, in front of the two elders, tortured and killed Li Ru\'s bitch. That shock was not a joke. of.
In the past two days, he was "invited" by Du Qiangwei\'s people to the magic capital.
Even if it is a delicious and delicious offering, there is no physical abuse, but it is different spiritually.
"I know it\'s hard for you to accept!"
Qin Luosheng pondered the words, and then said: "Ren Shan was bullied by others, Ma Shan was rided by others, and you have seen what happened to our family and what happened to me. It just so happened that when I came to the magic city, I had some adventures and made a solid one. The big boss with hands and eyes."
Qin Luosheng glanced at the man and woman who came out of the room.
Male, 14 years old, in junior high school, named Qin Mingyu, Qin Luosheng\'s younger brother!
Female, 18 years old, just after the college entrance examination, she was waiting for the beginning of school to enter the university. Now she is arranged by Du Qiangwei to FD University, Qin Luosheng\'s younger sister is Qin Shuang\'er, and her boudoir is Xiaoshuangshuang!
"In the future, there will be a younger brother and younger sister honoring your elders. I may be very busy and I will rarely be able to come back."
The blood relationship in the body is not fake, and the memory in his mind is not bad, but Qin Luosheng\'s soul is still dominated by the one that has crossed over on the earth after all. Hard and memorable.
"But you can rest assured, your material needs, I will do my best to satisfy you."
Qin Luosheng took out a bank card from his pocket and put it on the table. This was when he and Su Yuran were dating, taking the time to do it, "There are ten million in this card. You can spend it just as you spend it. I have worked so hard for a lifetime, and I should enjoy it. You can travel around the world!"
"Here, Shengzi, what happened?"
Maternal love is great. Watching the elder son who had been hoped high by him since childhood becomes so strange, even if the nightmare-like picture is still flashing in her mind, Qin\'s mother Zhou Shu couldn\'t help but open her mouth and cared.
"Mom, don\'t worry, I\'m fine!"
Qin Luosheng blurted out "Mom", as if it were engraved in the soul, without jerky, "Relax, my boss is very capable, and the work I do can be regarded as done for ZF, but because of its special nature, it needs to be kept secret. Don\'t ask, otherwise, if I disclose it, I will be arrested for leaking state secrets!"
"Okay, OK, then I won\'t ask." When she heard ZF, the country, Mother Qin shut up immediately.
"Shengzi, you are going to be successful now, and Dad can\'t control you." Father Qin Fu said solemnly: "But you have to remember one thing, you are from Huaxia, and you must not do anything that harms national interests, otherwise, I am old. The Qin family will not recognize you as a descendant!"
"Dad, don\'t worry, never!"
Qin Luosheng solemnly promised.
"Okay! You are my son, I have watched you grow up since I was a child, and I believe in you!"
Father Qin finally showed a smile on his face.
"Come here, why are you so serious!"
Qin Luosheng looked at some timid brothers and sisters with a smile on his face, and took out two more cards, "This is a meeting gift my brother gave you. From now on, I will listen to my parents and live in the magic city. I will buy this house. Its down, the real estate certificate is Dads name. If you dont return home, I will try not to return it."
"Okay, listen to you!" Qin\'s father and Qin\'s mother gave a glance at each other and agreed.
"Brother, how much money does Kari have? Is there a thousand yuan?" Brother Qin Mingyu is a fourteen-year-old child, not to mention heartless, at least not so much. He took it from Qin Luosheng with a smile on his face. Card, asked: "I want to buy a gaming helmet!"
"Buy, buy, buy!"
Qin Luosheng smiled and said, "Tomorrow I will order four game warehouses, and they will all have them!"
"Really? Brother, I love you!"
The little brother suddenly jumped three feet high, ran over and plunged into Qin Luosheng\'s arms.
"Come on, Shuang\'er, take this bank card!"
Qin Luosheng handed another bank card to his shy sister Qin Shuang\'er, "There is 50,000 yuan in it, and I will pay you 50,000 yuan every month as your pocket money."
"Fifty thousand? Pocket money?"
Not only my sister\'s eyes widened, but my parents were the same.
In previous years.
They run a small restaurant in their hometown, and they can only save this amount all the time.
This is only the pocket money given by the eldest son to the second daughter, and it is still for a month!
"Relax, now your son is very rich!"
Qin Luosheng smiled and said: "Just say that this house is bought for more than 18 million yuan. What is a mere 50,000 yuan?"
All four of them were shocked.
Even the youngest brother, Qin Mingyu, understands the concept of 18 million!
"So, so to speak, is it true that there are ten million in this card?"
Dad Qin Fu\'s lips trembled a little.
"Of course, would I still lie to you?"
Qin Luosheng smiled.
"Boy, why are you giving us so much money? No need, no need. You should take it back and start your career!"
Qin Fu handed the card back without hesitation.
"Relax! I don\'t care about this little money."
Qin Luosheng said: "Now your son, I am a rich man, a billionaire kind of person, a mere ten million, just spend it, not enough for me to give it!"
Qin Fu:...
Zhou Shu:...
"Brother, brother, how much money do I have in my card?"
Qin Mingyu asked quickly, "Is it the same as my sister, with fifty thousand yuan?"
fifty thousand?
You are afraid that you have not been beaten up by society, and you have not experienced the sins of the world!
Do you still want 50,000 yuan of allowance?
Ha ha!