Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 758: : Strengthen the business online...
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 758: : Strengthen the business online...

ACTO is heartbroken!
The damage to the crying soul has been cast, and it cannot be undone at all!
He knows this very well!
He also knew how powerful and terrifying the man in front of him was, and how great his potential was!
They are friends!
at least.
Kind of friendship.
All of this was destroyed because of one.
He wants to make up.
The worst.
Let the Weeping Soul not bear the hatred of him, and not bear the hatred of Yatu Court.
and so.
Through the alliance of Fei Xiong Ling, she climbed up a little friendship with the woman Scarlet Rose, and took this opportunity to pay a huge price. She matched the line and planned this dungeon trip.
in order.
Is to restore the image!
"Help me! Help me! Help me!"
Others were worried, but Mu Mu wouldn\'t. Even if she hadn\'t seen her for a long time, she was still the same she used to be, or she had never changed. She was not polite at all, staring at her, acting coquettishly, and begging Qin Luosheng for help.
"No time!"
The two characters follow the formation of the original mind. According to Qin Luosheng\'s first reaction, he would refuse, but when he came to his lips, he was abruptly suppressed.
He doesn\'t catch other colds!
I dont want to spend time working for others!
He is not bad.
Ha ha!
What it is?
Others do not matter, such as strengthening stones and spiritual crystals, as well as special items such as crystal coins, he is bad!
Crystal coins can be used sooner or later, and their role must be more important than today\'s explosive strengthening stones!
As for the strengthening stones and spirit crystals, he happened to smash them twice, draining the inventory, and urgently need to replenish them.
The power of one person, after all, cannot rival the power of the two major unions.
Especially in terms of receiving goods, it is far from it!
Even though Qin Luoshengs equipment is now Legendary-level suit enhancement +10, there is no need to change it, but he is only level 48 after all. The days to come will be long, and the equipment will be eliminated sooner or later. At that time, better equipment will be needed. Vegan? Does not strengthen +10 to be worthy of his crying soul identity?
"Prepare five sets of materials and consumption, plus five million RMB!"
Qin Luosheng said lightly.
This is the big mouth of the lion.
But no one opposed it!
Which of the people present is not Shenhao?
Even the four girls who follow Scarlet Rose are worth a lot of money. Shenhao is not counted, but the local tyrant is proper. Otherwise, how did that set of brilliance and shining strengthening +7 equipment come from?
Strengthen the system!
Except for the dungeon system, the most popular system, even the mercenary system, is slightly inferior. As the players are at the forefront of the game, they have naturally experienced all of them.
Although strengthening is related to forging, in fact, the relationship is minimal. The most important thing is luck!
Good luck, enter the sky at once, go straight to +10!
If you are out of luck, even if your forging ability is upgraded to a master level, you will still "pop" (strengthen the sound of failure) non-stop!
After experiencing it, I know deeply how difficult it is to forge +10!
Don\'t say +10, even +9 is difficult!
"I want, I book a set!"
Mu Mu, who has a flamboyant personality and no scheming, naturally became the first approver of her part. She raised her hand and her eyes were bright, just like a pupil in class, eager to be selected by the teacher!
"me too!"
I\'ve always been beside me and have no sense of presence. I\'m very shrewd at this time, and I\'ll make an appointment for the second time!
"Brother Crying Soul, if you\'re not busy, I want one too!"
Yato smiled.
It is a group of people queuing to make an appointment!
Even a few girls from the Rose Society, after thinking about it, reluctantly joined!
Except for Qin Luosheng, there are a total of nine teammates, except for the only two, Qingsi and Scarlet Rose, who did not speak.
The two goddesses did not speak, and Qin Luosheng did not panic.
Qingsi didn\'t speak because the secret words had already been sent in the communicator, and she wanted it too!
And the woman Scarlet Rose, with such a domineering look like a female emperor, has already explained everything!
She too!
Do not.
She wants to be the first!
That\'s right!
It\'s so overbearing!
Who told Qin Luosheng to have slept with her and lived with her under the same roof.
No more help.
She still holds the trump card in her hand. Qin Luosheng\'s parents and siblings are all under her nose. She is also his so-called collaborator. It is good, and naturally she is the first!
Qin Luosheng seems to have no waves on the ancient well, but he is really surprised. He is a big lion. After all, he wants to rely on these local tyrants to earn some strengthening stones and fill his own shortfall, but he does not want to be a strengthening tool for these guys people.
Never imagined.
He still underestimated the spending power of the local tyrants!
This tm simply doesn\'t treat money as money!
Five sets of strengthening materials and consumption, plus the condition of five million RMB!
Isn\'t it a bargain?
With his current methods, there is basically a 70% chance of "clearing the level" at one time and strengthening by 10!
In other words.
He can complete the contract with only one set of strengthening materials!
The remaining four sets of strengthening materials and consumption (gold coins and auxiliary materials) are all his!
In addition.
There is also a hands-on fee of up to 5 million RMB!
This Nima is simply stealing money!
"Really awesome!"
Qin Luosheng instantly felt his narrow vision, underestimated the ability of RMB fighters, and underestimated Shenhao\'s methods!
He didn\'t regret it, thinking that he offered too low a price!
This profit is already extremely high, and you can\'t be greedy!
The water flows long~
After all, this reinforcement is a bottomless pit!
The equipment is updated very quickly, even if the enhancement +10 is extremely terrifying, the increase and the ultimate reward are enough to make the equipment surpass grades and classes, defeat the strong with the weak, the second tier is stronger than the third tier!
But after all, for Shenhao, pursuing the ultimate in data is what they want!
When encountering stronger equipment, they will definitely "love the new and dislike the old" and do everything possible to get the new equipment up!
His strengthened business must be endless!
By the time.
Effortlessly, earn a lot of money!
"Oh, I\'m really a toiler!"
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help laughing at himself.
I finally got rid of the shackles of Hidden Dragon Pavilion and Shiweixian. I didn\'t even think about it, and immediately started another business, so I could do nothing for myself!
There is no way!
It doesn\'t matter whether it is money or something, fortified stones and spirit crystals, such a thing, can\'t put it down at all!
"Don\'t worry!"
Seeing that everyone was about to come forward to trade immediately, Qin Luosheng waved his hand quickly and said, "I don\'t believe it when I talk about it later. You still have a pile of strengthening stones and spirit crystals in your backpack!"
Everyone looked at each other, and then gave up!
"Let\'s go, download the copy! This has been delayed a lot of time!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t care about other people\'s reactions, and took the lead in taking the lead and fighting first!
Even if it is a team copy of the ten-man team, he is used to being alone, even if he has teammates, he will basically treat it as non-existent and play his own!
After watching the copy video and knowing the previous copy information, Qin Luosheng walked extremely fast, and there was no need to worry about traps!
After walking the previous part of the road, we have reached the bottom of the mountain!
Look up.
Skeleton monsters holding big knives are swimming graciously there!