Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 771: : Blood Demon Orb, Skeleton Blood Emperor Dragon Knight
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 771: : Blood Demon Orb, Skeleton Blood Emperor Dragon Knight

[Skull Blood King (Legendary BOSS)]
Level: 50
Health value: 30000000
Magic value: 12000000
Physical attack: 500000
Magic attack: 200,000
Physical defense: 180,000
Magic defense: 120000
Speed: 28500
Skills: [Sweep the Eight Wastes] [Destruction Ray] [Soul Flame] [? ? ?
Weaknesses: fire, light, life system attacks
Introduction: The Skeleton Blood King, born in the White Bone Mountain, **** endless bones and refines them to form the body, devours endless blood and blood, and uses the flesh and blood of thousands of creatures as the source, supplemented by the life spirit, blood, demon beads, and blood. The emperor, the skeleton emperor, commanded the Baigu Mountain for thousands of miles, and was the overlord of the generation.
What is this Nima?
Qin Luosheng was shocked on the spot!
Regardless of other things, but this physical attack actually surpassed Longyuan?
Do not.
This does not mean that the Skeleton Blood Emperor is stronger than Long Yuan.
after all.
At that time, Long Yuan\'s strength was limited to level 34, and the Skeleton Blood Emperor was exactly 50. This was the threshold for Rank 3, and his strength was a huge leap from Rank 2 at level 49.
Rao is so.
There is no doubt about the power of the Skeleton Blood King!
I have brushed a dungeon before, and I am familiar with the combat methods and skills of this product. I know myself and the enemy, otherwise, I really have to deal with it carefully!
"Go! Go!"
BOSS warfare is information warfare.
For Qin Luosheng, the Skeleton Blood Emperor in front of him is exactly the same except that his grade has changed from epic to legend, his attributes have skyrocketed, and he has an extra skill that can\'t even be detected by the eyes of the sky!
Once experience, the degree of difficulty has been reduced a lot!
"Heart of Courage!"
"Holy Flame!"
"Indestructible fighting spirit!"
"Magic sword tactics!"
"Magic energy conversion, turning magical attacks into physical attacks!"
A lot of drugs, plus all the boosting skills!
Qin Luosheng took the "Ice Spirit Ring" solemnly, and then killed the Skeleton Blood Emperor.
One person swipes the copy alone, then there is no need to hide it!
The overall weakness of the Skeleton Blood Emperor has been understood in detail under the detection of the Sky Eye. Like all dark creatures, it is afraid of light, life and flames, while the weakness of the flesh is the pupil formed by the golden flame in the eye socket!
There are totally two ways to kill legendary bosses and epic bosses.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t use the current only full attribute weakening technique [Reaper\'s Embrace], but chose to hide it and prepare for a fatal blow.
Without him.
The hidden skills of the three question marks made Qin Luosheng feel a little uncomfortable, and he could avoid it, so naturally he didn\'t want to face it!
"Extreme curse!"
Meet up.
After a curse, select the enhanced version of the effect , which erased the 20% resistance of the Skeleton Blood King!
"Polar Gravity Technique!"
At the same time, the gravity technique fell, and the sudden double gravity made the skeleton blood emperor\'s huge body tremble, and the huge steel fork that was about to fall in his hand trembled, and he took a slow shot!
"Sword suddenly cut!"
Taking this opportunity, Qin Luo rose 20 meters away, his figure shook, just as if he was teleporting, abruptly killed the Skeleton Blood Emperor, the [Sacred Dragon Sword] fluttering down in his hand, hitting nearly a hundred Wan\'s damage!
"A bit strong!"
Qin Luosheng was very surprised.
It\'s not astonishing his damage, but astonishing the strength of the Skeleton Blood King.
Even though the damage of Jianzhu Slash is only 150%, it has a characteristic, penetrating effect, ignoring defense.
In this case, the damage is only 1 million points, which is really low!
This time.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t dare to turn on the Holy Dragon Guard and the Skeleton Blood Emperor.
in the end.
The physical attack of this product is fierce, up to half a million points!
Even if only 10% of the damage can take effect, it\'s not ordinary.
In the single-player mode, the effect of the real battlefield is more prominent. Under the current situation, I am afraid that the Skeleton Blood King does not use skills, and can fly him a hundred meters with a steel fork only by his own physical advantage!
"Holy Dragon Shadow Walk!"
After continuously blessing two speed-increasing skills, Qin Luosheng put away the wings of Yinglong, put out the idea of ??violently attacking the weakness of the Skeleton Blood Emperor\'s eyes, and fell to the ground, relying on super speed and footwork to deal with it.
With the Ice Spirit Rings [Ice Spirit Power], Qin Luosheng, who has let go of his hands and feet, has 50% extra ice damage per attack, and the freezing effect cannot be triggered, but the slowing effect is triggered frequently, making it bulky. The Skeleton Blood Emperor was even more unbearable, and he couldn\'t even touch him!
The battle lasted for more than two minutes.
After Qin Luosheng had another sword cut, the HP of the Skeleton Blood Emperor dropped to 20%!
"Reaper\'s gaze!"
Without hesitation, Qin Luosheng started the ultimate move at the bottom of the box.
In an instant.
The huge number of life damage exploded, and the 20% strength was weakened. Not only did the Skeleton Blood King fail to play its trick at the bottom of the box, even 10% of the explosive skills were completely submerged and suffocated to death.
"There is no system prompt again!"
Qin Luosheng squinted at the empty blood bar of the Skeleton Blood Emperor. He was motionless at the moment, but there was no fallen body at all. He took a deep breath, "Sure enough, I haven\'t been resurrected once or twice, I\'m not used to it!"
Suddenly, the mountain shook.
The countless bones that were laid on the White Bone Mountain, as if they had come alive, began to gather, toward the corpse of the Skeleton Blood King!
"By the emperor\'s order, summon my servant!"
The domineering and majestic voice of the Skeleton Blood Emperor suddenly sounded, shaking the entire White Bone Mountain, "wake up!"
A blood red bead floats out of the skeleton of the blood emperor, it is the blood demon bead that activates the bronze altar mechanism!
The countless seas of consciousness that were awakened under the blood-colored halo of the Blood Demon Orb, as if they were summoned, gathered frantically toward that side, and under Qin Luosheng\'s dumbfoundedness, they formed a bone dragon at an extremely fast speed. !
Sky eye, open!
[Skeleton Blood Emperor Dragon Knight (Strengthen Legendary BOSS)]
Level: 50
Health value: 0/30000000 (tenacity 10000000)
Magic value: 850,000/12000000
Physical attack: 580000
Magic attack: 300000
Physical defense: 250,000
Magic defense: 200,000
Speed: 40000
Skills: [Sweep the Eight Wastes] [Destruction Ray] [Soul Flame] [? ? ?
Weaknesses: fire, light, life system attacks
Introduction: Omitted.
Damn it!
Are all the Nimalong knights here?
Skeleton Blood Kings tricks at the bottom of the box, the skills of the three question marks are to summon bone dragons and become dragon knights?
The legendary boss has become an enhanced legend!
Other attributes are fully enhanced!
And the health value column, none!
0 life, but below the life bar, there is an additional sub-bar, with a toughness value of 10 million. It looks like it should be the health value of a bone dragon!
in other words.
The current Skeleton Blood King is dead, but it is "resurrected" through the Blood Demon Orb by means of the secret method, relying on the bone dragon for his life.
As long as the bone dragon is slaughtered, the Skeleton Blood Emperor will die with it!