Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 768: : Clear customs and get rewards (medium)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 768: : Clear customs and get rewards (medium)

Forced a three-second shock, causing the Skeleton Blood Emperor to fall into the same situation once again!
The destructive rays that have been spreading are also relieved.
Qin Luosheng had no regard for the two teammates who had died and the seven teammates who were very embarrassed. He seized the opportunity and took the opportunity to attack!
"The holy dragon is violent!"
As soon as the attack speed skill was turned on, the hand once again turned into an afterimage.
Attack in three seconds.
The HP of the Skeleton Blood King plummeted!
"Sweep the wasteland!"
The rapidly declining health also made the Skeleton Blood Emperor panic. Who can stand it at this speed?
The two steel forks were swung outrageously, and the violent **** sword aura surging surgingly, surging in all directions.
"Fuck you!"
Qin Luosheng\'s eyes were red, no matter how fierce the bursting sword aura was, anyway, there was a holy dragon body guard against it, reducing the damage by 90%, he still didn\'t believe that this skill could give him a second.
Hard top damage, continuous output!
This time.
Instead, the skeleton blood emperor was sitting on wax.
This **** doesn\'t play his cards according to his routine at all!
Who taught me this rash game?
What a mistake!
One sword, one sword, another sword!
Qin Luosheng was like a mad dog, biting the Skeleton and Blood Emperor, and exchanged a powerful attack for a significant reduction in his health.
There was also Xiao Xiao assisting, Qing Si and others harassing from the side, the Skeleton Blood Emperor was tired of parrying, and there was no resistance at all.
"Soul Flame!"
The health value dropped a little bit, and Qin Luoshengs explosive output was soon cut to the level of 10%. The golden flames in the eye sockets of the Skeleton Blood Emperor, who had the opportunity, immediately burned, activated outwards, bursting out layers Folding, special ripples of virtual reality and reality.
Qin Luosheng, who relied on his reckless play style, had reached the limit and had no time to react. He was hit instantly. He, who hadn\'t cared about it, took a sharp breath under the impact of this special ripple.
"This is, what attack?"
An unspeakable pain, like the pain of tearing his soul apart, caused Qin Luosheng\'s eyes to bulge, his eyes filled with endless bloodshot eyes, and the big sweat beads on his forehead were formed instantly, and the veins exploded. He couldn\'t hold on to the flying posture that he maintained, Ying Long\'s wings stopped moving, and the whole person slammed into the ground fiercely.
"Can\'t hide it!"
A steel fork swung vigorously and accurately hit the body of Qin Luosheng who had fallen from the air. Like a baseball, he slammed Qin Luosheng out and hit the huge bone mountain a hundred meters away. A cloud of smoke was stirred up.
"good chance!"
Ignoring the severe pain coming from his body, Qin Luosheng trembled his hands, watching himself being wrapped in smoke and dust, and quickly took the opportunity to release his skills, "Extreme Healing!"
Sublimated to the ultimate light magic, easily get rid of all the DEBUFF on Qin Luosheng\'s body, and instantly, the soul flame that acts on the soul is wiped out!
"Master Drafting!"
Qin Luosheng, who stood up again, looked at the huge figure of the Skeleton Blood Emperor who was a hundred meters away, and tightly held the [Holy Dragon Sword] with a trembling right hand, his muscles bulged, and blue veins violent.
Even the legendary BOSS has never suffered such a big loss. Now he was given a piece by an epic BOSS and almost died on the spot. Not only that, but also caused the two teammates to be implicated and hanged up. This is a shame for Nima. Lost!
"call out"
Standing up from the pile of bones, Qin Luosheng glanced at his own health, even if he reduced his damage by 90%, he was still killed by a steel fork of the Skeleton Blood Emperor by one-fifth of his health, and he was beaten away. A hundred meters away, the violent impact and the violent smashing of many bones, now only a little blood skin is left, it is really close to being killed.
As the ultimate BOSS of the abyss difficulty dungeon, it is not much different from the real battlefield simulation. Look at the scenes that would never be destroyed without destruction and other attributes in the past. Now it is easily destroyed, you can see!
The Skeleton Blood King here will not absolutely follow the outbreak time limit established by the system (50%, 30%, and 10% of health), and the hatred system is the same!
It stands to reason.
Qin Luosheng and Xiaoxiao are equivalent to 99% of his output as a player. BOSS\'s hatred will be firmly locked on him no matter where he is, as long as he doesn\'t get out of the hatred range, then the BOSS will be the first. Time to choose him, chase him to the end of the world, until one party dies, or lift the hatred restriction.
The real battlefield of the abyss mode makes the hatred system "crooked"!
After Qin Luosheng was drawn a hundred meters away, the Skeleton Blood Emperor focused his attention on Qin Luosheng\'s teammate at close range!
In particular, the resurrection technique is being released, resurrecting Yatu and Danya Suhe who have just died. At this moment, the light energy is abundant, and the blue silk is full of sacred flavor, and it has become the key target of the Skeleton Blood Emperor!
Qin Luosheng, who was a hundred meters away, watched the Skeleton Blood Emperor raise the steel fork and aimed the target at Qingsi, his eyes filled with blood.
Other people, Qin Luosheng can ignore.
But Qingsi can\'t!
This woman, even though she didn\'t have a deep friendship, would give him unspeakable heart throbs every time.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t know if this was the feeling of first love.
Anyway, he knew that he wanted to protect Qingsi.
Love is humble.
Qin Luosheng also knew that in order to get what he wanted, chasing Qingsi, who is definitely a goddess in reality, would be tantamount to a fantasy.
Can people still not have a dream?
Can you still not have a woman you like?
What motivation does the man have to fight?
He tried so hard to evolve into a "god", no longer bound by the world, in addition to being truly detached, not restrained, and able to protect his predecessor\'s parents, brothers and sisters, has no other purpose?
This one.
Perhaps only Qin Luosheng knows it!
"Space jump!"
Accompanied by Qin Luosheng\'s roar with extreme anger in his heart, his figure was accompanied by his will, surpassing the obstacles of space, and Qin Luosheng appeared from a hundred meters away and appeared in front of Qingsi, using her body to block her. A heavy blow from the Skeleton Blood Emperor!
Without exception, Qin Luosheng was pumped away again.
He was originally dissatisfied with his health, how could he hold this steel fork?
The health value is cleared.
"Ding, you are dead!"
"Ding, the blessing of the goddess of life has worked, and you have been resurrected!"
The resurrected Qin Luosheng was furious.
I thought it was a mere epic boss, but I didn\'t expect that he would die once under this kind of joke?
It\'s a shame.
"court death!"
Flying in the air, watching the Skeleton Blood Emperor extend his poisonous hand to Qingsi again, this time, Qin Luosheng, who had no room to jump and block the sword for Qingsi, was completely angry.